In an interview today with Frank Gaffney, national security correspondent, Bill Gertz, discussed a recent interview with the Libyan ambassador to the U.A.E., in which the diplomat stated, "The situation is so dire in Libya that I expect an ISIS attack on Italy within weeks." ISIS has captured aircraft, has access to Libyan air force advisors, and could very well pack the planes with explosives.

Contrary to Obama's claims that the U.S. bombing campaign is destroying ISIS, Gertz claims the operations are a farce - blowing up pick-up trucks - and that ISIS is spreading.

As part of his two segments on Gaffney's radio show, Gertz discusses the non-binding, non-verifiable deal with Iran that the Obama administration is due to sign this weekend minus Pentagon input. He believes that Iran will be allowed to continue to enrich uranium, accelerating the already frantic nuclear arms race in the region. The unprecedented release of Israeli nuclear capabilities will further fuel the fire.

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Gertz explores the issue of space warfare, which the Russians and Chinese have been busy perfecting. This could mean that every satellite in every orbit is vulnerable to attack. U.S. satellites perform military command and control, intelligence gathering, navigation and precision weapons targeting among other functions.

Listen and learn about the new Russian cruise missiles, North Korea's ballistic missiles that overmatch our own, the lack of preparedness and weakening of our military and much more.

Start the MP3 at about 27:45.

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