Jihad: Frightening Surveillance Video from Kenya Mall Attack Released

I recently engaged some friends in the Liberty movement who call themselves Christians. I won't debate whether they are or not, since I do not actually know them. I'll take them at their word. We had a good discussion on freedom that didn't result in name calling and such, which is always a good thing. However, one of the things I found very interesting was a comment by one person that said, "There are no jihadists." No jihadists, eh? One wonders what he would think of the following surveillance video that was released from the Westgate Mall in Kenya clearly showing jihadists murdering innocent people in broad daylight, stopping for Islamic prayers and continuing their murderous rampage in the footsteps of their non-prophet Muhammad.

Nima Elbagir reports on the matter for CNN. We previously reported on the attacks in Kenya. Here are some of those reports:

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The video is graphic, though obviously many of the more gruesome details were not aired on television. We have plenty of those types of videos across the internet though. Islam does have a face and it is ugly.

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For those that still hold out that jihadists don't exist though, even while many are under the deception of taqiyya, I'd like to offer a short video from our friend David Wood at AnsweringMuslims.com.

Earlier this month David traveled to east Kenya to partake in a conference for Christians in the area. The stories he heard were horrifying to him. The Christians he spoke to didn't learn about Islam from reading the Qur'an, nor did they learn of it via any other books. They learned Islam from living in a culture that is dominated by Islam. This culture carries out brutal murders, rapes and kidnappings of Christians. It does not tolerate freedom in any capacity. It follows the teachings of the Qur'an. Unlike Islam in the West, it does not have to hide its true face because it is dominant in the region.

Take the time to listen to David's short 3 minute or so video. I love the part at the end where he says exactly what I have been saying and that is if you want to deal with jihad, which is a fruit of Islam, you must first deal with its root. "I'm coming after your prophet," Wood said. "And I'm going to keep coming after your prophet until there's nothing left of him, or there's nothing left of me. I don't say this because I hate you. I believe that Muslims are victims of Muhammad's teachings, just as many non-Muslims are victims of Muhammad's teachings. So, one of the most loving things I can do for you and for the rest of the world is to tell the truth about your prophet."

May the true and living God grant David strength for the battle he is engaged in and may He raise up many more bold Christians to do the same.

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