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Having returned from Germany less than forty-eight hours ago and having been “off grid” and out of touch with our world for about a month, I have much “catching up” to do, and that will take time. BUT…

I just happened to be on Germany’s southern border when the latest invasion from the Middle East began. I know not what was reported here in America and, because I was on the move a great deal of the time, German local news was sporadic. But what I saw was not reported in any media and I hope to share that at a later time.

Now, I admit that I am not all that educated, but I have read our Constitution and The Bill of Rights more than once or twice. Actually, I keep a copy on my desk. And, based on my limited and possibly biased point of view, ALL “rights” fall into one of two categories:

  1. God Given Rights
    1. Life
    2. Liberty
    3. The Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Those rights stated in and protected by our Constitution and The Bill of Rights

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I have done a word search on the latter and did not find the word “immigration” even once.

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Often, we have heard the term “Nation of Laws,” and I have mixed emotions about that concept only because far too many (judiciary, legal, and others) in effect “hide” behind that notion because they lack the intestinal fortitude to examine what was the “intent” of the a law in the context of the time and circumstances which precipitated the creation of a law and have little or no concept of “justice.” Given that “intent,” which is subject to interpretation, is the source of those mixed emotions, the current storm surrounding the interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment to our Constitution is a case on point.

Just to cover my bases and certain parts of my anatomy, I just did a word search on the entire text of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27 in the national archives. Guess what. The word “immigration” DOES NOT APPEAR EVEN ONCE!

And THAT is my point!

Take a second or two to review my “list of rights” above. Those and only those constitute the entire body of rights applied to American Citizens. And, having travelled the world most of my life, let me point out that in many, many countries around this world, the word “citizen” is the operative word. You are not a citizen? You have no rights.

America IS a nation of laws because to be otherwise is to be no nation at all.

Modern technology has rendered our immigration laws are archaic, overly complex and unmanageable, and desperately in need of being updated. Get that done.

While in Germany, I saw this comment in response to Hungary’s response to the massive incursion on its southern border:

Hungary’s nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has claimed Europe is in the grip of madness over immigration and refugees, and argued that he was defending European Christianity against a Muslim influx.”

However ineloquent his statement may be, there are certain truths.

Looking under the haze of mass media coverage on two continents, there are some interesting points about the incursion on the Hungarian border not generally reported. For instance: Nearly one thousand Syrian immigrants
were allowed to enter Hungary under the immigration laws of that country. The number was restricted based on Hungary’s assessment of just how many they could accommodate. Oh…and any person or persons carrying ISIS flags and propaganda were rejected. Imagine that!

And just where are those who were rejected at today? Either in or on their way to Germany!

We in America tend to think our “immigration problem” to be an issue exclusive to the poor from south of our border seeking a better life in this once great nation of what was once the land of limitless opportunity.

If only it were that simple and straight forward. It is not.

It is far more complex and more dangerous to the continued existence of our once great nation. In July of 2014, I posted my thoughts on the subject of immigration (“Captain of The Lifeboat“) and, if anything, my opinion has only grown stronger based on what I am seeing worldwide.

The whole world saw the conflict on Hungary’s border, but did the world NOT see? Did anyone notice how many of the “fighting age” males who made up an estimated 51% of the most recent wave of “immigrants” were wearing name brand tennis shoes? I saw more than a few. And how many iPhones or similar devices were seen in the throng of “refugees”? I saw a few. And who were they to call, given that different parts of the world use different cell phone technology? And of the thousands trying to rush the border, how many quietly walked across the borders that are as wide open as are our own? We saw hundreds, if not thousands. And where are these “new arrivals” going to go once they cross the border? Did I not just mention cell phones? Just like here in America, there is a worldwide “underground railroad” for these people to filter quietly into their new host countries.

Think about it, America. In World War II, America had one ice-cube’s chance in Hell of winning a war in Europe because the supply chain from America to Europe was too long. That same fact saw the demise of the French in Indo-China and Napoleon’s push into Russia and Rome’s attempt to rule the world. To address that lesson of history, our forces were staged close to the point of initial battle. On Tuesday, June 6, 1944, approximately 150,000 men were landed on Normandy Beach. 4,400 of our men died that day. By July 4th, barely a month later, over 1,000,000 men had been deployed.

There are certain truths about war.

  • Long supply lines guarantee defeat regardless of the size of the fighting force.
  • Positioning sufficient force and material close to the objective prior to engagement significantly enhances the potential for victory.
  • No force, regardless of size or other factors, can survive multiple simultaneous attacks on multiple fronts simultaneously. (Divided they fall).

I would ask that all readers of this ask themselves one question:

Just what defines a “nation”?

Is it a flag? No, that is just a symbol – not a definition.

Is it a specific geographic chunk of the planet Earth? No. Because few countries (with the possible exception of Iceland) have clearly defined and controlled borders. Example: The border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen exists only on maps. Having been there, nobody truly knows, much less cares, where that border might be. Not unlike our unprotected border with Canada?

In very simplistic terms, I would submit that a “nation” is a collection of peoples who share a common language and a common set of values. America is no longer that.

E pluribus unum…Out of many, one.
One language, one set of values, one well-defined and defended border…One Nation Under God – by whatever name you chose to call Him.

We The People must accept that philosophy and reach out to all those who wish to share in it.

But no person or culture has a “right” to superimpose its culture upon ours. Sharing is not superimposing. My wife is Chinese and we honor her family traditions in our home. My friends and neighbors cover the entire spectrum of the American people without consideration as to their race, religion, or family origin. And we all fly the American Flag.

The bottom line is that “Immigration Rights” is liberal BULL and DOES NOT EXIST!

Oh… And that “Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot” thing?

Go ask a Veteran.

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