It's Crunch Time For Ron Paul

Today is D-Day for the Ron Paul Revolution. While some say it is either the end or the ultimate success of Ron Paul's delegate insurgency, they fail to understand that the rEVOLution is a movement and an idea. It is definitely not about party affiliation. It is the idea of individual liberty, economic freedom, personal responsibility, and true limited government.

The Nebraska GOP state convention is the last in which delegates are up for grabs and Paul is looking to be a long shot at obtaining enough delegates to have a majority, but does have a plurality of delegates to be on the ballot.

Paul's desire is to gain enough footing at the Republican National Convention to get a platform to speak from and possibly to influence the platform of the Republican Party.

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No doubt, Paul would use that platform to once again push the issues of the Federal Reserve, individual liberty, America's foreign policy and global military presence, along with the need to downsize government. Some would not want Paul to have any speaking platform, such as Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman who has made phone calls and is attempting to block Paul supporters at the state convention.

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The Nebraska GOP itself has taken on the prerogative to beef up security. they claim that Paul supporters are a rowdy bunch and that they are not orderly. However, video of state conventions tend to demonstrate the opposite.

ABC News reports,

Saturday’s results will depend on who shows up. The convention provides for 400 voting delegates, but state party Executive Director Jordan McGrain said he does not expect all to attend. More than two thirds will likely show up, he said.

Paul, who has stopped campaigning in new states, is not personally organizing around the Nebraska convention, Ebke said. According to Ebke and McGrain, neither Paul nor Romney have staff in the state working on this event.

The Republican candidate and libertarian hero will have a presence in Tampa, Fla., regardless of what happens in Nebraska. His campaign is planning a rally, and supporters have planned a festival, to coincide with Tampa’s preparations for the Republican National Convention.

Paul will be bringing with him, no matter the outcome of Nebraska, around 500 supporting delegates.

Should you care to follow the Nebraska convention, there is live streaming at the following urls:

Main Livestream
Second liveteam:
Another group's stream:

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