Islamists Freely Saying What They Really Think

It’s always good to be honest, isn’t it? In fact, it’s refreshing. Trouble is that too many people today are not honest, but spend their time being as deceptive as possible. They wouldn’t know how to answer a simple question with a “yes” or “no” and leave it at that if their life depended upon it. It’s imply not part of their nature. They speak like their father, the devil.

I – along with a few other people – have been having a running conversation of sorts with several Muslims on Twitter. They make some of the most asinine statements possible and then when cornered, will usually resort to calling you the liar. It’s what they do.

However, when you actually hear a Muslim admit something that you already knew, it’s as if the curtain was pulled back, even momentarily, allowing us to glimpse their true inner thoughts. This is actually happening more and more and it does because of the growing numbers of Muslims in the United States. They are starting to feel as though they have a greater protection because of their growing numbers. Because of that, they can say what they want and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It’s as if they believe they have turned a corner and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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Such is the case with Islamic Center of Tennessee Imam Abdullah Al Ansari who said the following recently. “He [Allah] told us to fight the Jews and Christians. Fight them until they give jizya. They give this protective tax from their hands and they are humiliated and subdued. If Islam, true Islam and true Muslims do not rule there will never be justice. Don’t think that Barack Obama can give you justice. No one can give you justice except a just Muslim ruler.”

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Here is a Muslim being honest. He knows what the Qur’an says and accepts it as truth (for himself). He is not busy denying that though the Qur’an says something, it means something else, as many Muslims do. He refers to the Qur’an indirectly and stands behind it. In essence, this provides him with his marching orders. Those orders are to fight Jews and Christians until we are willing to pay the jizya. Paying this tax will make us submissive to Islam and will humiliate us at the same time.

Notice he also admits one of the primary teachings of Islam, that they look forward to a completely global caliphate (government) where Sharia law is the rule. He admits this when he says “If Islam, true Islam and true Muslims do not rule there will never be justice.” This is about as close as a Muslim can get to admitting that they work toward a global one-world government, without coming out and calling it that. He is telling us that true justice is only found within Islam. It is honesty in its simplicity.

All true Muslims believe that they will be victorious in the name of Allah and his Final Mahdi will rule the world using Sharia law as the mode of enforcement. Imam Abdulla Al Ansari is being honest here and we can, at least, thank him for his honesty on this matter. Too many Muslims are playing the “taqiyya” game, where they lie to our faces with their fingers figuratively crossed behind their backs.

Did you know the concept of a one-world government is something that is common to the New Age Movement, the Global Elite, Islam, and is even mentioned in the Bible? I know that many people think that the mention of a one-world government is done only by those who dabble in conspiracy theories. The truth of the matter is that this concept is discussed openly and believed by many from various aspects of society. It is something many believe will happen and they actually work toward that goal.

Islam is no different. They earnestly believe that one day, the Final Mahdi will reveal himself to the world and take up his rightful position as world leader, representing Allah through Islam. From that point onward, Muslims believe that peace will follow. This, to them, is the grand finale and it is what they intend to bring about. They do it through infiltration and physical conquest (when needed).

I wonder how many more times we will be witness to terrorist events within the borders of the USA or hear other honest Muslims brag about their beliefs of a coming one-world government before we wake up to the fact that we are very likely in the final stages of the take over? The truth appears to be that we dare not ignore the internal threat posed by Islam. They are starting to feel empowered.

Islam does not wish to coexist with anyone else. They wish to dominate. That very fact proves Islam’s inability and unwillingness to coexist. They wish to overcome. That is their plan and it is what they work toward.

The question we need to be concerned with is not how to coexist with Islam, but how to stop Islam dead in its tracks? Resistance is not futile when it comes to Islam. It is mandatory.

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