Illegal Iranian Remains in US & Works on Defense Contracts After 9/11 Though Found Guilty of Falsifying Documents

How many times does an illegal immigrant have to be arrested and/or convicted before he/she is deported? How many felonies does an illegal immigrant need to commit before he/she cannot work for our nation’s defense? Apparently if you are an illegal immigrant from Iran, named Farzad Dastmalchi, the answer is you are never deported and all of your felonies are overlooked.

For those unfamiliar, Farzad Dastmalchi is my ex-husband. I have written about the man in two previous articles here and here which are based on my book Under the Watchful Eye. When Farzad Dastmalchi was served with divorce papers in 1995, it didn’t set very well, and he went on a rampage for the next two years. Farzad had complete control over his wife for twelve years and he was not going to let go without a fight, which came in the form of numerous restraining order violations.

Now, most people wouldn’t think much of restraining order violations during a divorce, especially when children are involved, but when some of the violations are assault, kidnapping, and attempted murder, it should raise some red flags. If average “Joe citizen,” with a restraining order, broke into his ex-wife’s house late at night, hit her with an end table, tore the phone cord from the wall and wrapped it around her throat, put a loaded 357-magnum to her temple and cocked it, only to be confronted by their eleven year old daughter, poor Joe would be doing some serious jail time.

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This was not the case with illegal immigrant Farzad Dastmalchi, who escaped out the back door just minutes before the police arrived. Of course, after the police left, Farzad returned and tried to pull his ex-wife through a window he managed to jimmy open.

Various cards and incident report numbers regarding Farzad's numerous violations of restraining orders.
Various cards and incident report numbers regarding Farzad’s numerous violations of restraining orders.
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The police said there was nothing they could do but keep an eye out for him. The same police said they couldn’t charge Farzad with kidnapping when he violated the same restraining order by taking his six year old daughter form the hospital just an hour after her surgery and shoved her into his car, then sped off. According to the police, since he called the mother and told her the child was sitting on a bus bench on the corner by her favorite donut shop, he technically didn’t kidnap her.

The police finally arrested Farzad when he chased his ex-wife from her car to the administrative office where she attended college, but he claimed he was interested in attending classes there and the double sided survival knife he carried in his camera bag was just for protection.

Farzad had two degrees in engineering and he worked 200 miles away from the college his ex-wife attended. The judge dropped the charges because Farzad said he was just being discriminated against for being Iranian and not knowing how restraining orders worked. Evidently, the judge said he had to stay two hundred yards from his ex-wife’s work and Farzad claimed he didn’t understand being a full time student was his ex’s work.

Shortly after this incident, Farzad was arrested for stabbing his ex-wife’s friend, who was also her dentist. The dentist was on his way to work when Farzad ran him off the road, ran up to his car window and proceeded to stab the dentist with a Philips screwdriver. Fortunately, the dentist survived the attack, but the two witnesses who saw the attack suddenly had to take a trip to see family out of the county, so once again the charges were dropped.

Farzad continued his harassment and stalking by kidnapping his three children from their school and holding them for three days, only to drop them off at his attorney’s office. Farzad broke into his ex-wife’s house and vandalized it, but also stole some of her items and put them inside her car on the college campus, as a calling card to let her know he was going to do whatever he wanted to do with no repercussions.

Next, he vandalized her car at the local courthouse, and slashed all four tires on her attorney’s car. Farzad was once again arrested for stalking his ex-wife on her college campus, but this time he tried to hack into the computers to get her class schedule. The charges were dropped again, as he told the judge he stayed 200 yards from the wife while on campus.

Judges continued to drop charges against Farzad, even when he was caught tampering with the brakes on his ex-wife’s car, and it caused her to crash into another car while her children were with her.

Farzad would violate the restraining order approximately 14 more times, and the judge would drop all the charges. His ex-wife moved five times to hide from him, but he always found her because the judge required she keep a current address for the court and Farzad had a friend in the courthouse who was a file clerk. Farzad always used the race card to avoid prosecution, and for the most part it always worked… until September 13, 2001, just two days after the terrorist attacks on the United States in New York and Washington. On that day, a Texas State trooper pulled him over with three other Iranians speeding 104 miles per hour down the freeway.

Farzad was finally caught and a Federal prosecutor charged him with the same crime the FBI dropped the ball on back in 1995, which was falsifying documents to remain in the United States illegally. This was the only charge they could come up with, falsifying birth records? This psychopath had been arrested continuously for two years, and had been working on defense contracts for fifteen years as an illegal immigrant. That’s like charging the murderous Al Capone with tax evasion!

The prosecuting attorney promised that after Farzad served just eight months in prison, he would be deported back to Iran. Once again, the illegal immigrant was able to manipulate the courts and he currently works as an aerospace engineer in the United States.

Farzad’s most recent assignment was working for General Dynamics. I don’t think this is the outcome “Joe citizen” would have had if he had been arrested so many times or had a felony conviction for a federal crime. When does political correctness become a security issue? Why should we feel safe having an illegal immigrant from any country, especially Iran, work on our defense projects when he has a history of violence, attempted to murder his ex-wife, her dentist, and even his own children who were in the car he sabotaged?

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The federal prosecutor said there is nothing she can do, and she doesn’t know why Farzad was never deported, but I think she does know and she owes every citizen in the United States an explanation. I urge everyone to contact her and ask her why we have a dangerous, illegal immigrant from Iran, working on our national defense making missiles, military aircraft, and weapons of mass destruction. How many more Farzad’s are working for our national security (or possibly against it)?

Please contact Denise Williams, Federal Prosecuter @ [email protected]. Refer to case #6:01-CR-0054-01-C and ask why this is not being pursued as it is a national security issue.

For all the details regarding Farzad Dastmalchi’s manipulation of the system and infiltrating the United States, pick up CJ’s book Under the Watchful Eye, available from Tate Publishing and on Amazon Kindle.

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