John Boehner delivers for Corporate America – Sells Taxpayers out Again

Unrepentant Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the second in line for the Presidency, has just thrust a knife into the backs of American conservative taxpayers. In doing so, he has sent a resounding message to the heart of the Republican Party: Washington is not serious about reform and you are going to be squeezed, so get used to it.

john_boehner_slams_goldman_sachs_clout_but_pockets_its_cash-460x307While America waits for the next election and the empty promises spewed by corporate lackeys on Capitol Hill, conservatives consider suicidal plans to fight back against men like John Boehner. Men who lie through their teeth, grow government at taxpayer expense, and launder the proceeds through those that contribute to friendly campaign funds, PACs and tax-exempt 501 (c) groups.

Make no mistake America, John Boehner and his incumbent Republican brethren have just established themselves as accomplices to the destruction of our Republic. No big surprise here, since Boehner has always put personal gain and power first.

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Boehner supported TARP (700 billion dollars to bail out his biggest campaign supporters), co-authored No Child Left Behind (the largest expansion of the Federal Department of Education in US history), voted in support of Medicare Part B (an obscene $550 billion dollar handout to the pharmaceutical industry) and was highly critical of post-crash financial industry reform legislation efforts. So yesterday’s taxpayer betrayal and the resulting expansion of the federal government to service Republican campaign fundraising is no great shock.

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“So I ask all of you, both sides of the aisle, what’s in the best interest of our country? Not what’s in the best interest of our party! Not what’s in the best interest of our own re-election! What’s in the best interest of our country!” –an excerpt from a past John Boehner speech.

Over the course of his career, John Boehner has been the recipient of over $4 million dollars in campaign support from the financial services and insurance industries. Annually Boehner raises in excess of $44 million dollars for the Republican Party. You may find it odd that one of Boehner’s most loyal corporate campaign contributors, Comcast, is also a top five contributor to Republican nemesis Harry Reid. So much for hoping Republicans adhered to a higher moral code. Then again, most common whores do not discriminate when choosing their Johns.

Yesterday a gun was pointed at the heads of conservatives and Tea Party patriots. The finger on the trigger is our own government, both parties. The gun and the bullets are being provided by huge transnational business interests who have been purchasing Republican Party compliance for decades.

More daggers are being sharpened in Washington. K Street and their army of revolving door lobbyists have set the agenda. Obamacare will be funded and left unchallenged. Big business covertly loves the concept of a single payer nationalized healthcare system. They also support amnesty. Tens of millions of low wage taxpayer subsidized workers injected into the American workforce. God forbid our government enforces the laws they created and ruffles the feathers of the corporate parasites. King makers who pay little to no taxes and keep Washington fat cats like Boehner stocked with booze and golfing junkets. Meanwhile, everything in America is dying.

Fact: Corporate taxes contribute less than $400 billion dollars to annual Federal tax revenue. Individual income taxes contribute over $1.7 trillion.

Americans have been lied to. Our fiscal house cannot be saved through cuts and deficit reduction alone. Unless, of course, Americans allow themselves to be enslaved by government policies (Republican and Democrat) that destroy an economy, depress workers’ wages and grow government dependency through individual wealth confiscation.

The last election cycle saw $2.8 billion dollars in campaign funds expenditures; all to elect a President, one hundred Senators and four hundred and thirty five US House Representatives who no longer give a damn about our country.

Yesterday, the Federal government told loyal Americans to go to hell; proudly proclaiming victory over descent and shamelessly revealing their disdain for the health of America. The gauntlet has been thrown down. They are coming for us now. There is no longer a need for them to pretend. They have us exactly where then want us. We will have to risk everything to take back control of Washington from the moneychangers and their bedfellows.

All that is left for Americans to decide is when and how.

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