Iranian Pastor Arrested for “Crimes Against God”

The “religion of peace” has struck again. This time, it’s target was a pastor in Iran. Pastor Matthias Haghnejad was arrested on July 5th and charged with “crimes against God” or Moharebeh. Pastor Haghnejad faces the death penalty. The pastor’s “crime” was having Christian paraphernalia in his home, discovered by Iranian Security Forces when a raid was conducted on his home.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas, in a statement regarding this “arrest,” said, “These charges constitute a worrying escalation of Iran’s campaign against Christians, adding a sinister new component to the regime’s appalling litany of religious freedom violations. The fact that Iran continues to commit severe human rights violations, including executions without due process and on vague charges, while simultaneously seeking improved relations with other nations, is a matter of utmost concern. The international community must insist on discernible and consistent improvements on human rights, and the upholding of rights stipulated in international covenants to which Iran is party, as benchmarks for improving bilateral and multilateral relations.”

According to, “the 2013 Islamic Penal Code prohibits the death sentence for Moharebeh;” however, under current Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s “governance,” there have been eight men executed for “crimes against God” this year alone. Among those who have been executed were Hashem Shaabani and Hadi Rashedi, both cultural rights activists.

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As reported by CBN, “others accused of this crime report they were tortured to force false confessions, denied legal help, and given unfair trials without any witnesses.”

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This is business as usual for Islam that mandates infidels convert to Islam, pay the jizya, or die. It has been reported in Iraq as well with ISIS overrunning cities and towns inflicting their “religious” justice on thousands of Christians. Some Christians were able to flee to the Kurdish province, which is now under assault by ISIS savages, while others were not so lucky.

The US government remains silent on the barbarous acts committed against Christians in Iran as well as other parts of the Middle East. Their silence implies consent and approval. It’s the same with self-proclaimed “moderate” Muslims.

Atrocities are committed daily against Christian men, women and children. The overwhelming silence of the international community is deafening.

Pastor Haghnejad has not committed any crime, except in the eyes of the Islamic government of Iran and Muslims. As a Christian pastor, it is to be expected this man of God would have Christian writings and materials in his home. He was harming no one. However, Iranian Security Forces sought to raid his home then arrest him for “crimes against God.” A more apt description would be “crimes against Allah” for certainly Allah is not God.

Anyone keeping abreast of the news has witnessed a tolerance in the world for barbarism and some almost accept these barbarous acts as “normal.” There has been no serious outrage against human rights violations committed by Islamic governments against their own citizenry. Obama has left the Beltway for vacation. Congress has applied the blinders or more aptly has focused more on oppressing US citizens. The international community has turned its back to avoid any confrontation with Iran’s allies.

The Christian community in all nations should be railing against these acts by Islamic governments. Maybe they are and the main stream media has refused to report it.

Recently, France opened their borders to persecuted Christians fleeing the Middle East and barbarism perpetrated by ISIS Muslims. The US, under the Muslim rule of Obama, refuses to offer asylum to our Christian brothers and sisters; instead, Obama has favored illegal aliens pouring in across our southern border. This has spoken volumes about a country that was founded upon Judeo-Christian values and principles.

Not long ago, a pastor informed me that Christians have basically “hunkered down” trying to ride out the storm – they were in survival mode, trying not to get noticed. It was basically the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. When I brought up the murder of approximately 6 million Jews at the hands of Hitler and his Nazi government as an example of “hunkering down” and trying not to be noticed, the pastor agreed that I was right. So, again, where is the international outrage, as it’s obvious “hunkering down” does not work?

While not an expert in “foreign policy,” it would seem to me that any country that chooses to violate basic human and religious rights should be shunned by all other nations. There is never a good political, economic or rational reason to condone human rights and religious rights violations. It has become imperative that Christians around the world come together in united protest against these barbarous acts committed by Islamic governments and Muslims against all Christians.

Persecution of Christians by Muslims will be coming to civilized nations around the world should Iran, ISIS and Islam be given a “pass” in the name of “tolerance” and international relations. In some nations, it has already arrived.

While liberals would think opposing Islam would be intolerant, those who truly understand Islam know better and disagree. Secular humanists and atheists, just like Christians, are considered infidels by Muslims as they do not follow the Islamic Allah or the pedophiliac “prophet” Mohammed.

Pray for Pastor Matthias Haghnejad and let our government know the persecution of Christians will not be tolerated.

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