From Iran-Contra to Today’s Global Islamic Crime Syndicate Courtesy of the Federal Government

The US has around 100,000 Muslim immigrants entering the country each year and a huge percentage of them are male Islamic jihadists who have deviant sexual ideals. Thus, with the number of such individuals increasing across America, so does the crime rate involving child sex trafficking, rape, kidnapping, and the sexually-oriented slave trade.

Case after case of child sex trafficking by Muslim extremists in the US has surfaced over the past few years and continues to grow at an alarming rate. From Washington State to the Midwest, America has also joined the rest of the world in becoming a battleground for Islamic Sexual Jihad perpetrated on most Infidel women and children.

In 2011, the FBI busted an interstate Somali based child prostitution ring, involving several mid-western states.
Seattle Muslim is arrested for running child prostitution ring. Here’s more.

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This problem also brings into light the illegal immigration issue in which many entering the US from Mexico are in reality, Muslims posing as Mexicans and Central Americans

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The official number of illegal immigrants in the US is said to be at 12, million. In reality, the number is almost double that—and a large percentage of them are Muslim.

The Muslim-oriented sex trade in the US is not a random act carried out by a few, but is a well organized crime syndicate which involves street gangs and illegal drug trade in almost every state in the country. 

It will not be too long before street gangs as we know them, being mainly comprised of Mexicans, Central Americans, blacks, and Orientals will be a thing of the past. These street gangs are being rapidly replaced with a vast Muslim extremist criminal syndicate that has worldwide superiority over most other crime organizations. This relatively new criminal element also has much more money backing it, mainly from crude oil profits in the Mid-East. 

While President Obama and other elected officials in Washington such as Senator John McCain preach amnesty for the so-called 12 million illegal aliens, it is important to know that a large part of these individuals are not just from points south of the border here to work. Embedded within this number are Muslim jihadists who have deviant criminal intentions and belong to a worldwide network of organized crime which mainly deals in sex trafficking of young adolescent girls and sexually exploits non-Muslim women.

The fighting between drug lords and the Mexican government that we occasionally hear about in which Al Qaeda style murders involving beheadings, mass killings, and other atrocities are actually the result of Muslim groups, fighting for criminal superiority in this area of the world. Thus, why we hear so little about the war going on in our own back yard.
We know Islamic extremist groups such as Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are connected with certain factions involved with the wars going on in Mexico and Central America—involving gun running, child sex trafficking, and drug trade.

It is the Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood connection to this whole criminal network from Mexico and points south that is the primary reason President Obama used Executive Privilege in stopping any investigations into the Fast and Furious gun running operation, simply because the US was arming terrorist factions in our own back yard.
Benghazi is also another gun running operation in which the Obama Administration wants to keep quiet because like Fast and Furious, we are arming terrorist organizations.

President Obama’s recent push to help Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria’s civil war is also linked to gun running to terrorist organizations.

Essentially, what we have here is a US Administration actively involved with helping Islamic extremist criminal organizations gain more power, money, and political influence in the world with Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean being a Western point of trade. From here its free sailing by boat and air to the Mid-East and N. Africa. Interestingly, because the Panama Canal is located in this area, arms, drugs, and sex trade can easily be sent to Asia and Indonesia.

This brings up the reasoning behind the George H. W. Bush invasion of Panama in 1989 to remove Manuel Noriega. Noriega, a Dictator, was standing in the way of a free and clear path for the US to run guns, sell arms, and traffic the sex trade in this area. Since Noriega was Supreme Leader of Panama at the time, he kept all the profits for himself, shutting out the US in illegal trade.

Another point of interest is the Iran-Contra Affair where in the 1980’s, during the Reagan Administration the US was secretly selling arms to Iran in hopes of securing the release of several hostages held in Lebanon.

It was hoped that these arms sales would allow US Intelligence agencies to fund the Contras.

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council at the time, devised a plan to divert part of the proceeds from arms sales to Iran to fund the Contras in Nicaragua against the Sandinista government which was supported by the Soviet Union at the time. Again, the US had to remove yet another obstacle in this area of the world to facilitate the Islamic based criminal activity we now have in place here today.

All of this answers the questions of why we have a Socialistic Dictatorship in power in Washington today that seems more interested in watching and eavesdropping on American citizens than foreign enemies. It also clarifies why American citizens are seemingly the enemy to their own government. Currently, the US government does have many so called FEMA camps around the country ready to detain huge amounts of the population at a moment’s notice, as well as having solicited for millions of rounds of ammo. Many local police precincts have become militarized having been trained by Federal agencies such as Homeland Security.

President Obama has essentially granted himself the ability to seize control of every aspect of American society through Executive Order: from utilities, water, and transportation to the ability of the military to detain anyone indefinitely whenever it chooses. Clandestine agencies such as the NSA and CIA listen to every call American citizens make, watch every site we visit on the internet, everywhere we go on the street, and every program we watch on television.

 The bottom line is the Federal government is gearing up for a war against its own citizens because of fear that once the extent of corruption, going back perhaps as far as the Nixon Administration, becomes public. Demands of executions for murder and treason of current and past government officials will be the voice of the American people.

The corruption has gone on for so long and grown to such an extent, that it will no longer be able to be hidden from the public for very long.

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