Is Genocide of South Africa Whites Spreading to United States?

I have been reading a good deal about the genocide of South Africa whites. You may be ahead of me in that regard. The white farmers – called the “Boers” have been and continue to be murdered over the last several years because African National Congress (ANC), which is the ruling party wants all the farmland that whites currently own. One African white farmer has stated succinctly, ““It’s politically correct to kill whites these days.”

“In July of 2012, Dr. Gregory Stanton, head of the nonprofit group Genocide Watch, conducted a fact-finding mission in South Africa. He concluded that there is a coordinated campaign of genocide being conducted against white farmers, known as Boers. ‘The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental,’ Stanton contended. ‘It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes,’ he added—especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims. ‘We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation,’ he added.

“The number of farm murders, or ‘plaasmoorde’ as it is called in Afrikaans, is staggering. Over the last decade, it is estimated that at least 3000 Boers have been killed.”

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South Africa’s black government has come under fire (much the way the previous white majority government did) because of the amount of racism that has been incited against whites. It got so bad in 2008, the South Africa government stopped keeping track of all the many white farmers being murdered. All too often, these murders – though absolutely barbaric (including torture, rape, and more) – were simply listed as “accidents” or related to “robberies” gone bad.

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One individual – author Adriana Stuijt (@AdrianaStuijt) – has done numerous reports on the situation and has stated that when the government stopped counting back in 2008, the number of black on white murders had already reached 85,000. If we stop to consider this, that is a huge number, which equals a terrible tragedy.

But in many ways, this appears to be a planned tragedy. Many attest that the South Africa government has been actually supporting and even inciting attacks against white farmers. When South Africa celebrated the 100th year of the ANC, the president – Zuma – joined in the singing of the song with the line “Shoot the Boer.”

One of the biggest names connected to South Africa is Nelson Mandela, who died not long ago (December 2013). The world tends to hold him up as someone who, like Ghandi, worked through peaceful methods to overturn the racism propagated by the then white government. However, the truth may be far different. “Mandela advocated violent resistance against the apartheid government. When people say that Mandela ‘fought’ for equality, they mean it literally. His victory against apartheid took a very different path than Gandhi’s.”

Eventually, Mandela helped found the para-military arm of the ANC “called Umkhonto we Sizwe or ‘Spear of the Nation.’ The group committed sabotage against state buildings and infrastructure. He explained at his 1964 trial that peaceful efforts had failed; ‘only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.’

mugabeMandela was originally sentenced to life in prison. In 1985, he was offered freedom if he would simply swear to never use violence. He refused, but was ultimately freed in 1990, with apartheid ending in 1991. In 1994, the first election was held allowing blacks to vote and Mandela was elected president.

Interestingly enough, in the 1980s, Mandela’s ANC was “placed on America’s official list of terrorist groups.” He was known for criticizing the Iraq war and sided with Saddam Hussein. The National Review stated then that “his vicious anti-Americanism and support for Saddam Hussein should come as no surprise, given his longstanding dedication to communism and praise for terrorists.”

Rumors have continued that Mandela was at the least a communist sympathizer. That may be due to the fact that, “In South Africa, it was the Soviet bloc—the same communist governments that were brutally repressing their own people—that helped the ANC fight apartheid.”

“South Africa is about 40 years ahead of majority White countries, in terms of “anti-racism”. As we can see, first it starts with millions of non-Whites being encouraged into a White country; then comes the forced assimilation of said immigrants; then finally, when Whites become a minority it ends up much like South Africa…a system that turns against White people and ONLY White people in an attempt to wipe them out – genocide.”

It would appear that maybe there is more to the growing movement of racism within the United States as well. We see it on an increasingly large scale and it goes all the way to the highest offices in the land. President Obama came out in defense of Trayvon Martin. Eric Holder’s DOJ has done everything it can to support blacks even when they have broken the law as in the case of the New Black Panther members who had been tried and convicted with respect to their antics outside a polling precinct in Philly. Yet, they were never sentenced and their case just seemed to disappear.

The many cases of black on white crime where whites are severely injured or killed are rarely, if ever, charged as hate crimes. Yet, this is almost always the case when the races are reversed.

What has been happening in South Africa has been described as “post-racial” or “post-white.” Apparently, white farmers in South Africa have come to understand that this is the real goal of any anti-racism campaign.

The above quote outlines how it happens.

  1. Non-Whites are encouraged into a white country
  2. Forced assimilation of those immigrants
  3. Whites become the minority
  4. System turns against whites

This is what has happened in South Africa and we see many Africans over the last several decades having emigrated to other countries; countries like Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States. What do we see in these countries today? Great Britain is in upheaval, and the Netherlands has been and continues reeling from the things that have occurred there.

Here in the United States, it seems that our government has been deliberately bringing in as many non-whites as possible and they are immediately placed on public assistance. The doors are thrown open wide for them. Meanwhile, our government is doing what it can to shut down one business after another.

hispanic professorLook at the image with the quote to the right. Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, who teaches at the University of Texas, has made that statement. Now, imagine if a white professor made that statement about blacks or Hispanics, or both. There would be outrage, but not when a Hispanic says it, and it’s because of the hatred toward whites that’s been building for years. It’s become politically correct if you are not white, to present yourself as the victim of white apartheid (whether you have been or not).

This reactionary position that is touted by the Left, accepted by the media, and spread among minorities is the result of a Global Elite that wants change through societal unrest and disobedience. They’ll take it any way they can get it, even brainwashing people into thinking that killing whites is the solution that must be utilized.

I used to think that the government wanted to take our guns away so that we couldn’t resist the government. I still think that’s true, but I am now realizing – based on the process that’s unfolded in South Africa – that there is another reason to remove our guns. It will certainly make whites defenseless. In South Africa, the government has been working hard to make it impossible for white farmers to own guns. This makes them defenseless against marauding groups of ANC-empowered blacks.

In America, society has changed very quickly in the past eight to ten years. It’s not just lawlessness that seems to abound. It’s lawlessness with a vengeance and purpose. It is designed to take whites (as well as conservative minorities) out of the picture entirely.

The troubling thing about what I just said in this article is that while some will accuse me of fomenting racism, these same people will find no fault in the words of Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez and many others like him who really do want all white people dead. When you hear the phrase “anti-racist,” it is code for “anti-white.”

During a Red October Campaign march, one individual said, “Seventeen of our people are murdered every month by a black person. Now I can only imagine the international outcry if 17 black people a month were murdered by a white person.”

Here’s a quote from an individual who used to teach at the college level that pretty much sums up what the “anti-racist” movement is all about.

And then finally I want to say that we need one idea, and we’re not thinking about a solution to the problem … And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate White people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet,” – Kamau Kambon, former professor of African-American Studies

Think this is all garbage? Think it’s overstated and created by insecure whites afraid of the bogey man? Then research it. Start here if you like.

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