Two years ago, when I penned “Breaking Away From The System” and challenged the whole of the gold and silver community to reexamine their human sovereignty, the response was that of a dream. It has taken the entire two years, but someone with the foresight, willingness, and technology has taken the idea to a level I never even thought would be possible.

I sat down with James Turk of Gold Money and BitGold to discuss the specifics of how Gold Pay and Gold Payout work. All you cryptocurrency fans, please take note. The technology, the blockchain, has already been compromised by the big banks. Blythe Masters, the devil in a dress, is tasked with developing a cryptocurrency to compete with bitcoin, litecoin, and all the other incarnations. Do you think the other members of the banking cabal are going to use one of the cryptocurrencies currently available, or will they use the one that has manipulation, exit gates, and all the other deviant mechanisms already built in?

Forcing a cashless society upon the citizens is a driving force of these criminal organizations. Blockchain is the perfect platform to get people to accept this enslaving currency. It already has an audience: the people that use it believe it is outside of the system and provides a way of getting away from the criminal banking cabal.

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Why not use the current system to your advantage? Why not use the credit card system, worldwide, as a vehicle to get away from the criminal banking cabal? Why not use a proprietary system that flows, seamlessly, through the current system, but the currency that is used is gold? Unlike cryptocurrencies, that, from my perspective, are backed with the exact same “faith and confidence” as fiat currencies. There is nothing that I am aware of that backs/supports cryptocurrency except that people believe it has value.

BitGold is just another currency transfer company, like a wire transferring company, with one distinct difference: instead of using worthless fiat currency – in a fractional banking system (the norm is 10 to 1) – you are transacting in gold. Beautiful! This places gold back into the system, which means we move a step closer to regaining our sovereignty.

Human sovereignty is directly tied to our currency. If you have the ability to trade your labor for currency and it is not hampered by government or banking restraints, you have achieved freedom. If your labor is traded for currency and that currency is restricted, including but not limited to being taxed, stolen, or otherwise misused by governments and banks, your freedom is slowly and steadily transferred out of your life, along with your wealth.

This may be the single most important development in currencies in the last 3-4 generations. If you are serious about taking back your life, breaking free of this criminal system that enslaves all of us, then I urge you to give this a good listen and consider sharing with your friends and family. It has the potential to save your wealth.

Article reposted with permission from The Daily Coin

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