Is Ted Cruz Lying About the $5,000 Loophole in the Immigration Bill?

I was reading through another article by Dean Garrison posted on Freedom Outpost’s site about the problem Sen. Ted Cruz has pointed out about the immigration bill. After reading it, I noticed a number of individuals who simply don’t “get it” at all. Like anyone on the left, they react without thinking and usually make asinine statements devoid of truth. Worse, they will call you names like 4th graders in a sandbox. Such is the way the left views the world. What can you do?

“Question – Are all of you that-f*cking-stupid that you believe this inane-bull-sh*t? Ted Cruz has yet to provide any sort of proof or give you the literature yet you suck this garbage right up. Seriously, find me where it states this in the bill. I’ll be waiting.”

I liked Garrison’s article. It presented the problem and it was clear. That wasn’t good enough though for some who wanted everyone else to look up the actual verbiage from the bill itself. I guess they couldn’t do it. When someone pointed out they should do just that, their response was “I’m not the one making the claim that it does or doesn’t exist. Ted Cruz is. Yet, he doesn’t provide any sort of proof of this. Yet, everyone buys it. Why?

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Look, it’s really simple, so simple in fact, that even a cave man can grasp it.

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The bill breaks immigrants down into several categories. An RPI is a “resident provisional immigrant” is one who may be here illegally, but who has begun the process to become legal. The bill does not encourage or allow employers to hire illegal aliens.

However, companies are encouraged to hire those with RPI status because they are in the system and are in process of becoming a citizen or permanent legal residents but they are not there yet. Because they are NOT citizens or permanent legal residents of the United States, but still here legally with RPI status, they are eligible to work. However, they are NOT eligible for Obamacare while they are an RPI.

A business that employs more than 50 people will have to start paying a $3,000 penalty “if at least one of their workers obtains insurance on a new government-run exchange. The penalty is up to $3,000 per worker.” If we take that $3,000 penalty and add to it the fact that it is NOT tax-deductible (because it’s a penalty), that $3,000 penalty becomes $5,000 per worker.

However, since individuals with RPI status are not eligible for Obamacare anyway, but are eligible to be hired and work in the United States, Sen. Ted Cruz is merely pointing out that a business would have to be stupid to not hire more individuals with RPI status!

If you take the time to read the bill – all 1,190 pages of it – you will find that this is the case.

It’s really very simple. Ted. Cruz is not lying. He’s not making a mountain out of a molehill or creating something from nothing. He is pointing out a very real loophole that you and I both know many employers will take advantage of because it provides them with a legal way around the $3,000 penalty of not providing Obamacare to employees.

Frankly, because of the likes of Schumer and others involved in the creation of this bill, I would not be surprised if this was deliberately placed in the bill with the hope that it would not be noticed. Cruz and others noticed it and as usual, the left went ballistic accusing them of creating fear and telling lies.

No, the truth is that this loophole exists and for that reason alone (among many others), it should not be passed into law.

Read the bill. It’s actually hilarious and it needs to be stopped!

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