Is This Still “Our United States”?

Have you ever really sat down and given any thought about just what it means to be a Citizen of the United States? Is it really “our” United States anymore? Has this once great nation begun to really fail over the last decade or just the last 5 years? We have to look back and think about this. Many are now saying that our nation is very close to becoming a Socialist state. Did this just happen or has it evolved over a period of time while we, as a people, were focused on something else? Or has it jumped to hyper speed and now begun to fail over the last 5 years? In either case, it seems like freedom is slipping away from us. If one goes to almost any news media they seem to get a wonderful picture of our Government. However, if they look further than those so called news media outlets, they will find all sorts of items which make it sound as if our nation is being torn apart at the seams. 

Today our elected officials seem to be making an attempt to steer our nation away from the Constitution and into a much different place. This place would encompass the ideology of the world and that would make so many things we live with on a day to day basis become obsolete and maybe even, in some cases, against the law. One such thing would be the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would destroy our Sovereignty and our rights under the Constitution.

With this in mind, why would President Obama be so willing to sign such a monster as this? By doing so, he could avoid or do an end around the Constitution. He has already demonstrated that he doesn’t like the fact that the Constitution doesn’t allow him to do certain things like redistribute wealth and he has also stated that he views the Bill of Rights as a list of “negative liberties.” Yes, Obama wants to rid himself of all that the Constitution does to restrain the power that he has been granted. If Obama can get rid of the Constitution, he can become the first dictator of the United States. Wild and crazy talk, you say? Yet, all we have to do is look back at what has happened under Obama to see this may be what he is up to. 

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Let us look into the way back machine to see what Obama and the people around him have done in the past and the lies they have piled up. First was the scandal of “Fast and Furious,” of which Obama said was a holdover from the Bush era. This is patently false. Obama seems to always have some group of people other than himself to blame, but that is the way he was taught to deal with bad situations as they popped up.

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Our United States has lost face in the world and that has come from an “apology tour” of the Middle East by Obama. It was there that he said that the United States was not the big bad care taker of the world, but the bully of the block.

Does anyone remember the first real scandal of Attorney General Eric Holder when he refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers after they were clearly caught on video intimidating voters? Yet, Eric Holder took them out of the system saying that they had not had enough evidence to convict them! Yes, Our United States has been taken over by people that have allowed voter intimidation and gun running that has resulted in hundreds of deaths, including two federal agents..

This group of Chicago thugs, which seem to have taken their ways of action from the books and actions of that mobster Al Capone, are playing out their gangster politics in our United States.

Obama promised that if Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, better known now as Obamacare, we would not see any increase in taxes, to quote Obama, “You will not see one dime of taxes.” However, the first thing that the Obama attorneys argued for the Constitutionality of Obamacare was taxes. The legal team fighting to keep Obamacare stated very clearly that “taxes” would be the reason people would have to pay money, not any “penalty,” and both Jay Carney and Barack Obama tried to say the Supreme Court’s decision was not what it was.

Well, the lies continued in our United States coming from the very top of our government system. It has now come down to 3 separate and continuing scandals that just seem to grow in size each time the White House puts forth any sort of line to shutter the scandals out of the way.

We see this come out on a daily basis and it was nice while we were on vacation to be away from all that is going on. We went to Cape Kennedy and saw the great rockets that used to send our men to the moon. However, today we have to send our men to our former enemy, Russia, just get to the space station. What has happened to our United States? Why has the space program gone from such a great and distinct advance to a backwards type of space program where are dependent upon our old enemies to get our men to a space station?

Since 2009 when Obama took office our United States has seemed to have moved from the forefront of the greatest nation to a now backwards nation, falling on its heels due to the incompetence of our leaders that we once had! Will we, as a nation, be able to come back to the free thinking, cleaver designing, motivated, creating new technologies type of people that we once were? Or have we gone so far to the left that our United States has now become a nation of takers and few, if any, givers? Is this really our United States? I would hope not, our people are the most resilient around and no matter what, we always seem to pick ourselves up and move on. Maybe we can get back to our United States where the people work and create and build things that no other nation could dream of. Yes, it is time for our United States to come out and do what is right for the nation and not allow the takers to steal from those of us who work hard to get what we got only to allow those now in charge to take it from us.

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