IRS Continues To Target Pro-Life Groups During Ongoing Congressional Investigation

The old saying, “it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out,” aptly describes this administration’s handling of the numerous scandals that have rocked the media in the last few months. Obama has addressed these scandals in his usual condescending way by labeling these incidents as “phony.” It has now been uncovered that the IRS has continued it’s targeting of pro-life groups seeking tax-exempt status even though a Congressional investigation remains ongoing regarding activities by the IRS.

According to the Daily Caller, “the IRS’ famous Cincinnati office, which handles applications from groups applying for tax-exempt nonprofit status, badgered pro-life groups for information on their protesting activities as recently as late June 2013, long after IRS investigations began on the floor of the House of Representatives and elsewhere.”

This continued activity of the IRS is anything but phony. And, to even suggest such to the American people, Obama has essentially insulted the intelligence of millions who can see through his “hollow man, empty suit with a moving collar” routine; not to mention, insulting those whose family members have died as a result of other scandals plaguing the Obama administration.

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Peter Breen, senior counsel at the Thomas Moore Society, who represents pro-life groups targeted by the IRS, told the Daily Caller, “We’ve had three more groups come to us that have had problems with the IRS – some very recent, some current or still pending. One of them just got their determination letter. It’s continuing, and it needs to be addressed.”

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The three groups recently targeted by the IRS were Cherish Life Ministries in Virginia, the LIFE group in Missouri, and the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life in Florida.

Despite public outcry and pending Congressional investigations, it has remained a “business as usual” stance at the IRS. Let’s be honest, why would it change? There has been lax accountability oversight of this agency; and their superior, Obama himself, continued his lawless activities and behaviors without so much as a peep from Congress. One can assume the IRS has been fully sanctioned by the administration to continue such conduct by their superior since Congress has, once again, proven itself ineffective and utterly useless to stop an agency and administration run amok. The IRS has been “awarded” management of Obamacare since the Supreme Court ruled erroneously the Affordable Care Act was a “tax.” An agency was rewarded for bad behavior, therefore, bad behavior can be expected to continue.

In an August 1 memorandum, obtained by the Daily Caller, sent by the Thomas Moore Society to the House Ways and Means Committee at the request of Republican Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois, it was pointed out that the three new cases provide, “further evidence of illegal, unconstitutional, viewpoint-based IRS harassment of pro-life organizations” and also “illustrates that harassment has been continuing through the present day.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Cherish Life Ministries and LIFE Group were both targeted by the same Cincinnati-based IRS agent, “Mrs. R. Medley,” and both received initial denials of their tax-exempt status with identical wording on April 8, 2013. Both groups were asked by the IRS whether they would “provide alternatives to the pro-life viewpoint,” according to the memo.

Cherish Life Ministries finally received its tax exemption letter last Friday on July 26, 2013. The letter was dated June 26, 2013. The group initially applied for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status on March 14, 2012.

“After we got involved and laid out the governing law, we finally just got a letter for them last week. It was stamped a month earlier,” said Breen.

Sally Wagenmaker, Thomas Moore Society special counsel, spoke with IRS agent Medley on June 20, 2013, weeks after President Obama called the IRS’ improper targeting “inexcusable.”

“Mrs. Medley asked more questions about the organization’s activities, particularly whether [Cherish Life Ministries] would have a ‘continuous presence in front of abortion mills.’ I asked her about why, if that were true, that would be a problem given the [Cherish Life Ministries]’ participants’ First Amendment rights of assemble, free speech, and religious liberty. She would not respond,” Wagenmaker stated in a summary of her conversation with Medley, featured in the memo.

“Overall, Mrs. Medley seemed more hostile. She had a hard time letting me talk and provide information to her. I am not overly optimistic that she will deal fairly and appropriately with us…This tax exemption application seems stalled for no valid reason,” Wagenmaker stated on June 20, 2013.

The Emerald Coast Coalition for Life’s tax-exempt application remains pending with the last contact with the IRS on June 29, 1013. IRS agent Tyrone Thomas, in a letter, requested additional information from the group. Their application has been in limbo for over one year. This group received a letter from famed IRS supervisor Lois Lerner in September 2012 “advising that they’ll be subjected to additional scrutiny by a specialist’ and would be contacted in 90 days. The letter from IRS agent Thomas, nine months later, was the first contact the group had with the agency since Lerner’s letter, according to Breen.

The leftists can cheer, the progressives can clap and some like Al Sharpton can continue claiming “racism” all they want. The truth of the matter is the IRS could care less about your affiliation when the tax season rolls around. These “useful idiots” blindly follow thinking somehow they will reap the benefits of a “fundamentally changed” America. There are millions of Americans who know better. When all is said and done, the IRS views every American as “money with feet,” or a supplier of a drug more potent than any illegal substance available to mankind. The agency would not hesitate for one second to financially obliterate any American, regardless of political affiliation, because of tax code violations, real or fabricated.

For all the investigative posturing of Congress, it has done little good. It is obvious the IRS does not expect or even contemplate any sanctions. Why should they? The agency knows what some Americans are beginning to think and what some already believe – Congress has no actual power over any agency currently established under the executive branch. With that said, who actually holds the power of the federal government in their hands and how much power are they holding?

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