Is There Really A UN George Zimmerman Inquiry?

Sadly this isn’t satire. Though the world is in chaos, the United Nations George Zimmerman inquiry is now in the works. The UN wants the Obama Administration to finish a final review of the case to see if Zimmerman should face a federal civil rights trial. The only thing this proves is that the U.N. is as worthless and inept as the Obama Administration. Like that needed proving.

zimmerman_scene_photoThe Middle East is in chaos. Christians are being killed right and left, the U.S. is preparing to strike Syria, and Israel is in peril. But what is the UN worried about? Racism. And not just racism in general, but in Florida. There is a UN George Zimmerman inquiry that will take the final review of the case, courtesy of Obama’s race baiters, and decide if Zimmerman should face federal civil rights charges.

What is the UN doing meddling in the George Zimmerman case in the first place? Their verdict will give the racist Obama machine the ammunition to pursue Zimmerman from a federal vantage point. This gives their position “credibility” on a global stage. Hence the term “global” since that’s where everything is moving. This way, the United States can be singled out as vehemently racist by the most racist international organization in the world. And George Zimmerman can be the scapegoat.

Jesse Jackson pleaded with the UN to investigate “America” after the Zimmerman verdict in July.

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We need a national investigation of the racial context that led to Trayvon Martin’s slaying,” Jackson wrote in an article published by the Chicago Sun-Times and posted on the Rainbow/PUSH website. “Congress must act. And it’s time to call on the United Nations Human Rights Commission for an in-depth investigation of whether the U.S. is upholding its obligations under international human rights laws and treaties. Trayvon Martin’s death demands much more than a jury’s verdict on George Zimmerman. It calls for us to hear the evidence and render a verdict on the racial reality that never had its day in court at the trial.”

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This is absurd. George Zimmerman was found innocent in a court of law. Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Where is the UN investigation into this? Zimmerman’s head was being slammed into the concrete by this thug, and the UN is called upon to provide a full investigation into Trayvon’s death?

But a group of UN Human rights experts sees the whole incident differently.flags

We call upon the US Government to examine its laws that could have discriminatory impact on African Americans, and to ensure that such laws are in full compliance with the country’s international legal obligations and relevant standards,” said human rights expert Verene Shepherd, who currently heads the UN Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent.

The UN is worried about US laws that have discriminatory impact on African Americans? Funny how most people still think the U.S. is a sovereign nation. Naturally, the UN will ignore it’s own stonewalling on Iranian nuclear weapons development, the Rwandan genocide, and obscene treatment of Israel. The list of UN failures are simply too long to list. But in every avenue, they fail. They are world’s Keystone cops. And in this they have so much in common with the Obama administration.

And to add to this, they have a mutual love of “racism.” And this only applies to perceived racism against blacks or Muslims, not any other kind of racism. Not the merciless hatred of Jews by Muslims. That’s exempt. Or the vehement racism that many whites have received at the hands of blacks. The hypocrisy in this equal to Obama saying he did not create a “red line” in Syria when the whole world heard him say it.

But this is just another diversionary tactic, brilliantly instrumented by the Obama Administration and the UN. Turn the attention on to issues of no relevance, and keep the heat off of issues that are real. Like Benghazi, or the IRS scandal. Notice the UN is not interested in investigating Benghazi. But by all means, the UN needs to get involved in George Zimmerman’s self defense case, even after the FBI clearly stated that proved there was no racial motive in the case.

States are required to take effective measures to review governmental, national and local policies, and to amend, rescind or nullify any laws and regulations which have the effect of creating or perpetuating racial discrimination wherever it exists,” said the Special Rapporteur on racism, Mutuma Ruteere.533764-ruteere

Surely Mutuma Ruteere, UN Special Rapporteur on racism, can get to the bottom of all of this. Meanwhile, the Middle East is burning. And another singularly ignored fact is black mob violence in the U.S. But this won’t make the report.

It’s sounding like the UN is in Obama’s hip pocket. Surely there will be a “hoodies up” rally for Trayvon Martin at the UN someday soon. Maybe after the Syria debacle passes. At least they can be able to say the did something in the name of fighting “racism” when George Zimmerman faces a federal civil rights charge for Martin’s death.

Convincing that fake racism exists is far better than showing the proof of it at the hands of Muslims across the world. Shhh. The UN is vehemently anti-Semitic, not “Islamophobic.” And certainly not racist.

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