Joe Biden Slams Opposition To Gun Registration As Black Helicopter Crowd

Following Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) decision to pull Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control measures from a Senate anti-gun bill, the Obama administration is rallying its troops against the Second Amendment and against true Americans that support it. He then went on to slam Americans who oppose gun registration as the black helicopter crowd.


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Gothamist reports,

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Vice President Biden is in town to speak at the 2013 Irish America Hall of Fame luncheon at the JW Marriott Essex House hotel today, but before that, he’ll be meeting with Mayor Bloomberg and having a press conference. According to his schedule, “Vice President Biden will join New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at City Hall to discuss the importance of passing commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence.” Bloomberg’s announcement says they’ll be joined by “Families from Newtown, Connecticut to Discuss the Need for Common-Sense Federal Gun Laws.”

Last month, Bloomberg and Biden joined forces to push for gun control reform, but today’s press conference comes right after the Senate dropped its assault weapons ban.

The NY Times reports, “[mayor press secretary Marc] LaVorgna said the meeting planned for Thursday was not a reaction to that news and had been planned long before it. He said Mr. Bloomberg was ‘committed to this issue.'” So committed that he’s donated about $2 million to his anti-guns group.

Biden told NBC New York, “That weapon of war has no place on American streets, and taking it off America’s streets has no impact on one’s constitutional right to own a weapon.”

Only an ignorant fool or a devil would say such a thing, seeing that the Second Amendment is not just about owning a “lesser” weapon, but acquiring the kinds of arms that are to be used in war, as in “preserving a free state.” In other words, the Second Amendment specifically applies to fighting off foreign invaders and a tyrannical government.

The point of Biden going back and revisiting the Newtown incident is not because he has a heart, but to push an agenda. It is to try and push some more emotion into the issue.

Many believe that the Democrats put forward the sweeping proposals in Feinstein’s bill as a diversion to their real agenda which would be universal background checks bound up with a national gun registration.

Biden began to misrepresent the Second Amendment saying, “What does that violate (limiting the number of rounds of ammunition in a magazine)? Hunting? Sportsmanship? If you need more than ten round to hunt, and some argue that they hunt with that many rounds, you shouldn’t be out there hunting.”

OK Mr. Vice President, while someone may be an embarrassment for needing to shoot thirty time to kill a deer, you fail to deal with the issue of the Second Amendment. It’s not about hunting or sportsmanship. It’s about preserving a free state. Therefore, arms, in the context of the Second Amendment, are weapons of war. Got it?

“Tell me what the burden is that you have to buy three clips with ten rounds versus one clip with thirty,” Biden pressed. “The cost is the same. Tell me what I am doing to infringe upon you Constitutional rights.”

OK, I’ll answer. The cost is not the same. The ten round magazine, not clip, is at least half the price of a thirty round magazine and in some cases as much as a thirty round magazine. So the costs are not the same. Second, because Biden is arguing from a “hunting” perspective and not a Constitutional perspective, he thinks he is not infringing, but I would ask Mr. Biden, “Would you limit U.S. Soldiers to a certain capacity of magazines?” I’m sure he would say “No.” Wait, he might actually like to do that, but any sensible person would understand that in war and the defense of the country, one would want the best advantage for doing that. The same applies here. When one sees that the Second Amendment is for preserving a free State and that is how the founders saw it, then Biden’s remarks are simply ignorant at best or devilish at worst, meaning he knows exactly what he’s doing. And what is he doing? Misdirecting people’s attention away from what the Second Amendment says and it about.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

He also took aim at Americans who simply believe in the Constitution and know exactly where this kind of control leads and we cite the history of the world when doing so, calling us the black helicopter crowd.

“When you go to registration, it raises all the black helicopter crowd notion that what this is all about is identifying who has a gun, so that one day the government can get up and go to the house and arrest everyone who has a gun, and they’ll cite Nazi Germany and all that,” Biden said.

News flash for Joe Biden: Google black helicopters and see them in real time over major metropolitan cities in America running training exercises. That is not conspiracy theory. It’s conspiracy fact! As for citing Nazi Germany, well history speaks for itself.

Biden is insulting our intelligence and seeking to paint those of us who simply want to do our duty to our families and communities and be well armed for protection as though we are wild eyed, crazy, paranoid people. But I’ll point out something. We are not the ones claiming to be scared of people with guns and we have our guns to make those who would seek to come and take them fear. That’s the real reason they want our guns. They remain afraid as long as we have them… and they should be.

We must be up front about arms and the Second Amendment. While arms can be used in a variety of fashions such as sporting, hunting and target practice, that is not how they are spoken of in the Second Amendment. They are weapons of war. However, we are not using them for war, but as a wise man so adequately stated,

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

Meanwhile, Canada is warning us not to fall for the national gun registration of firearms that Mr. Biden claims there is nothing to worry about.

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