Independence Day Celebrations Only Symbolic Under Obama Socialist Dictatorship

This last July 4th should remind us that what we are celebrating is only symbolic. Nowadays, the USA is no longer the country of freedom, justice, and liberty it was just a few decades ago. The transformation from a free society where the constitution was the basis of law and morality to the socialist dictatorship we now have actually began with the George H. W. Bush Presidency and his vision of a New World Order.

The loss of freedoms and the gradual destruction of the constitution continued with the Clinton Administration with NAFTA, which began the process of transferring commerce, industry, and jobs from the US to foreign countries. The effort to destroy the Second Amendment began through gun control, and the erosion of personal civil liberties began with Al Gore’s global warming fantasy.

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The US also witnessed the end of fair elections in 2000, with Gore’s hanging chad controversy, which caused the country to switch to electronic balloting, thereby ending fair elections and opening the door to rigged ballots.

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Case and point, in the 2004 Presidential elections, John Kerry was way ahead of George W. Bush according to all exit polls, which are usually a very good indicator of who the winner will be. However, miraculously, Bush won. This election was the first US election to use computerized balloting and the evidence that votes were manipulated was the Bush win itself.

The real nail in the constitution’s coffin came with the 9-11 events during the George W. Bush Administration and the implementation of the so called Patriot Act. This allowed the Federal government to tap phones, monitor individual internet use, scrutinize our bank accounts, and create the TSA, beginning the gestapo-like personal checks and invasive nude scans of everyone before boarding airliners. Worst of all, it brought us the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. All of this geared to American citizens rather than international terrorists.

Then with the Obama Administration, we witnessed the total destruction of the constitution through countless Executive Orders and the signing of the NDAA, which allows the Federal government to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone who is even suspected of terrorist activities, and yes, shoot those who resist arrest.

Interestingly, the government labels all combat veterans as potential domestic terrorists.

Through Executive action, Obama has essentially made himself supreme socialist dictator with the ability to totally take over all civilian activities, from limiting water and food to restricting individual travel.

We also have cameras, most with audio, at every street corner, as well as a National ID Card in the form of our driver’s license. Since all applicants in every state have to be processed through the DHS, all drivers’ licenses are indeed a National ID Card.

We now have socialized health care, which has proven to be very expensive to everyone and offers very little in benefits. What the Affordable Care Act boils down to is just another tax.

During the 2014 elections, the Republicans won full control of the House and Senate, as voters were fed up with the overall support Obama had in Washington. As we now see, electing Republicans did nothing in changing anything, and Obama’s support is as strong now as it was with Democrats controlling both the House and Senate. What this should tell anyone is that we no longer have choices between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives, or Liberals in Washington today. What we have now is socialists masquerading as both political parties, with a few Patriots scattered about in the mix.

The people of the United States have sat idly by for so long that they have allowed their government to transform itself from a…For, By, and Of the people to what it is today. Put simply, what we have now is a government that no longer represents us, but that dictates to us for its own socialist agenda.

The latest secret trade agreement known as TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is a bill so damaging to the very fabric of the United States as a free individual country that its contents have been made classified for a period of 5 years after it becomes law.

We also have the Supreme rule on homosexual “marriage,” essentially legalizing it in all 50 states. What most do not realize is that just because it is legal for homosexuals to get married in no way means that any church or religious institution must perform the marriage ceremony. This is because neither the Supreme Court nor the Federal government can require anyone or any church to perform a ceremony or service that goes against their moral convictions. This also includes the moral convictions of those who issue marriage licenses and local and county courts that actually preform marriage ceremonies. 

Thus, basically, what we have here is the right for homosexuals to get married, but finding a source that will perform the ceremony may be a different ball game altogether.

Look for the Federal government to actually try to implement the requirement that all institutions from religious to civil who perform marriages have to perform the sodomite “marriages,” whether they like it or not. This will be done in the form of the Feds threatening any church or religious organization with exemption from tax-exempt status if they refuse to go along with the plan. Also, look for the Feds and certain states to threaten cities, counties, and states with withholding funds to those who refuse to issue marriage licenses and preform the ceremonies. Basically, the Federal government plans to blackmail individuals, religious institutions, and most smaller government entities into complying, thus ending up actually regulating morality in an underhanded manner.

As usual, it appears that most of the country is supportive of the same-sex “marriage” ruling; however, nothing could be further from the truth, as most Americans find the idea abominable. 

The homosexual “marriage” law is but one in a series of anti-American laws implemented of late.

The destruction of our country continues in the latest attempt by the government to have the Confederate Flag banned. This is just part of the desire of the Dictatorship to remove history and heritage from our nation’s past in the guise of political correctness. 

Anyone who thinks they still live in a free America where the constitution is the basis of all law is sadly mistaken.

It is long past time for American citizens to act in restoring the country to the constitutional republic it once was. This can be done by refusing to abide by any law or declaration that is unconstitutional and taking to the streets in 1960’s style protests. 

We have been duped for long enough by the government, which is taking our freedom and civil liberties away under the guise of safety and protection. One of the biggest indicators that the safety of the American people isn’t the goal of the government is the open border with Mexico. The bottom line is, if the government was as concerned with terrorism as they want us to believe they are, this whole area from California to Texas would have been sealed off immediately after 9-11. It has remained as open as it ever was, however, proving my point.

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