Is Sports Enough to Save Us?

Our nation and our world truly seem to be spinning out of control to anyone paying attention.  The question is whether you are paying attention, and if so, to what do you ascribe the chaos?   The doomsday clocks predict the demise of mankind due to man-made assaults on the environment and humanity.  However, my Bible predicts judgement on mankind not for lacking enough Earth Worship, but for denying Jesus Christ is Lord, and by not repenting of their sin.  This judgment is God’s judgement based on His Righteousness, and not based on our own system of “fairness”.

Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword, that ye may know there is a judgment. Job 19:29

While this is but one small Bible reference to judgement of sin and the wicked, bear in mind the bible mentions the word “judgement,” in regard to sin, 162 times and mentions justice and wrath in the only version that will matter:  God’s version- far many more times.

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So, while many people in the nation have concerns over things such as the Mayan calendar, and the doomsday clock; even many that profess to be Christian, a remnant of faithful believers understand the truth of what is to come.  The coming judgement is a blessing of hope and future to those who take up their cross and follow Christ. It is also a burden for our hearts, as we pray diligently for the redemption of the wicked.

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There is an urgency among us. We are diligent in reading our Bibles to be ready in discerning the “signs of the times”.  We are warned that we will be able to interpret our place in the universe and what the weather will be, possibly alluding to technology, yet the world largely laughs, scoffs and mocks at the Christian that warns of impending judgement.   While we may not know the hour as the Lord promised to keep this to His own discretion, we do know that as the teaching in the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar had the band tuned up, for the “worship and bow, or lose your life” rule of government tyranny, and the few of us paying attention can truly hear the practice session going on behind the closed doors of our own government.

Our government may not be forging an image of gold and clay to worship, but rather setting about forging a government dependency and an outright defamation of God’s holy laws that cause the faithful to recoil at the suggestion of supporting ungodly causes, alliances and blasphemy.

How long it will be before our government presses on us so hard to bow down and follow their anti-God ways is not known exactly.  What is known is that the government in our own nation is systematically dismantling the Constitutional protections that allow for us to be a free nation, at the same time the world is also looking for a peace-maker.  It does not take a bible scholar, which I am most certainly not, to understand what God has given us the ability to discern:  We are in a day where we are to be focused and centered on Him and nothing else should be our god.

While this time of great concern and responsibility for the Christian is going about, the world seems to set up it’s altars not to the Lord God, but to whatever distraction gets them through the still small voice calling out to them to put down their idols and face the truth.

In a pizza place recently with my family, a football game was on the televisions.  Men and women were dressed in the jerseys of their favorite teams and inhaling pizza and downing pitchers of beer. I was reminded of the festivals in biblical times, when God sent out His judgement.  People were warned, as God is a patient and long-suffering God.  His mercies last longer than what most of us can fathom.  He waited for them to pay attention, to hear His words, and the words of those warning.

There certainly is not anything wrong with sports, nor is there anything wrong with recreation.  It is no sin to spend time with friends and family enjoying the life God has blessed with.  However, a conversation I overheard at the salad bar was incredibly revealing to me about the state of where we are as a nation of “Christians.”  A table full of the boisterous football fans were seated (unless they were standing and screaming) and one asks another, while never tearing his face away from the game, “So what do you think about this gun control stuff?  It seems like things might be getting really bad. It makes me wonder if, like, the Arabs could just come and take us over.”  His friend replies, “Yeah, hope they don’t take the guns away, but I don’t really follow it too much.  No one will ever take the US over, I don’t think.  I don’t follow politics, just like religion.  People will always complain about something.”  Then he proceeds to stand and scream and cheer for some play in the game.

I think this is the reflection of the hearts of many in our nation today.  Is he one of the people who report being a Christian, more because that’s the “tradition” to follow?  Does he vote?  If so, does he vote based on what he hears at work and knows nothing about because he doesn’t “follow it?”  Does he realize that by his complacency and lack of apparent desire for upholding what is right, such as taking a stand against mass infanticide of the pre-born, that he is guilty in his heart for setting up a false idol?  He seems terribly typical of Americans today.

Americans today live for the weekend of partying, sports and distraction.  Their week days are filled with noise.  From the moment they wake up; updating their “status” on social media in order to reflect their every activity of importance to the world, they elevate themselves as the cause for which they work, rather than the cause of Christ.  They spend much of their day attached to their phones texting, calling, always needing distraction.  They find the purpose of children to be keeping them out of their hair as much as possible, and then ushering them out of the house at the earliest possible age.  They don’t believe in child discipline, as they were taught from the psychologist generation that to do so means they are not allowing the child to be an equal with the adult.  They fear their children, and therefore brand every age with some negative label that is a self-fulfilling prophecy that makes our nation desire fewer children, and more “personal freedom.”

These children are taught they are not responsible for their actions, but rather that they are controlled by whatever behavior disorder is on tap for the day, and medicated as such.  Their brains are washed with psychotropic drugs at incredibly young and formative ages, bathed in neuro-toxins of massive amounts of “immunizations” the government tells us are “required of any responsible parent” and then they are shuttled off to public school where they are indoctrinated into socialism and Marxism.  When they return home, it is a landing spot to shower and change for the next activity that prevents peaceful quiet, for peaceful quiet means we have the moment in time to truly be still and know He is God.  Knowing He is God means we are compelled to obey Him.

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