Israeli Pediatrician: Syrian Snipers Deliberately Shooting To Paralyze Children & Cause “Misery”

In a sickening and horrifying report, the truth about what Syrian snipers are doing to children has been revealed. The Times of Israel is reporting that trained Syrian snipers, no doubt many of them rebels backed by the Obama Administration, are specifically shooting children with the purpose of causing permanent paralysis. These monsters are shooting at children, many of them infants, with no intent to kill. As reported in October 2013, Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria were deliberately shooting at pregnant women, for the purpose of killing the fetus. They would shoot and directly aim at the woman’s stomach, and if successful, they would win cigarettes as a prize. To say that this sick “game” has ended is absurd. Islamists have a distinct ability to continually outdo themselves in terms of depravity. What they are capable of doing in terms of inflicting human suffering is limitless.

Israeli Pediatrician Dr. Yoav Hoffman, a senior physician at the pediatric intensive care unit of Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, has reveled that they have received some 25 Syrian children since July. These children range in age from a few months old to 17. Delivered to the hospital by the Israel Defense Forces, their injuries have been catastrophic. The hospital has treated 230 Syrians since March 2013. But what has happened to the children is truly shocking in its brutality.

Dr. Hoffman said that up to six of his unit’s patients have displayed distinct bullet injuries that indicate intentional sniper targeting.

The injuries are very specific: gunshot wounds from a single bullet to the lumbar spine, near vertebrates 2 and 3,” Hoffman told The Times of Israel. “These shootings are not intended to kill, but to cause misery. They result in paralysis or slow death in Syria’s conditions.”

The murderous Islamic Syrian snipers are shooting in the precise location to cause permanent paralysis. Shooting near vertebrates 2 and 3 would not necessarily kill the victim. That’s not to say it couldn’t kill the target. But the death would be horrifically slow and torturous. This is the evil intent of the Syrian snipers, the subhuman animals willingly shooting at their own people. Firing at their own babies like they were wild game. Who comes to their rescue? Their sworn enemy, Israelis. The Israelis do so with open arms, but heavy hearts. The horror is too much to take it.

Hoffman said that he had never seen such injuries outside the battlefield; his colleagues initially believed that the spinal injuries were a coincidence. But when patients displaying the same injuries kept coming in, the hospital staff was “moved to tears” as it realized that the children were being targeted.

Disgusting and beyond contemptible, Syrian snipers are shooting at children, their own fellow citizens, like they are enemy combatants. Monstrous, evil, and void of souls, the only place hot enough for these snipers is the pit of Hell.

If you want to kill a man, or you want to kill a child, you put a bullet in his head or his heart. They purposefully put the bullet in the lumber [lower] spine so that the child would suffer. I don’t have any other explanation. It was cruel. I almost cried when I saw it,” he said.

We have young children right now who have been shot in the head or suffered blast injuries, at a very young age. It’s very difficult to understand how this can happen, that a child is shot from a very close distance,” said Prof Jean Soustiel, Director of Neurosurgical Department at the hospital.

The children that arrive come with no medical records, since they have not been treated in Syria. Not only do they arrive with bullet wounds, but with many lasting traumatic effects from such injuries. But they get the best of care in the Israeli hospital.

Such is the case of three-year-old Nihad (not her real name), collected by the Free Syrian Army with her father after a government bombardment of their home in Daraa on February 19

The treatment here is excellent,” says Nihad’s father, who became overwhelmed by emotion as he described the horrible sight of his slain son. He is now preparing to return to Syria in the coming days with his daughter.
As Nidal and her father return home, what can they expect? The little girl is in perilous condition. Will they face an onslaught of Syrian snipers once again? Possibly, but the damage has already been done.
Syria is now one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a child,” states the report, noting that child casualty rates are the highest recorded “in any recent conflict in the region”
Islam is to blame. Its atrocities cannot be measured, and there is no justification. These paralyzed children are returning home after being shot for the purpose of paralysis with donated wheelchairs and little else. Lives cut short by an evil that the world refuses to confront, save Israel. These are merciless killers the Obama Administration supports fully and without reservation, no matter how many lives are shattered, and bodies pile up.
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