Immigration Reform: Will The GOP Be In A Death Spiral If They Don’t Pass It?

I try not to write about political topics that aren’t somehow tied to the military or national security. Of course, now that I’ve written that statement, this topic does concern national security. I’m going to key in a specific statement made recently by Lindsay Graham that has my dander up.

On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham was on NBC’s Meet the Press when he proclaimed:

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“If we don’t pass immigration reform … We’re in a demographic death spiral as a party.”

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Does he even realize what a moronic statement that is? Think about it. Senator Graham is basically saying the life of the Republican Party depends on legalizing people in this country illegally! He’s also basically admitting that people here illegally are voting against Republicans because of their stand on illegal immigration. That means that instead of dealing with the true problem plaguing our nation – illegal immigration and fraudulent voting – the answer to the problem is to legalize illegal activity.

Graham’s statement is especially disheartening as the Supreme Court ruled that Arizona’s law requiring voters to provide proof of citizenship is unconstitutional somehow. He went on to say, “The only way we can get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community, in my view is pass comprehensive immigration reform.” I’ve spoken with many Hispanics who are very conservative. Of course, they are here legally. The reason the Republican Party has trouble with the Hispanic vote is because those that are here legally and worked hard to get their citizenship aren’t happy with the approach the party has taken on the issue recently.

Since when are illegal immigrants a part of any demographic? Why do our elected politicians feel so strongly about bestowing citizenship upon foreigners in order to earn their vote? What happened to losing the American demographic? Does anyone in Washington care about that?

The American experiment has successfully served the people of this great country for almost 237 years. It has done so through a process of assimilation that has maintained the integrity of our system while celebrating diverse cultures. However, over the past few decades, there has been a fundamental shift away from demanding such assimilation and blindly bowing to any pressure to legalize people that don’t respect our laws.

Nothing good can come from any “comprehensive immigration” plan being bandied about in Congress and the White House today. The reason is because such discussion aren’t selective in choosing to whom we honor with citizenship. No nation can survive the constant influx of poor, unskilled laborers into a society which is, itself, becoming increasingly dependent. Thomas Jefferson said the “first consideration in immigration is the welfare of the receiving nation. In a new government based on principles unfamiliar to the rest of the world and resting on the sentiments of the people themselves, the influx of a large number of new immigrants unaccustomed to the government of a free society could be detrimental to that society. Immigration, therefore, must be approached carefully and cautiously.”

Giving blanket status to millions of low-income, low skill immigrants does not take in to account the welfare of the receiving nation. Since most of the immigrants we’re talking about are Hispanic, the largest benefactor would be Mexico since a large part of immigrants take money out of the American economy and send it into the Mexican economy. The reason the Mexican government has been so adamant about America reforming its immigration policy is because they don’t have to pay for the welfare of its citizens. Why should they, since we already spending billions already?

I want to leave you with a final quote from Thomas Jefferson about the folly of what Senators Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, and others are suggesting we undertake.

“[Is] rapid population [growth] by as great importations of foreigners as possible… founded in good policy?… They will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth; or, if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing, as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty. These principles, with their language, they will transmit to their children. In proportion to their number, they will share with us the legislation. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp and bias its direction, and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass… If they come of themselves, they are entitled to all the rights of citizenship: but I doubt the expediency of inviting them by extraordinary encouragements.”

We can’t afford, as a nation, to import such drains on our economy and resources.

The only consideration we need to be taking into account is our national security. Right now, with thousands of immigrants flooding into the country each day, along with them are coming terrorists with evil intent. Our politicians have made clear that our boarders are not that important to secure. We might as well put up billboards welcoming Al Qaeda into our country and anyone else desiring to kill Americans. It’s ignorant and foolish to think that the only people sneaking in are innocent people looking for no-skill, low wage work.

Note: The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of, the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, any branch of government or military unit.

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