It’s Not the Confederate Flag That Bothers Us

What Gov. Haley of South Carolina did in ordering the Confederate flag to come down was a cowardly, knee-jerk reaction in an attempt to be “politically correct,” and this is exactly what liberals expected her to do. What someone feels personally about the Confederate flag is one thing, but regardless of whether one loves or hates that flag, we are, once again, allowing liberals to dictate everything we say and do out of fear of what someone else might think. We have become a nation of cowards, and if we do not develop some backbone and stand up to these obnoxious people, within 10-15 years, or maybe even sooner, we will no longer be able to recognize this country.

We changed the name of athletic team mascots because liberals tell us it “offends” someone. We changed the name of schools or military bases named after Southern Generals because liberals tell us it “offends” someone. We stop having prayer at the start of a sporting event or school graduation because liberals tell us it “offends” someone. Homosexuals parade about and strut their abominable sin openly and in public, but if we protest, liberals say we have “offended” someone. They took Amos and Andy, one of the best comedy shows in the history of television, off of the air because liberals said it “offended” someone. We can no longer celebrate Christmas in public schools or on government grounds because some liberal says it “offends” someone. When are we going to wake up and find the courage to say “enough is enough,” and realize that it is these sorry liberals who are “offending” all of us?!

How many of you feel “offended” after this ungodly Supreme Court decided that they know better than Almighty God, the creator of all creation, what the definition of marriage should be? Liberals say the Confederate flag is racist, but how is this flag any more racist than the Black Panthers, or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, or Miss Black America, or Affirmative Action, or any number of things that “offend” someone? I am “offended” because this President will not enforce our immigration laws that are already in place, tramples our Constitution, and disrespects the Christian faith, all while he opens the grounds of our White House to his Muslim buddies to celebrate their Ramadan holiday, or he authorizes $3M from taxpayer funds to be paid to each family who tragically lost loved ones in the recent SC church shooting, yet he never even mentions the young woman (who just happened to be white) who was murdered last week by an “illegal alien” while walking with her father in San Francisco.

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Yes, this old world is full of people who are “offended” by one thing or another. But the one thing that “offends” me the most of all is that those in this country who are the direct descendants of our Founding Fathers, or our Revolutionary War Freedom fighters, or of those immigrants who came to this country “legally” seeking a better life for themselves and their families, or those of our “Greatest Generation” who stopped Hitler during WWII, and even the direct descendants of those Africans captured by their own black countrymen in their own country and sold into slavery to white slave traders who brought them to this country many years ago… that we would allow ourselves to be sheepishly manipulated by a bunch of liberal socialists who have never had any love for this country in the first place.

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It isn’t the Confederate flag that offends us. No, it is something much deeper inside that gnaws at us and reminds us that we live in the greatest country in the history of this world, and, regardless of the color of our skin, or where we grew up or came from, or whatever other crutch we have been using to prop ourselves up… with all of the advantages available to us in America, we have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked and manipulated by people who do not care at all about any of us as a person, but who long ago realized that by manipulating us, they could get what they wanted more than anything else in this world: power.

Almighty God, give us the wisdom, the strength, and the understanding to realize what it is that we are about to throw away, out of our own ignorance, one of the greatest blessings You have ever given to us, and that is to be an American! Teach us to love and trust our fellow man and to seek Your will in our lives. For it is in the precious and holy name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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