Isn’t It Time For a Special Counsel To Begin Investigating the FBI & DOJ?

Clearly, the time has come to appoint a special counsel to investigate the actions of senior officials inside the FBI and the DOJ in the conspiracy to bring down President Donald Trump.

Evidence of corruption by officials in both institutions is accumulating rapidly and their actions must be scrutinized and their wrongdoing exposed.

The abuse of power by those at the highest levels of leadership in both organizations has resulted in the farce that is Robert Mueller’s Trump/Russia investigation. We expect this type of corruption to occur in authoritarian regimes, but not in the USA.  If this deception is allowed to stand, then America is no longer a free nation.

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By now, everyone has read and had a chance to digest the contents of the Nunes memo. As predicted, Democrats and most members of the mainstream media are rejecting the allegations made in the memo. They are saying that the Trump dossier was not used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page. Instead, they claim it was based on a remark uttered by Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos to an Australian diplomat over cocktails at a London bar.

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The evidence points to the Trump dossier to be the basis for the warrant. Andrew McCabe, formerly the FBI Deputy Director, testified before the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017 and admitted it. The day after FBI Director Christopher Wray viewed the Nunes memo, McCabe was “removed” from office. Hmmmm.

As the veracity of McCabe’s testimony is quite easy to prove, given that transcriptions of all congressional proceedings are available, I cannot believe that Nunes, Gowdy and other members of Congress would risk their reputations if this weren’t true. Yet, the Democrats maintain that Nunes is lying. Perhaps they are banking on finding a way to keep the transcription of McCabe’s testimony classified.

Let’s take a walk through the evidence the left is using to support their arguments.

The Washington Post, where journalists fervently believe that  “Democracy dies in darkness”, provides a timeline of the involvement of Trump campaign volunteers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.

March 21. During a conversation with The Post, Trump announces his foreign-policy team, including Page and an energy consultant named George Papadopoulos. 

April 26. Papadopoulos is told by a contact with connections to the Russian government that it has “dirt” on Clinton in the form of emails. The next month, Papadopoulos mentions this during a conversation with an Australian diplomat. 

June 20. Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer hired by Fusion GPS, files the first of 17 reports that, together, will come to be known as the “dossier.” The first report focuses on what Steele describes as Russian efforts to “cultivate” Trump and suggests that the Russians have dirt on both presidential candidates.

July 7. Page travels to Moscow with the campaign’s approval to give a speech.

July 19. Steele writes a report alleging that Page met with high-ranking Russians during his trip to Moscow. At some point in this period, Steele writes an undated memo outlining allegations from an “ethnic Russian close associate” of Trump that the campaign is conspiring with Moscow.

Democrats deny that the Trump/Russia collusion investigation used the “salacious and unverified” Steele dossier to obtain the FISA warrant. Instead, they are making the case that Papadopoulos’ remarks to Alexander Downer, an Australian diplomat, at a London bar were the basis for obtaining a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page. The Australian’s are amused that the fun-loving and gaffe-prone diplomat has become an anti-Trump hero.

But Downer’s boozy night out at the Kensington Wine Rooms with one of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers has ensured his place in one of the most intriguing chapters of US political history.

Downer and George Papadopoulos walked into a bar and the resulting political gossip reportedly helped spark an FBI inquiry, which continues to shadow the president of the United States more than a year into his administration.”

The amusing tweet below from Australia’s David Mack shows Downer, who is known privately for his sense of humor, wearing fishnet stockings and a women’s high heel shoe for a charity event.

If FBI officials were so alarmed by Papadopoulos’ comments, why didn’t they try to get a warrant to surveil him? The FBI was so concerned about this remark made after several drinks at a London bar that they … tried to obtain a warrant to spy on Carter Page?

Background information on Papadopoulos:

Papadopoulos was a 30-year-old man had who worked as an unpaid intern at the Hudson Institute from 2011-2015 specializing in the eastern Mediterranean and later worked as a contract research assistant to a senior fellow at the institute. He describes himself as an “oil, gas, and policy consultant” on his LinkedIn page.

Beginning in December 2015, Papadopoulos served on the National Security and Foreign Policy Advisory Committee for Ben Carson‘s campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. He left the Carson campaign in February 2016. Following his indictment, he was described by HuffPost as “a little-known, little-qualified 30-year-old.”

Papadopoulos wasn’t exactly a “major player” on the world stage. He appears to be a naïve young man thrilled, and a bit carried away with, his new status as a foreign policy advisor for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Espionage is a dangerous business and an individual who was truly involved in collusion with the Russian government would hardly mention this association in a casual barroom conversation with a new acquaintance. It sounds much more like something an extremely inexperienced, rookie campaign volunteer such as the young George Papadopoulos might say to make a big impression after a few drinks at a bar. The hapless Papadopoulos believes his silly boast will totally impress the Australian diplomat. And isn’t that what happens all the time at bars? Everyone tries to impress everyone else. And the more drinks one has, the taller the tales become.

Two months later, Downer gets around to mentioning this conversation to American intelligence agents, rather a long time if Downer had taken Papadopoulos seriously. In any event, when the FBI learns of it, the opportunistic Peter Strzok opens up a counterintelligence investigation. Seems a bit over the top, doesn’t it?  Unless, that is, they can somehow use this information to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page – which they hope will ultimately help them to ensnare their real target, Donald Trump.

And so it appears that the attempt by the left to bring down a fairly elected president is based upon a conversation between a fun-loving Australian diplomat and a naïve campaign volunteer on a boozy evening at a London bar (which the diplomat felt was so pressing that he waited two months before informing American intelligence operatives) and/or an unproven, discredited, dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC (which she controlled).

A look at the actions of former FBI Director James Comey goes a long way toward understanding his duplicity and that of his lieutenants. Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, reviews the memo with Sean Hannity in the video below.

Sekulow explains that the FBI attempted to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter Page in the summer of 2016, but was unsuccessful. They tried again in October 2016, using the Trump dossier as the basis for the warrant, and were successful this time.

Sekulow goes on to say that, in January 2017, Comey met with then President-elect Trump and informed him of the “salacious, but unverified” dossier. Comey told Trump he should not worry about it.

And this is key; because 7 weeks earlier, Comey had signed off on a FISA warrant request based on what he told Trump was a “salacious, but unverified” dossier. Comey was well aware of the origins of the dossier, yet he used it over and over again as a basis to secure the original FISA warrant and to obtain subsequent renewals.

One day before Trump took office, Comey signed off on a request to renew the FISA warrant.

It is essential that a Special Counsel is appointed to investigate the roles of senior officials inside the FBI and the DOJ in this fraud. We all want to believe that the Americans leading our most nations’ most respected institutions are honest and trustworthy. We anticipate that they will put aside their political persuasions, act with integrity and do what is right for our country. But, these men and women are mere mortals with opinions and agendas of their own and the evidence suggests that several of them have abused their power. If these men and women remain above the law, then America is no longer a democracy.

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