Intolerant Muslims Complain About Easter Egg Hunt Flyers at School

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “If you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile.” Whether it is realized or not, this is how special interest groups work, along with other groups who seek to enjoy protected status. Look at what has happened with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender) groups’ issues and the issue of homosexual “marriage”. Muslims have slowly inched in extras for themselves, such as wash basins in public areas for prayer time, praying in the streets in some cities impeding traffic, and working to remove all mention or display of anything Christian in the public schools while having prayer time allotted during school hours for Muslim children.

Each time a concession is made to a special interest group another demand for an additional concession is sure to follow. These groups will keep pushing forward until all their demands are met while denying others their God-given rights. It has been seen in a number of previous instances. It will continue to be played out until all others have their rights removed or until everyone who believes in the sanctity of God-given rights says, “Enough.”

In Dearborn, MI, home to 40,000 individuals of Arab descent, a harmless flyer passed out at a public school concerning an Easter egg hunt to be held at a local church prompted Muslims to “complain” about a violation of the separation of church and state, erroneously alleged to be contained in the First Amendment.

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The First Amendment contains no language, neither does the US Constitution, regarding the separation of church and state. Our founders recognized that individuals are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and government’s authority existed to preserve those rights. While government has no authority to “establish” any religion by legislation, the recognition of God-given rights along with their preservation is the foundation of our civil government.

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Muslim parent, Majed Moughni stated to the Free Press, “It really bothered my two kids. My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.'”

Moughni also stated he would be opposed to the advertising of events at Mosques using flyers.

In the perfect example of a psychological mechanism called “projection,” Moughni stated he was worried that Christians were trying to convert Muslim kids through propaganda distributed at public schools.

Oh, give me a break! Here is a perfect example of the perpetrators (Muslims) of passing propaganda out in schools in order to proselytize accusing Christians of trying to convert Muslims. Muslims continually push to have their propaganda pamphlets passed around in schools in an attempt to recruit our children to Islam. And, not that a Muslim would practice any sort of deception, but I believe it is highly unlikely that a 7 and 9 year old in an elementary school would even know enough depth about the First Amendment to argue the establishment clause with regard to the false concept of “separation of church and state.”

Even more unlikely would be Moughni’s opposition to pandering for Muslim events. If Moughni is so opposed to any religious advertisement in public schools, then maybe he should address the mosque he attends about stopping Muslim proselytizing and prayer time for Muslim children in schools. I won’t hold my breath for that.

This flyer was only advertising an Easter Egg Hunt at a local Presbyterian church. The flyer advertised the “Eggstravaganza” scheduled for April 12 that features a tradition Easter egg hunt, an egg toss and a relay race. The flyer requested those interested to “RSVP to ‘secure your free spot.'”

It is not the Easter “Eggstravaganza” that is the problem. On the contrary, these Muslims have no problem with the pagan symbolism regarding eggs or the activities involved surrounding Easter as the heralding of springtime, including the visiting of the Easter Bunny and the presenting of sugary treats for the children. The problem is the “context.” If this event were held in a secular setting instead of a church, there would not be an issue. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the leap that the White House Easter Egg hunt, a tradition for 136 years, is still ongoing with the Muslim-in-chief squatting there.

Pastor Neeta Nichols of the Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church, where the event is to take place, said, “It’s designed to be an opportunity to invite the community to come for a day of activity. There is not a religious component to this event.”

Kudos to Pastor Nichols to defend the community outreach of her church when so many churches are surrendering to the pressure of special interest groups. Community outreach does not always have a religious component.

To make matters more interesting, Greg Lipper, senior litigation counsel at Americans United for Separation of Church and State, aka liberal/atheist special interest group, has some concerns about the legality of flyer distribution in schools. Lipper’s concern is the school district favoring one religion over another. According to Lipper, schools can’t favor one religion.

The First Amendment indicates, “Congress shall pass no law” establishing a religion or inhibiting the practice of any religion. It doesn’t mention states or schools.

According to Lipper, “Children are more impressionable than adults, and elementary school children are more impressionable than other students. And so the school district has to be especially careful about appearing to endorse … a particular religion.”

American’s children are constantly exposed to “Secular Humanism,” which was recognized by the Supreme Court as a religion, in the school system daily. So, maybe Greg Lipper needs to explain why it’s okay for the schools to push that trash.

It is time to stand up and push back. Liberals and Muslims are bedding down together to attempt to subjugate Christians. There is no tolerance of religion from these two groups. There is no tolerance period exhibited by liberals or Muslims. Christians have been bullied into passivity to the point that it is being taught from the pulpit in many churches. Our God-given individual rights will be usurped by anyone and everyone if we do not stand and fight to keep them.

As my most beloved pastor is fond of saying, “Turn the other cheek doesn’t mean what has been taught that it means.”

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