Islamic Revisionism: Public School Textbooks Are Now Promoting It

One thing Islam does not want is for people to see the bold, brash, realistic and often ugly Islam that true history tells us is filled with massacres, pillaging, and much more. The truth is that every empire and most ideologies have their dark periods where these things occurred. It happened when the Church of Rome became the only game in town and the world saw the Crusades. To disagree with the Roman Catholic church too often meant death. This is a tragic part of history that is undeniable. Fortunately, while many see Christianity as being synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church, it can be shown that Roman Catholicism is a branch within all of Christendom.

One need only look no further than Jesus Christ to determine what His followers would involve themselves in. Is what the Roman Catholic church did something that Christ would approve of? I cannot imagine it. There is too much angst, hatred, and even killing in the name of Jesus, yet He did none of that.

On the other hand, Islamic apologists want to portray Muhammad as someone he is not as well. It can clearly be shown that he was a marauder, a thief, a murderer, an adulterer and his youngest wife – Aisha – was six-years-old when he married her. Muhammad carried a sword and he did all these things later in his life, not at the beginning. Jesus did none of these things – ever – and preached against them.

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But when it comes to hope and change with respect to young minds, the proponents of Islam seem to stop at nothing in their attempt to hide the truth of Islam’s roots while brainwashing society at the same time. They do not want us to see the often vile nature of Islam from Muhammad himself. When we do, we become offended because of obvious civil rights violations and the way people are treated. Gays are executed. Women are forced to cover up their body almost completely. Those who don’t are often harassed, raped, or brutalized in some other fashion because they are seen as “whores.”

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While part of the Qur’an teaches a pacifistic way of life, the other part teaches something entirely opposite. That’s because while Muhammad started off relatively passive, he grew into a warrior, fighting against all he considered to be infidels – non-believers. They shouldn’t live and should be executed unless they convert to Islam.

The atrocities of Islam – like those within Christendom – stand exposed on the horizon of history. Like those who attempt to deny the holocaust, apologists of Islam try their best to deny the truth about Muhammad. This of course, is the biggest reason why they want laws past that will prohibit people from saying anything that might offend Muslims.

The chapter dealing with Christianity
The chapter dealing with Christianity

In Florida, a world history text book is under consideration for adoption and is drawing criticisms. To some it appears completely lopsided, favoring Islam and denigrating Christianity and Judaism. The publisher – Pearson (Prentice Hall) – denies this accusation with a generalized statement that says nothing really. “Pearson and its authors adhere to the highest editorial standards when creating course materials, which undergo a rigorous review process,’ Pearson spokeswoman Susan Aspey told Fox News. ‘A review of the book shows there is balanced attention given to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity’.”

As can be seen, the table of contents highlights the information about Christianity that is included in the book. Unfortunately, Christianity itself is tied in with the Roman Empire. Christianity really had nothing to do with the Roman Empire. Though it began within it, it only did so because that’s when Jesus lived. It’s not as if Christianity was dependent upon the Roman Empire.

Once we get into that particular chapter, it isn’t until page 166 that the writers actually start dealing with Christianity itself. There again, they tie it directly to the Roman Church. There is also a discussion of the Roman gods in this chapter as well as some history of the Jewish people during the time of Rome. On page 168, we come back to Jesus and His “new” teachings. What is interesting is that though the text refers to the gospels and Jesus’ teachings, as well as His execution, I could not find that the text discusses the gospel message at all. It speaks of how Christianity spread and how Christians became oppressed by the Romans, but the closest the text gets to discussing the message of Jesus is in stating that people appreciated the message of love taught by Jesus and how He valued integrity, dignity, and the promise of a better life after death. The publishers even reference Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in which love is seen as the most important character trait.

The chapter on Islam
The chapter on Islam

On page 173, the text goes back to discussing Rome and its eventual decline. Essentially, there were about 7 pages or so that deal with Christianity and then, they miss the most important aspect of it. Flipping over the section on Islam shows a different picture entirely.

As can be seen, the entire chapter deals with Islam, unlike the chapter that included Christianity. Some might argue Christianity and Islam are being treated the same way, but that Islam was an empire – or at least became one under the Ottoman Empire. The problem though is that Christianity, which played a large role in the development of America, should have its own section as should Judaism.

As expected, Muhammad is painted larger than life, as one who was greatly admired and respected, and who, apparently, was a devoted husband. The text unequivocally states that Muhammad “becomes God’s messenger.” There is no qualifier here. It is stated as fact. The chapter also goes into great depth regarding the teachings of Islam, yet it mentions nothing of the troubling verses that are well known today about fighting against or killing the infidels. Other unequivocal statements are made like, “Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God.”

Other statements like “Muslims consider Jews and Christians to be ‘People of the Book,’ spiritually superior to polytheistic idol worshipers.” This is, in fact, a complete lie. Muslims denigrate Christians especially because they think we worship three gods – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Arabic writings on the inside of the Dome of the Rock mosque belittle the “People of the Book.”

Christianity is wrapped up in the Roman Empire
Christianity is wrapped up in the Roman Empire

Another lie presented in the text book is that we Christians (and Jews) have historically enjoyed religious freedom in many Muslim societies, with few exceptions. This is a complete fabrication and stands opposed to the truth of history. This chapter also goes into detail regarding the “Five Pillars of Islam” as well as a brief discussion of jihad. It tends to allegorize jihad and states that in general, Muslims are only allowed to defend themselves, not create war. I’ve heard this line from many Muslims, but unfortunately, it has no ring of truth to it. When pointing out that there are plenty of Islamic terrorists, the pat answer is that those individuals are not true Muslims.

The chapter also speaks of Islam as a way of life and the role of women in society. The whole inequality of women is glossed over by simply stating that spiritually, all Muslims are equal. This chapter seems to go on and on, discussing the Qur’an, the building of a Muslim Empire, divisions within Islam that later cropped up, and even thoroughly glossed over what is referred to as the “tax” on conquered people. The text states that Christians, Jews, and others were allowed to practice their own religions under Islamic rule. Not true. Even now, Coptic Christians in Egypt are being thoroughly persecuted and chased out of Egypt. This tax that the chapter speaks of is a tax that allows the conquered person to live and not be executed.

The chapter ends by discussing “the Muslim golden age.” It highlights literature, art and architecture, as well as “Muslim advances in astronomy.” It talks about Muslim math, medicine and “Akbar the Great,” as well as all those “inventions” that Obama referred to in one of his speeches. There are no inventions actually. I just threw that one in.

The entire chapter is a veritable Islamic feast, finally ending with the Ottomon and Safavid Empires. Then again, the publishers actually hired a Muslim cleric to write the section on Islam. By the time students will have studied this one chapter, they will come away thinking that Islam is wonderful. Christianity? Meh.

I firmly believe that the global elite defers to Islam because they are using Islam to destabilize society. They don’t care what Muslims do because it all feeds into their (global elite) purposes. When text book producers offer something as one-sided as this text, they should be ashamed. Instead, they act like many on the left with their “say nothing” statements that are supposed to make us think that their drivel is truth.

It is obvious to me – and I spent over ten years teaching grades 4-6 in California’s public schools – that publishers have been systematically moving leftward ho for decades though they routinely deny it. The problem is that they need to sell text books and they generally try to please California, one of the most leftist states in America.

This particular text is being considered in Florida. Fortunately, there are individuals down there who can think critically and understand what’s going on. In response to the statement issued by Pearson (above), State Rep. Ritch Workman said simply, “patently unfair and untrue.”

A person on the school board has her concerns as well. Glad to see people are awake! All we need now are more people to wake up and smell the truth.

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