Illegals Invading US with Potential for Mass Outbreak of Contagious, Infectious Diseases

In a previous article on Freedom Outpost, it was reported that the influx of illegal immigrant children were crossing the southern border of the US with many contagious, infectious diseases, such as chicken pox, scabies, MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) infections, and tuberculosis. Yesterday, Newsmax reported that US Border Patrol agents have discovered four cases of the H1N1 (swine) flu virus among the illegal immigrant children at the Brownsville detention centers. Chris Cabrera, National Border Patrol Council Vice President, indicated that medical personnel at the two centers, Brownsville and Fort Brown border stations, had confirmed one case each on Friday and Saturday in children ages 10 to 12.

Cabrera stated in an interview, “Everybody who’s been in contact with them now is suspect that they have gotten it. That’s what we’re dealing with now.”

As a result, at least 120 people have been isolated after the exposure according to Cabrera. While medical personnel at the detention centers screen for lice, scabies and chicken pox, not everyone will get medical clearance. Cabrera added that the area had been quarantined along with everyone who was exposed and federal health officials had been notified. The conditions reported by Cabrera at the two centers was described as “overcrowded.”

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KGBT-TV news reported that at least one more case of H1N1 flu had been diagnosed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, where illegal immigrants are detained. It is estimated that more than 1,800 minors have passed through the Lackland facility since the government began housing illegals there in May. Other military bases in Oklahoma and California have also been housing illegals.

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Since the huge number of illegal immigrants, especially unaccompanied minors, have flooded the border to cross into the US, Republicans and conservatives alike have been sounding the alarm about the possibility of rampant, contagious diseases carried by these illegals that could infect our own population. Greater than 52,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant juveniles have been detained and arrested since October. Many of these children come from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other Central American countries.

While this invasion has been dubbed a “humanitarian crisis” by Obama and other government officials due to the illegals fleeing violence and poverty, others in the Republican party, along with the American public, have credited this administration with the recent flood of illegals because of the lack of enforcement of the immigration laws. Some news reports have cited the Central American media as indicating “administration deportation policies” benefit some illegals. Others in the American public have accused the Obama administration of orchestrating this “invasion” to further his agenda to bring America down using a manufactured crisis.

What better way to institute a total control agenda than through a pandemic of infectious diseases? Not just one disease either, but many.

Cabrera, who oversees at least 2,000 agents at nine stations in Texas along the Rio Grande River, stated that his agents are detaining at least 2,000 illegal immigrants a day. He indicated the illegals are crossing the river and turning themselves into border agents in groups of 50 to 100 several times per day. In his area of McAllen, Texas, Cabrera claimed the invasion of illegals started early last year in anticipation of comprehensive immigration reform. As many as 2,000 illegal immigrants were detained by border patrol in the previous 24 hours. Housing for these illegals cost the taxpayers $252 per day per child.

At the rate of 2,000 (at least) illegal immigrant minors per day at a cost of $252 per day, the total monthly bill for the taxpayer is at least $504,000.

Cabrera told Newsmax he didn’t know a clean word for what was happening in his region.

In a statement to Newsmax, Cabrera said:

“Everything we do, we can’t seem to catch up. A lot of it has been brought on by the administration itself. We, as a whole, have failed to recognize what was going to happen, even though the warning signs were in place.

“Even though our intelligence told us we were going to be hit with something pretty big, nobody seemed to sound the alarm until after it was already too late – after we were already knee-deep in it.

“Now, we’re just struggling to keep our heads above water.”

Was it really a failure to recognize what would happen or was it really the intent to ignore what would happen by this administration? The “intelligence” was there to indicate something enormous was going to happen; however, no one sounded the alarm until after it was too late. Planned or unplanned?

The border patrol had been rendered almost moot with the instructions to disregard the immigration law by Obama and “stand down” orders when confronting illegal immigrant invaders. It seems this administration has a “stand down” policy concerning every conflict that arises. In the most infamous incident of the “stand-down” policy, four Americans lost their lives in Libya.

Cabrera also told Newsmax his agents were encountering a new trend among illegals – “makeshift families.”

Since the US immigration laws are less likely to deport families, adults and minor children who are traveling alone have banded together in order to enter the US, get a court date, avoid deportation, then disperse across the country, some never to be seen again. Cabrera gave a hypothetical example as follows:

“The kid knows he doesn’t have any parents in the United States, so he’s not going to be able to stay. And the adult knows he’s traveling alone, so he’s not going to be able to stay.

