The Issue is Not Immigration – It’s an Imperial Presidency


Not typically thought of as terms of endearment. They are often used interchangeably and in a sense they all mean about the same thing:

    Lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned, uninformed, unaware.

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These terms are often used to denigrate those who dare to disagree with a point of view and as is often the case, they are used by people to whom these terms are equally or even more applicable.

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Friday, November 21, 2014 was a case on point.

On Friday I stood on the sidewalk facing the Del Sol High School here in lovely Las Vegas waiting for our president to arrive to add my voice to those gathered to strenuously object to the imperial presidency and his absolute disregard for our constitution.

As I rolled up on my bike with The Warrior Song wafting out of my speakers at full lilt, my first impression was that of pride. I was proud to see the number of American flags being held high to remind the Imperial President that this is America, land of the free and not the private kingdom of his lordship Obama. I was proud to see a number of veterans front and center to remind the Imperial President of those who have given so much to defend this country and the POW/MIA flags to remind the Imperial President of those who have given all.  And to be honest, I was modestly surprised to see a couple of citizens wearing Oath Keeper shirts; surprised because I seldom see Oath Keepers outside their gathering places.

As I dismounted and began to mingle with the crowd, I was pleased to see so many familiar faces and as I worked my way from one end of the crowd to the other, I met other vets and old friends and made one or two new friends.

And I was interviewed by reporter Eric Hartley from the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper. The young reporter was obviously inexperienced and possibly a bit uncomfortable given the tenor of some parts of the gathering. We spoke for a period of five minutes or so, and he was thorough. I was amused at what he published with respect to our conversation.

In his article, he stated that I support impeachment of the Imperial President. Technically, that is not true; but only in the sense that I know that there would be little challenge in getting an article of impeachment through the House of Representatives, there is absolutely no chance that the senate would hold a trial.

What I did say was that I felt this president was guilty of treason and that he and others should be tried in a people’s court on the charge of treason, and if and when convicted, they should be hung publicly on the mall in front of the Washington Monument. Perhaps there was a space constraint in his published article?

The issue of the day was not “immigration.” The issue of the day was the “Imperial Presidency.”  My wife and her family are all naturalized citizens who emigrated to this country over a ten year odyssey, and I hope to address the issue of “immigration” in a soon to be written “Red Ink” missive.

And the longer I stayed among the protesters, the more uncomfortable I became with a certain very focal segment of the gathered group.

Ignorant is as Ignorant does.

One group gathered and shouted highly intelligent things like: “Go Home Wetback!” and other highly intelligent slogans…NOT!   And the “shining star” example was the Oath Keeper with the bull horn who stood on one side of the street yelling insults at the Hispanic group of Obama supporters on the far side of the street…in very, very good Spanish.

But let me correct myself here…

Those supporters I just mentioned were not necessarily “Obama Supporters.” I have many friends in the Hispanic community. Like the majority of Americans, they are “Immigration Reform Supporters.” As was evidenced by the recent elections, Obama is losing the Hispanic community, and if We The People can get our act together, we can swing the rest of the Hispanic community to the “right” side of the aisle by the next election.

And I could be wrong here, but in my experience, standing in the streets calling AMERICAN CITIZENS derogatory and “racist” names has never been effective in the battle for hearts and minds. Maybe those “Oath Keepers” who were so badly behaved were not really “Oath Keepers” but were in reality “Obama Plants” because that behavior is stock in trade for the Democrats? Maybe. Maybe not.

Once upon a time, I was an Army recruiter. A young man who wanted to serve his country came into my office and asked to enlist. Initial testing put this young man in the top ten percent of high school graduates in the country.  The process moved forward until there was an issue with his birth certificate… he did not have one. At age eighteen he discovered that he had been born in a foreign country and was not legally an American citizen.

“Go back to where you came from!” – Really?
This young man “came from” middle America.
He knew one language – English.
His family had raised him to honor God and Country and had imbued in him a strong sense of duty to both.

Immigration is a mufti-faceted and highly emotional issue that has horrendous humane aspects that defy a “one size fits all” solution.

Some would say that those shouting for the “immigrants” to “go home” are “racists.” And those who would “play the race card” are:

    Lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned, uninformed, unaware.

…they are by definition “Ignorant” because the subject of “immigration” addresses all those who dare to dream “The American Dream,” and the Hispanic community is comprised from Spanish-speaking countries all over the world – not just south of the border.  By definition, speaking Spanish does not qualify as a “race” nor does it define a single culture.

My many Latino friends all agree that our immigration policy is insane and out of control. The most important issues to many of them are to secure the border and to deport the criminals once and for all. Sound familiar?

Our purpose on Friday the 21st was to protest the Imperial Presidency.

Those who chose to use the occasion to display their massive “Lack of knowledge or training and just how grossly unlearned, uninformed, and unaware“—they did a great disservice to all of us.

Ignorant Is As Ignorant Does.

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