Illegal Aliens & Felons being allowed in the US all for the sake of the Democrat Vote

The so-called “Humanitarian Crisis” on our southern border has been misrepresented to the American people by the Main Stream Media. It is not just “women and little children” coming across our border, but vicious gang members, violent criminals and drug dealers, who once released, will kill, rape, rob and terrorize American citizens. Barack Obama has released a ticking time bomb upon the American people under the guise of a “humanitarian mission.” 

Why in God’s name would he do such a dastardly and vile thing to us?

The majority of the teenagers that are coming-up from Central America are members of one of the single most vicious gangs in the western hemisphere, MS13. MS13 members are said to use a machete as their calling card when they commit murder, chopping their victims to bits.The reason they are so brutal is simple, it sends a clear message to other gangs that there is no limit to what they will do to anyone who crosses them. And right now, they are probably already in your town! Barack Obama, Eric Holder and other democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, are willing accomplices to the spread of gangs like this because of their policies that allow illegal aliens to be released after their initial hearing once they cross our border. Obama and the Democrats are grooming Hispanics for the upcoming 2014 mid-term and the 2016 elections

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In other words, ladies and gentlemen….they’re allowing criminals to come across our border to commit unspeakable crimes against law abiding Americans for the votes!

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That’s all your and the lives of your family member’s lives are worth – a vote from a new minority. Let’s face it, Democrats already own black voters, they’ve bought them with so many social programs over the years. Finally, some black voters are waking up and are finding out that it was all a scam. So, what do the Democrats do when they know the party is over in the black community? They go groom another minority and promise them the exact same thing they promised black voters 50 years ago, and by their calculations, it should carry them for at least the next generation voting cycle. In my article titled “Democrat Strategy To Winning The Mid-Term Elections Is To Flood The U.S. With Illegal Aliens,” I laid all this out, but it’s far more nefarious than even I originally thought. Remember during the Sequester and subsequent “Government Shut-down” how Obama, wanting to make a political point, released thousands of illegal alien criminals who were convicted of violent crimes, back onto our streets and back into our communities.

All for the sake of politics…and votes!

As far as this journalist is concerned, every single crime that is committed by these illegal alien criminals, every rape that they commit, every murder they commit; the blood of the victims is on the hands of Barack Obama and other Democrats (and Republicans too) that support the policies that allow these criminal scum to roam free and unhindered on this side of the border. 

If you think I may be over-reacting, then read this article and watch the video:

You decide for yourself, but remember all this the next time a load of “refugees” are dropped-off in your town or neighborhood.

Are you willing to stake your life and the lives of your family on the policies of Barack Obama and the Democrats, who are willing to put your lives at risk, all for the sake of a few votes?


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