Iran issues new blanket threat on uranium enrichment: 'Any amount we want'

Iran seems to be pulling several recent moves out of the North Korea international playbook on sanctions, hoping to turn untoward attention into results.  The only problem is, they're attempting to use these tactics on the master of the art of the deal.

The Persian nation was given a free pass of sorts by former President Barack Obama.  In his "nuclear deal" with the terror-sponsoring nation, Iran was provided with a number of lenient and possibly unenforceable regulations regarding their civilian nuclear program.  This sparked legitimate fears that the notoriously agitated Iran would soon skirt the provided regulations in order to create nuclear weapons - a reality that would almost certainly usher in World War III.

Remember, Iran has vowed several times to wipe Israel off the map, and it's leaders have repeatedly denied that The Holocaust occurred.

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Now, after the nuclear deal has dissolved, and Donald Trump has installed new sanctions against the regime, Iran has already pushed beyond the limits of their uranium enrichment allowance...and they have a new dire warning about how they will proceed.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday defiantly declared that his country will increase its level of enriched uranium by “any amount we want,” rejecting pleas from European powers to uphold the 2015 nuclear deal.

Rouhani, speaking at a cabinet meeting, said Iran beginning on Sunday will increase its enrichment unless those remaining in the pact follow through with their obligations.

“In any amount that we want, any amount that is required, we will take over 3.67,” Rouhani said.

Iran's transparent tactics are meant to bring the US back to the negotiating table.

“Our advice to Europe and the United States is to go back to logic and to the negotiating table,” he continued. “Go back to understanding, to respecting the law and resolutions of the U.N. Security Council. Under those conditions, all of us can abide by the nuclear deal.”

The move reeks of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's recent follies, as international sanctions are often met with retaliatory missile launches and military posturing meant to threaten the world at large into working with the ruthless regime.


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