Is There Hope for the Restoration of American Greatness?

The answer to this question is a firm “yes!” America is not just some country. Bono of U2 fame once put it succinctly when he said “America is an idea.” The idea of America, which imbues every American, is freedom and rights, which are unalienable because they are not granted by government, but by the very fact of their creation. Those rights are guaranteed by our Founding Documents, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

America has often been called a great experiment, an experiment specifically in whether freedom can endow a people with energy and the authentic progress of civilization. The experiment has worked for almost 300 years and is still working, despite forces against it, forces from within, because forces from outside have never and can never destroy it. For while it is possible to destroy property, to bring down the World Trade Center and attack the Pentagon, to assassinate American citizens and even bomb ships and planes belonging to our armed forces, it is impossible for anything outside the idea of America to destroy that idea. In fact, attacking that idea from outside, for example, with an ideology that is foreign to the American spirit, only makes real Americans into angry, fierce defenders of their beloved America.

The forces whose aim is to destroy America from within use methods that are slow, like cancer, affecting the bloodstream of the American spirit. They introduce ideas that are foreign to our makeup. They tell us that we are a multi-cultural society, that other cultures are equal to ours, therefore, should replace those values upon which America was built. An astonishingly backward example of this is to promote Sharia law in communities in which many Muslims live. This is a disastrous idea that must be rejected and the notion expunged from the fabric of American society. Sharia is a brutally backward set of laws based on Islamic theocratic prejudices. It has no place in free America.

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We are not a multi-cultural society. We are a multi-ethnic society with a single culture. My father was born in France, my grandparents in Italy. They brought with them many of their cultural habits, their Catholic faith, their food preferences, some of their manners and clothing. But coming here changed them in a fundamental way. They “Americanized” by learning to speak English which some of them did not quite master, and by saluting the flag and going through the process, first, of immigration, then of naturalization and ultimately of taking the oath as citizens. They were proud of America.

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My mother’s youngest brother, my uncle Angelo, served in the Second World War, first in the infantry as an ordinary foot soldier, then as a bombardier in a B29. With his buddies in the Army he sang all the patriotic songs from the Lowry Field Songbook, but he wrote letters to his mother in Italian. When he came home from the war he gave me his copy of the songbook. I kept it for years and wish I had it still.

Angelo was a patriot who led us kids in marches around the house out on the grass, teaching us to sing all those songs. On VJ Day, my grandfather and I proudly watched as a parade meandered slowly by, waiting for the float on which Angelo sat in full military gear holding his rifle in a tableau of a campsite complete with a tent and mock fire. My grandparents burst with pride when they thought of Angelo, serving his country, their country. Of course that was long ago and much has changed.

Another method is to encourage illegal immigration, fueled by the promise of exaggerated levels of social services and other benefits. This only encourages in foreign nationals the mistaken notion that America is an endless goldmine to support millions of ignorant aliens who do not intend to contribute to, but only to take away from US economy and keep their own culture instead of adopting America’s. They would only take away from legitimate citizens, jobs, benefits and, alarmingly, voting rights! To those flooding our southern borders, this is called “Reconquista” or reconquering parts of America that once belonged to Mexico. Ultimately, it will fail because America is not a bottomless supply of money and other goods, because wealth must be produced before it can be stolen, and eventually those being stolen from will no longer produce that wealth. The result will be to reduce America to a third world country, and Americans, in the end, will not allow that.

When I left home, way back in 1959, the population of the US, from the 1950 census, was approximately 160 million. It is now estimated to be twice that number. In the early part of the 20th Century our immigrant population was largely from European nations. Two world wars brought Germans, Italians, Poles and Russians in large numbers, escaping terrible conflict. But after the Korean War, other ethnic groups began to join the great Melting Pot of America. People came in large numbers from China and the East. After Castro’s takeover, people fled Cuba on rickety boats, as did the “boat people” After the Viet Nam War from what was once called “Indochina,” people from Laos and Cambodia. For the most part, these people were seeking a better life for which they willingly worked. The story of Chinese immigrants laboring 70 or 80 hours a week to establish themselves in businesses is a remarkable and honorable tale that has become a kind of legend.

In the New York City, whole areas of business are dominated by various ethnicities: Brazilians running shoeshine stands, Iranians and Pakistanis with newspaper kiosks, and, of course, everybody with their own kinds of restaurant. Everywhere the landscape is glorious with differences in accented English and other languages. The sounds collide like bells in the street adding to the pleasant cacophony of car and bus horns and the regular grind of wheels and footsteps. They hawk their goods, vegetables, fruit, hot dogs, donuts and coffee, from vendor carts at which an incalculable mixture of people of different colors, sizes and accents enjoy buying and eating those very same goods. Indians eat egg sandwiches in coffee shops alongside people from Viet Nam and China. Cabs are driven by people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Croatia. Here, in America, they are Americans, a part of the fabric of a great culture that has given them the one thing they came her for, opportunity and freedom to pursue it.

Multiculturalism is the opposite of the Melting Pot, by keeping it from melting. Mostly, America’s enemies are in positions of power which they believe gives them the right to change the way we think and live. Politicians are only the tip of the iceberg. In the rarified air of “the University” on stuffy campuses far from American culture, are the Academics. They no longer teach true Liberal Arts, but instead practice the propagation of discarded ideas choking with the dust of past social failure. They imagine themselves of great importance, but in fact they are the dregs of true American society in which citizens actually work for a living. And there is the mainstream press, a dying breed, a dinosaur, no longer paid serious attention to by normal people. Newspapers and what were once serious magazines like Newsweek and Time, sell so poorly to a diminished readership that they can now only afford to print fewer pages on cheap paper. The Baltimore Sun, a once great newspaper in a once great city, has turned into a pathetic tabloid, a ragged vestige of its former powerful self. They are the skeletal remains of what was legendary, the American free press. The New York Times will go the same way someday soon. Nobody can survive on the claptrap they propagate.

The citizen journalism of the internet has all but taken over because people no longer trust the elites to “interpret” the events of the day and feed them what it chooses. They want ALL the facts, even those that are unreliable, because Americans like to think for themselves, as individuals. Individualism is something vested in their Americanism and they don’t like to have it tampered with.

In the past few decades, American culture has taken a black eye. For that, I point my finger at the Liberal Democrats, who, with their weak-willed cronies among the establishment Republicans, have tried systematically to dismantle everything from free speech to private enterprise. The situation has worsened since the menace of the Obama machine, who have tried to ruin things by apologizing for American greatness, for trying (but not succeeding) to destroy the reputation of our military, and for almost breaking the bank of American economic interests. His last gasp of destruction will be encouraging the invasion of millions of illegals, to whom he intends to give driver’s licenses and the opportunity to vote illegally in American elections. By this, the Democrats hope to gain a permanent majority by buying these illegal votes with benefits paid for by legitimate American taxpayers.

But that is beginning to change. Obama is the quintessential clown masquerading as a monarch, and Americans don’t like him. He is being buoyed by the dying mainstream media and those idiotic Academics, who see the destruction, but are frantically trying to keep Americans from seeing it. For them, it is too late. If Hillary Clinton is the vehicle they believe can sustain their legacy, they might as well just go away now. Americans do not like sell-outs. They will stand up and march, hand-in-hand, speaking in their accents and vending their wares and refusing to give in to all old, outworn, failed notions. They like America, you see, because they are Americans!

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