It’s All About Power & Money, But Mainly Power

In a previous article, I wrote about some of the things that author Russ Baker brings up in his book “Family of Secrets.” I hadn’t finished reading it at that point (and I still haven’t finished reading its almost 600 pages), but felt I had reached a good stopping point to write an article on some of the things he had stated. I feel as though I have reached another point that will allow me to write about other things he wrote about.

Previously, we spoke of the Saudi/American connection, in which we learned – according to Russ Baker – that a relationship had been established with the Saudis and our government as far back as FDR in the mid 1940s. Even though for most of us, the name Bush really didn’t come to the forefront until Bush Sr. became Ronald Reagan’s running mate during Reagan’s run for the office of president, Baker details Bush’s involvement long before that. Among other things, Reagan/Bush won that election because of what Bush was able to pull off behind the scenes against Carter, according to Baker.

Bush, Sr. really began his political career in 1964. He served in Congress, became an Ambassador to the United Nations (under Nixon), during the Watergate scandal, became the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), under Ford, Bush became an envoy to China, then Ford made him Director of the CIA, and eventually vice president, and finally president. His father, Prescott Bush was already a senator by the time George H. W. Bush was born (in 1924). The family was steeped in politics and business with government.

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familyAuthor Baker asserts that Bush gained quite a bit not only through his father’s political connections, but through his business connections as well. George’s father, Prescott, “was an American banker and politician. He was a Wall Street executive banker and a United States Senator, representing Connecticut from 1952 until January 1963.”

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Again though, the involvement of Bush in our government affairs does not even begin with his father, Prescott, according to Baker. “Samuel Bush, the great grandfather, he was working for people who were invested in Remington Arms, which was the largest arms dealer, and which, up until the U.S. entered the war, was selling rifles to both sides in World War I. And then you flash-forward, of course, and you see H.W. involved with the Carlyle Group, a major military contractor, and with others as well.” As Baker notes, the Bushes were always war contractors selling arms to government.

In my previous article, I outlined the relationship the Bushes have and maintain with the Saudis. But since the Bushes are not in office now, how does that apply to Obama if at all? I touched on that as well last time. While Obama has no real connections to the Bushes, like all presidents, he is often left with very little wiggle room (according to Baker) to do what he would like to do as president. The agenda may already be in place and presidents are nothing more than “hired hands,” controlled by puppeteers in the background.

Baker also notes that the actual president is not that important because of that lack of wiggle room. The president is merely a conduit. It’s the “continuities of power…” deep behind the scenes that are important and the people that have created those continuities of power. Presidents come and go, but those who are the power brokers remain. The question of course, is how they got their power and how they maintain it.

Just because someone as powerful as George H. W. Bush is not in office somewhere, it doesn’t mean he is out of the loop and unable to make things happen. In an interview with Lew Rockwell, Russ Baker was asked about the difference between Bush and Obama. “Here we have the Obama administration, which pretends to be something entirely different from the Bush administration, but not only are they carrying on the Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, all these things started under George W. Bush. Is Obama, in some sense, just a different sticky face on the lapel of the oligarchy?”

Baker’s response was interesting. “Now clearly, [Obama] did not represent the same stance on those wars as Bush. And yet, what did he do? The telling symbol there is that he kept on Robert Gates as the defense secretary. Now, Robert Gates was not only George W.’s defense secretary, he was the CIA director for H.W. Bush. And in the years in between, he was essentially almost employed by the Bush family. They put him in at Texas A&M University, where the elder Bush’s papers are held, and onto boards of various oil companies and so forth that they were connected to. And so he’s kind of, I would say, largely captured by them. So it’s ironic that when Obama could have brought anybody in, and there were an awful lot of people he could have brought in, including experienced military figures who were very critical of the situation of going into Iraq in the first place, he chose to keep this man.” Is Obama carrying out the plans of Bush? Why didn’t he get someone else in to replace Gates?

I have also previously discussed the fact (in other articles written for other blogs) that writers like Dr. Dennis Cuddy have stated that they believe Jeb Bush will be on board to at least run for president in 2016. It is interesting to see that within the past few months, Jeb Bush began to be in the news again and he is staying there, most recently with his comments about the need to pass immigration reform. Jeb Bush’s wife is Hispanic and Jeb is fairly fluent in Spanish. Could that come in handy if he runs for president in 2016?

Whether a Bush is in office or not, Baker believes that they manage to control things behind the curtain. Baker makes some very bold claims about the Bush clan and their influence in politics around the globe as well as their own personal involvement in some of the dictatorships that have come and gone.

Things are not really what they seem to be, unfortunately. Unless of course people like Russ Baker, Dennis Cuddy, and Diana West are lying. We’re going to delve into this more next time to better understand the connection between the Bushes, our government, and the Saudis. It’s not all just about oil. Did it have anything to do with Communism and Bush Sr.’s support of it?

Ultimately, it’s about power and money, but mainly power derived from having large sums of money. To some people, it doesn’t matter how they obtain it either.

We need to stop looking at this incident here or that one there. There has been a concerted effort to overthrow this country for numerous generations. The incidents are merely the symptoms. What needs to be attacked is the overall problem.

I wonder if the average person is ready to honestly know about the powerful forces that have used government connections for their own personal gain?

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