Is It Time To Administer A Beat Down On Communists, Islamists, & Fascists?

“The beatings will now begin!” – Bill Cosby

Do you have a sinking feeling? Does it feel like it’s all slipping away? Why? Is it because the good guys are no longer in control? Yes, that’s why. And why are the good guys not in control? The answer is very simple. As with Bill Cosby’s comedy routine, we have permitted the children to run amok. Our enemies are now running the show.

The problem is that we have acted like a patient father and not as a disciplinarian. The problem is, and has been for a long time, that we do not administer beat downs. The problem is that we make a wall of humility behind which we stand. The problem is that we believe we have honor beyond our enemy. The problem is that we are full of ourselves.

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But the problem is not only our attitudes, it is also our strategy. When we took the Tea Party to Washington, it was formidable but did very little. It made noise, got some attention, and then was disparaged beyond repair. Why? At first, the Left was scared and perplexed. But then, the salvos of insult and marginalization started. And we did very little about it. Because we felt honored to be insulted, and we took a high ground. Our enemies then realized we would not fight back, and would take the sticks and stones. We therefore lost our efficacy because we became targets instead of arrows. We lost our power because both our friends and enemies knew we would moderate. The problem is, like Cosby’s father, our strength and authority were not respected. They knew we would calm down, even our tone, and be conservative again. And now, our protests go mostly unnoticed and have little effect.

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In November 2010, we exerted our strongest weapon, the vote. We won the mid-term elections, but the air didn’t stay much in the balloon, did it? Why not? Partly because John Boehner was voted in as Speaker of the House. Now, although the House is Republican, it is run by a weak-willed compromiser. And why is Boehner the Speaker? Because our people were afraid to put anyone else up against Nancy Pelosi. And why is that? Because we thought it was fitting to put someone calm next to her shrillness. Even though we knew Boehner’s record, we smugly supported the action. And do you know what we’re getting for that decision? Yes, the House is blocking some evil legislation, but we are getting stomped. Even when we win the day, we lose the public relations war. And do you know why? For the same reason we have lost the Tea Party to incoherency. We are obsessed with being dull-toned and righteous. We operate out of a misguided sense of patience and disillusioned amusement. We have a terrible superiority in our good-guy mentality. Consequently, we do not administer appropriate beat downs.

Let me give this medicine straight. We are dealing with radicals. Islamic radicals, Leftist radicals, anarchists, anti-theists, feminists, “rights” activists. These people don’t mess around. You can’t reason with them. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way. And they look upon you, freedom-loving individualists and theists, as dirt. No, I take that back. They view you as a sub-human species which has seen its day and must be eradicated.

Think! Your opponents argue constantly in the ad hominem. They ridicule any facts which do not fit into their paradigm or dialectic. They are not above speaking violent rhetoric and vitriol. They are not above using terroristic tactics and economic blackmail. How close are they to speaking of death to their enemies?

Their hatred appears to know no bounds. The Islamic radical has a burning religious passion against a Great Satan. The Islamic terrorist has a burning jihad for anyone not Islamic. The Leftist radical is at minimum against every tradition you hold dear. Your religion, your social stratum, your economic system, your family structure. This is a communist in the making, or already arrived. It is not a new communist, but the same communist who killed hundreds of millions. The same communist who thinks a general strike will cause change for the better. The same communist who at heart is a fascist, which he or she claims to despise. Anarchists roam our streets and byways. Gangs, brotherhoods, loose Anonymous-type techno-terrorists. They despise the system you treasure. Anti-theists engage us in horrible banter, knowing there is no repercussion. Your religion is a joke to them, and they tell you to your face. The feminist is so insane that she will not defend her oppressed Islamic sisters. Why? Because her agenda must be towards power, and Islam is more powerful than are women.

Everyone seems to have a “right” to something except conservatives. The conservative has no right to reject Barack Obama, because it’s all racism. The conservative has no right to question the arguments about global warming. The conservative has no right to Biblical and traditional family and values. The conservative has no right to talk about fiscal responsibility. No, only the radical has any right now to speak. Why? Because, apparently, radicals have been down so long anything looks like up to them. Because, apparently, the conservative and Republican are responsible for all wrongs. Because, apparently, it’s time to give Mohammed, Marx, and Farrakhan a chance.

But that is just the root and branch of their anger and hatred. The real reason this continues onward is that no one does anything to stop it.

Although we think we sneer at them, we actually give them compassionate eyes. Although we think we berate them, we actually speak words of kindness. Although we think we put up our hands and say “Stop!,” we actually hug them. We are weak. And they know it.

This is the reason we have Muslim parades of hate in Dearborn. This is the reason patriots are journalistically shot down as lunatics. Remember Allen West? When he said there were communists in Congress, he didn’t name them. He backed down. I say he lost his election because he backed down. You can say that his election was stolen if you like. I say his fire died down, and so did his support. He equivocated, and he lost by a hair.

We need to see consistent offense against every form of radicalism. Wherever it rears its head, it needs to be called out for what it is. For example, Van Jones is a communist. Why is Van Jones on CNN if he is a communist?! OK, so no one watches CNN. Is that a reason for a communist to be on CNN? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah Palin may never be President, but she has never backed down since losing in ’08. She learned a valuable lesson. Now, she says her piece (not peace) loud and proud. She is still somewhat reluctant to call everything by its real name. But she is at the moment a titan among mealy-mouthed slugs. She administers beat downs.

Look, I realize that we are playing out an endgame of societal disorder. I know there are elite groups who are pushing many buttons. I get that a lot of what we see is puppetry, distraction, and intentional chaos. I understand that we are experiencing Cloward and Pivins “break the system” overload. But does that mean we should go down with the ship sporting a British stiff upper lip?

I say no! We have a responsibility to our children to tell it like it is. If our children see us calling a spade a spade (or red a red), they will act likewise. Then, we will not raise up a generation of lambs to the slaughter. We will not raise up a generation of state citizens, who rat out their own parents. We will raise up instead a generation of boys and girls who cherish individual freedom.

“But,” you may ask, “what about civility?” My friend (and I don’t know you), civility is meant between civil people. Our opponents are neither civil nor our friends. They are enemies who are about one argument away from deciding we ought not to live. They are elitists who believe that whoever doubts or opposes them must be killed.

“But,” you may protest, “I do not want to sink to their level.” That is admirable. What then is your strategy? Are you going to be nice all the way to the gulag or the guillotine, hoping for rescue? Do you believe your kindness will help your enemy rise above barbarism? “Turn the other cheek” only works when the person slapping has a conscience. “Turn the other cheek” only works when the slapper can be shamed. These radicals have no shame to provoke. Do they?

Now, at this point, you may be thinking, “Oh, Lord, Tom has lost it.” I haven’t. I simply have been through it all, up close and personal. I have been intimately involved with the Tea Party since 2009, and as a leader. I gave my time as a campaigner in 2010. I taught Constitution locally for eight months. I was a campaign advisor/manager in 2011. I formed an anticommunist group in 2011. I was a precinct chairman for Romney in 2012 (anybody but Obama). I know the work and anxiety and anguish of the last four years. I have heard our loud cheers turn to groans.

I have also watched our opponents grow bolder and more hateful. I know their “alienation of the proletariat” troublemaking. I know their “capitalism is greed” sloganeering. I know their “submit or die” point of the sword. I know their arguments of dialectic, and the “inevitability” of their path. They are purposefully driven towards destruction and evil. But they believe you are the destructive and evil one! Are you?

I ask, Can this tide be turned back with soft words? Can it be reversed with small concessions? Can it be differently with compromises? I think you know the answer.

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