“So, they get together, and they get a little story together and now, they’re a family. ‘That’s my uncle. That’s my brother, my – whoever it is – and they’re allowed to go north.

“They’re allowed to get a court date, posing as a family, and then, once they get to the nearest bus station after they’re released, they part ways.

“You make up a family as long as it’s convenient for you – and then, once you don’t need it anymore, you part ways.”

Of course, DHS has contended they are not engaged in granting amnesty; however, Cabrera disagrees. He stated that the actions versus the official stance suggests otherwise. Cabrera stated it was sending a message to illegals that in the end, they could enter the US, get past the checkpoint, be reunited with family and never be seen again. According to Cabrera, these illegals are being sent further into the United States instead of being kept close to the border region meaning DHS is facilitating further entry and not deporting illegals back to their country of origin.

While speaking with Newsmax, Cabrera took the opportunity to “slam” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who visited the area on Saturday. Pelosi must have made the visit at the behest of her daughter, Alexandra, who appeared on MSNBC and urged Congress to go have a “look-see.”

In regards to the visit by Pelosi, Cabrera stated, “Unfortunately, some people – not everybody – who comes down here now, some people are using it as a political ploy. They’re using their clout as a public official – and they’re using it for whatever reason. I don’t see that as right in the least bit.”

Cabrera reiterated the fact that “there is a crisis” with illegal children over-running the border and no matter what side of the immigration fence he’s on “the bottom line is there’s a crisis down here.”

Cabrera is right there is a crisis at the southern border of the US and that crisis is not a humanitarian one. If you look at all the issues surrounding this invasion, there are multiple crises occurring to which our government is basically turning a blind eye. Of course, many Americans already know this.

With the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants invading our nation, the economic crisis alone is enormous when it comes to the taxpayer-funded public assistance that will be handed to these invaders. Then, there is the job market. It has been estimated that 20% of American households have no one who is employed. That’s a significant portion of the population where no one is employed. Now, we are adding more illegal adults who are coming in with illegal children as part of a “makeshift family.” America will soon be at the economic tipping point if she has not already arrived.

Along with the economic crisis, Americans across the nation will be dealing with possible health crises from contagious, infectious diseases. The regular flu is bad enough, but swine flu is worse. Add to the mix the MRSA infections, resistant strains of Tuberculosis, childhood illnesses, such as whooping cough that haven’t been seen in years in the US, this becomes a recipe for a health disaster. Remember, these infected illegal immigrant children will be attending school in the areas they are ferried to reside, without even being tracked by DHS ICE. Coupled with the health crisis, a strain on medical services, not to mention the taxpayer cost to treat the infected illegals, will surely follow creating more confusion, anger and resentment among the frazzled public who are dealing with Obamacare.

These crises alone would be enough to launch most rational officials in government to act quickly. Americans now will have to deal with increases in crimes because of drug cartels, human trafficking endeavors and criminals that are being allowed entry because of illegal children. The threat of terrorist activity on American soil has increased with the allowance of illegal immigrants across the border with impunity. What better way for al Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist organizations to enter the US except through the porous southern US border?

Even Mexican government officials have crossed the border, claiming it to be an accident, and fired on American citizens from a helicopter. In response to this continued crossing by the Mexican military, concerned American citizens and milita members will be converging on the US southern border in Texas to fend off the illegal immigrant invasion for “days and weeks to come.”

Some have postulated that the current illegal immigrant invasion is a well-orchestrated strategy to turn America into a socialist state.

Regardless of what area of the country you reside, the crisis along the US southern border affects all of us – conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, black, white, male and female. It doesn’t matter your belief, political stance or other demographic. The result of unregulated immigration will be felt by all. No one is immune from contagious, infectious diseases, economic strain, crime or decreased availability of medical services due to increasing numbers of individuals utilizing the services. Well, maybe the “ruling power elite” in Washington and the “self-appointed” king will be as you can bet those illegal immigrant invaders will not be located near any of them or the millionaire/billionaire elite.

Those who support this “invasion” will be singing a different song when someone close to them is affected or they are affected directly by crime, illness or economic hardship caused by the problems occurring due to this administration’s “stand-down” policy when it comes to enforcing the law.

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