I’ve Crossed The Rubicon, Will You?

I look around and see much despair; it grips my heart to its very core. People from all walks of life are homeless, hungry, unemployed, and living without any hope for their future. They hear the empty promises from those who were elected to represent them. Dreams shattered, land and property stolen, and lives destroyed by those who prefer to line their pockets with corporate greed. There is no “discrimination” of color, sexual preference, or religion it is affecting everyone from all walks of life.

While many think this is just an American problem, nothing could be further from the truth. This problem is not liberal, democrat, republican, nor independent. This is an intentional breakdown and attack on humanity, societies, personal wealth, and most of all an attack on individual freedoms all around the world. This has carefully been implemented by those “elite” that desire to “control” the world. Their control is far reaching, and detrimental to not only the United States but the entire world in which we live.

Throughout history there has always been a struggle for “power” “control” and “wealth”. There have always been those whom felt they were the “elite” and were better than everyone else. There is no doubt throughout history those that sought to keep power always vilified, oppressed, and tried to destroy those that would speak out against their “unnatural” lust for power and control.

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I can’t help but look back into the pages of history and feel as if I am in “da ja view”. Whether from biblical times and the Roman Empire, to Hitler, Stalin, or Mao Zedong. All have shaped our history as a people around the world. Although all those evil regimes have fallen their ideology has not. While they followed the works of Karl Marx they tortured, abused, and killed millions of innocent men, women, and children. Have we have not learned the lessons from these horrible atrocities that were placed upon mankind? I wonder. Especially with all the bills, manuals, and actions that our government has allowed to become law. These bills and actions are following the Karl Marx ideology. Read The Communist Manifesto for more information.

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So many people are focused on “attacking” political parties or “political correctness” that they remain blind and ignorant to the danger coming from within. This endangers us all. They happily stay in their “illusion of the “real world” rather than know what’s going on right here in what is supposed to be the “Greatest” nation on earth.

As we remain focused on attacking “political” parties, placing blame on the other, attacking each other, and placing the blame on “racism” “thought crimes” or anything else that can possibly be used to divide us as a people. The real culprits are getting away with murder, stealing, oppression, slavery, human rights violations, genocide, illegal wars, and attacks on humanity itself. How do they get by with what they are doing? Because we are no longer “united”. As the Bible states “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. There is truth in the statement “UNITED WE STAND”. We the people have the power to make change. We the people have the power to say enough is enough. Yet, when we are so focused on the petty things, the “elite” are getting by with what they want because they know our attention is diverted away from them and their corruption.

Whether you’re a liberal, democrat, republican, tea party, independent, or choose not to affiliate yourself with any party what so ever one thing is a surety, we all have someone we love. We all have someone we care about. While we are focused on fighting each other the “elite”, politicians, and the Obama Administration are implementing dangerous policies that put Americans and people all around the world in danger. Humanity hangs in the balance and the lives of millions are at stake.

It is no longer acceptable to sit and remain silent, nor accept excuses about lies. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “politicians just lie, that’s what they do”. When did we as a people accept that it is ok to be lied to? To be used? To be attacked, by those that we have placed into office under the promise they would protect our freedoms? All the while these politicians are destroying those freedoms they were sent there to protect. Ultimately, while we are attacking each other, the “elite” are attacking us. They are destroying our freedoms, stealing our money, killing our people, dismantling our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are laughing all the way to the bank! Because of our failure to identify the real enemy, and understanding the importance of working together to stop this attack on all Americans, they have almost successfully destroyed this entire country.

Make no mistake while we are arguing, and trying to focus the blame on this administration, or that administration they are destroying our God given freedoms. No, I am not just talking about the 2nd Amendment. I am talking about all of them.

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Right to bear arms, Right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, Speedy and Public trial etc…

While we fight against each other, the government is systematically destroying every right we have. Yes, that includes liberals, republicans, tea partiers, and independents. I am also talking about those police officers that are using illegal tactics, and the military that allowed themselves to be used to attack the American people (Boston, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, ring a bell?) whom they are supposed to serve. Make no mistake, you’re not special, and you’re helping the “elite” not only take away our freedom, but the freedoms of your families as well.

Here are just some of the examples:

NDAA H.R. 4310: Indefinite Detention of American Citizens without charges or trial

Patriot Act

Internment and Resettlement Camps “FEMA Camps”

Drone strikes killing American Citizens without trial or charges

Presidential Private Kill List

DHS: Arming themselves with bullets, armored vehicles, automatic rifles, riot gear, etc…

Stealing and destroying land and food

Reading email, text, personal letters, taping phones, financial records, etc…

Using cameras for surveillance of everything we do and say, from traffic stops, to stores, to drones flying over our sky’s , TSA naked body scanners, tagging our children with RFID chips “to know where they are”, tracking us through GPS on our phones, wanting to implant RFID chips inside of our bodies “for so called medical purposes” in Obamacare, to wanting to place little black boxes in our cars so they can know where we go, how far we have gone, and how much gas we are using.

Shutting down businesses under the guise of “regulation” or “what’s good for you”. They are shutting down America. They tell us now where we can speak “free speech zones”, what we can say “politically correct”, who we can speak to, and what we can cover in media. They hinder freedom of speech, freedom of press, pull down websites, and troll the internet in order to stop the truth from being known to further their “communist” agenda. They tell us how to think by infiltrating our schools education, main stream media, newspapers, and movies.

They stop dissension with threats, murder, and attacks from the “paid off” media. They justify beatings, murder, lies, corruption, cover-ups, death panels, assassinations, illegal wars, & support terrorism while saying we need to give up our rights because of it! All this while using the department of education to rewrite history teaching our children lies in order to transform America into the perfect “yes, sir” Hitler regime. As Hitler stated in one of his speeches “Do not think, just do”. Joseph Stalin “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”

Be under no illusion, no matter what party you associate yourself with your rights are fading away fast. Your family is just as much a target. Your children, your grandchildren, your husband, your sister, your brother, your friends, and you are targeted as well. Those of us that point out the truth get attacked why? Because we care, we speak out! We see the writing on the wall! Not only for our families, but for yours as well. Make no mistake. We care although MSM portrays us as “villains” “homegrown terrorists” “crazy people” “vigilantes” and “Right wind nuts”. If we didn’t care, surely you don’t think we would waste our time, money, and hours we take away from our families and friends to inform you of congressional bills, the agenda’s, manuals, or the real facts about what is going on? Would we place our families, loved ones, ourselves in danger to expose what is going on to help you if we didn’t care?

Look in the mirror. Ask yourself “have I gone too far trying to make excuses?” “Am I focused on solving problems or am I just being selfish?” “Am I making a difference for that child down the street that is going hungry?” “What am I doing to try and REALLY make a difference?”

While many people have already crossed the Rubicon, I ask: have you? Will you allow yourself to be attacked? Will you allow yourself to be made a fool of because you refused to research? To speak out? To make a difference? The answer does not lie within the “Federal Government” it lies within every one of us. We are the difference, we are the change, we are the people, and “UNITED WE MUST STAND” or America will fall.

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