IRS Scandal May Result In Placing Obamacare Funding In Jeopardy

Regardless of the IRS scandal preventing the implementation of Obamacare being full funded, cannot Congress or anyone else, for that matter, see that combining IRS oversight with healthcare is like throwing gasoline on a fire?

This agency has mismanaged its funds through lavish so-called conferences, targeted groups seeking tax-exempt status for their political views among other views, and recently released thousands of Social Security numbers. Does anyone in their right mind actually believe this agency capable of handling and securing millions of healthcare records?

But, let’s back up a second. The Obamacare “law” is unconstitutional as it is outside the enumerated powers of Congress. The Supreme Court provided an erroneous decision to uphold illegal constitutionality by saying it is a tax, which is within the enumerated powers of Congress. The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round. There seems to be no end to this madness.

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According to Ryan Ellis, tax policy director of Americans for Tax Reform, “The IRS has 47 separate powers under Obamacare. That’s a problem for the IRS because it is mired in scandal. Congress is understandably not moved to do more on [funding IRS enforcement of Obamacare] right now, so the Obama administration does not have the money they were hoping for implementation.”

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Please Mr. Ellis, don’t help us – understand tax reform is a joke. Obamacare is not a tax. It is government mandated control of Americans’ health and healthcare. It is outside the enumerated powers of Congress. If it were a choice, there would be no need for “enforcement.” Ever wonder why the IRS was put in charge of this monstrosity? Who better to “enforce” and violate rights and one of the patient rights of “no third party interference” in their healthcare. No healthcare, we will fine you. Don’t pay the fine – we’ll take your house. Need a procedure we don’t think you should have – you don’t get it. It is a violation of individual rights and patient rights, no more no less. Let’s be totally honest here; the IRS is a loose cannon as far as agencies go, thumbing it’s proverbial nose at Congress and the American public. This agency has been running amok believing to have superiority overall: refusing to answer to Congress and be held accountable for actions proves it. Oh, Congress is not off the hook either.

Mr. Ellis continues on with his statement, “The Obama Administration has requested increases in their budget for the last few years for IRS enforcement of Obamacare. That money was not freed up due to sequestration and other things. But the scandals sealed it. If there was going to be any political possibility that Congress would approve an increase in the IRS’ budget for enforcement, that’s now gone. The IRS is going to be lucky to get away with anything but a freeze.”

According to the Daily Caller:

Beginning in 2014, the IRS will enforce Obamacare, requiring businesses and taxpayers to prove that they have fulfilled the law’s employer and individual mandate requirements. While the IRS has already received $500 million to help enforce Obamacare, the beleaguered agency needs hundreds of millions more to fully enforce the law, according to the Obama administration’s own projections.

President Obama’s 2014 budget asks for $1 billion in new funding for the IRS, including $440 million for Obamacare implementation.

The IRS scandal will prevent that budget from being passed without revisions to the IRS budget, according to Ellis and fellow experts at Americans for Tax Reform.

Anytime the words “expert,” “IRS” and “tax reform” occur in the same sentence, one can almost bet the mark of the entire issue is being missed. Anytime the word “enforce” is used concerning anything healthcare related, it bodes bad news.

Congress certainly has stepped in the pile. It has been previously reported that some in Washington would abandon ship over this monstrous Obamacare. Instead of growing a pair to repeal it, Congress’ answer is to, you guessed it – introduce another bill. Republican Rep. Tom Price introduced the Keep IRS Off Your Healthcare Act. This bill would ban the IRS from carrying out its implementation of Obamacare. Like poor marksmen, these politicians in Congress keep missing the mark.

And if this wasn’t enough to do it, Republican Senator Dean Heller also introduced an amendment to the Senate farm bill to prevent the IRS from receiving funding to implement Obamacare – called the IRS Accountability Act. Anyone else laughing at that amendment’s name?

These politicians can’t see past their own noses to realize this entire healthcare plan (if you can call it that) is unconstitutional, should never have been passed and needs to be repealed. And yes, I realize there are some, but few, in the Congress who are Tea Party members and support the Constitution. Their voices have not been enough to drown out or stop this “political” machine. Politics is all that is going on with anything in Washington these days. Anything and everything to get a vote, keep a vote, and stay in their position of perceived power are the creed of most in Congress.

And where are the state governments in all this? This republic is a union between sovereign states. The federal government was created by the people and the states to conduct only the business it was granted to do. Anything else is outside of that, is unconstitutional and can be nullified by the states. Do you hear me all you governors and state legislators?

While Americans for Tax Reform may be a group for a flat, single rate income tax, there should not be a tax on income as those who have no income or no reportable income do not pay. The Sixteenth Amendment, ratified in 1913, attached taxes to income from any source – thank those progressives in power at the time.

Back to the topic at hand. Throwing gasoline on a fire is something a child understands not to do. A child also understands after sticking their hand in the fire and getting burned not to do it again. One would think Congress could see the inherit danger of the nation’s tax Gestapo overseeing and implementing an unconstitutional healthcare law, not to mention, safeguarding personally identifiable information. Yet, they bury their head in the sand and block funding. The IRS will proceed full steam ahead, regardless of funding, to implement this disastrous Obamacare. Again, stupid is as stupid does.

While it may not be the popular thing to do or the wise thing to do, there are times when doing the right thing is both of those. Therefore, I issue MY statement to this tyrannical, oppressive, unconstitutional law:

I, being an honest, law-abiding, Constitution supporting citizen of the republic of the United States of America, refuse to voluntarily provide any and all healthcare related information, to include but not limited to healthcare policy provider, healthcare policy number, dollar amount of premiums, or any health condition information, to the IRS. I call on the protection of my rights to be upheld by my state government and those who support the Constitution of the United States of America by oath or affirmation. I hereby do declare that I will not be intimidated by my government or fear it’s repercussions.

I maintain that as unconstitutional, unlawful spying was perpetrated against me by my government, it has violated the contract which has existed between us. As the NSA has information about me contained in their metadata storage facility, it is my assertion this information has already been gleaned unlawfully. I have provided this information via completion of email forms through provider secure sites to obtain temporary healthcare cards, phone conversations and letter mail to various entities who have participated in my healthcare. Agents charged with collecting this information can go dig for it.

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