Illegal Alien Invasion: Another Tactic To Bash Trump, The Law & Constitutionalists

One cannot watch any lamestream enemedia “news” program, open any print news media or peruse the lame or alternative media sites without stumbling across a story about the Trump administration separating children from their parents who have crossed the US border illegally.  In fact, the lamestream enemedia is so outraged at consequences being applied to those violating the law they have equated this separation to the concentration camps of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.  It’s an outrageous claim for certain.  However, the lamestream enemedia’s extreme bias against Trump skews their perception;  only one side of the issue is presented to the public.

The lamestream enemedia places the blame for children being separated from their parents, after the entire family has crossed the US border illegally, on the Trump administration.  These “news” organizations fail to acknowledge this policy started under a previous president.  During the Hussein Soetoro administration, “pen and phone” amnesty and a refusal to enforce the US immigration law caused the insurgency of unaccompanied “children” across the border.  Moreover, the Hussein Soetoro administration actually advertised for individuals to “escort” children into the republic, in violation of immigration law and good moral conscience.

The Hussein Soetoro administration gets a “pass” on the poor policies creating an insurgency of illegal alien invaders, including unaccompanied children – which had to receive care in absence of adults after entering the united States in violation of the law.  Yet, not one lamestream enemedia “entertainment news” organization has even pointed to the section of immigration law,  passed by both chambers of Congress, that indicates children would be separated from parents who violated the immigration law and are incarcerated awaiting a hearing.  Nor has anyone in the media acknowledged that for four years during the Hussein Soetoro administration a Democrat majority existed in both chambers of Congress that could have altered immigration laws instead of relying on the “pen and phone” non-solution to a government contrived problem.  Instead, the Trump administration receives the full blunt blame for an upholding constitutionally passed immigration law after an administration that engaged in lawlessness.

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So, who is responsible for the situation occurring and all the hub-bub about children being separated from parents?  There are a multitude of players responsible.  Let’s begin with the most obvious – the parents.

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Parents are responsible for the care, education and upbringing of their children.  Any parent that would send their child alone to a foreign nation using coyotes is literally committing child abuse – a criminal offense.  Moreover, according to the law, no child is incarcerated with a parent who has committed a crime.  Therefore, these illegal alien invader parents, who came to the US with their children in tow unlawfully relying on the current administration to be as lawless as the last, are responsible for placing their children in the situation in the first place.  If these irresponsible parents sent their minor children unaccompanied to the US border, these children cannot be housed with adults, meaning the children would be detained in a separate facility.  Those illegal alien invaders who brought children for someone else, claiming that child as their own, should expect those children to be held in a separate facility.

In short, if these illegal alien invader parents do not want to be separated from their children, do not enter the united States illegally – enter lawfully.

Now, the anti-constitutionalists supported the last administration’s lawlessness and refusal to enforce immigration law.  This would include the lamestream enemedia, Democrats and citizen anti-constitutionalists.  Yet, these same groups rail against this administration’s enforcement of immigration law.  It’s backward for constitutionalists but par for the course for those intent on destroying the rule of law.  But, there is more here than meets the eye.

While some may think it a conspiracy theory, this is contrived by Democrats, years in the making, to bash Republicans and a Republican president over the head to force some type of legislation that would change the immigration law more toward an open borders stance.  Republicans are in on the ruse as well, caring not that citizens would be sold out in favor of illegal alien invader criminals.

For four years of the Hussein Soetoro administration, Democrats held a majority in both chambers of Congress.  Yet, no immigration legislation was forthcoming.  And, there were plenty enough RINOs in both chambers that would have cemented that legislation to redact certain sections of the law to appeal to anti-constitutionalists. But, these corrupt politicians had to increase the exposure of extreme anti-constitutional fringe groups in the media as representative of the majority, support of immoral, unnatural elements of society, and destruction of values and principles upon which this republic was founded.

After the first four-year run of a Democrat-controlled Congress and a Democrat-controlled presidency, citizens changed the make-up of the House, giving Republicans a majority.  It was after the election of Hussein Soetoro to a second term and the House becoming majority Republican that the issue of immigration reform and “pen and phone” lawlessness became a hotbed issue.  In other words, Democrats cared not about altering legislation regarding immigration until the balance of power began to shift in Congress.  Democrats used the immigration issue as a battering ram to the heads of Republicans.

When Republicans gained control of the Senate, begging for votes to stop Hussein Soetoro, illegal alien invader support to the exclusion of citizens gained prominence among Democrats and some Republicans alike.  Still, no legislation altering the immigration law was forthcoming.  Lawlessness disguised as “prosecutorial discretion” became the norm with extreme anti-constitutional fringe groups cheering the invasion of illegal aliens into the republic.  Democrats could blame Republicans, who held the majority in both chambers, for stagnation of “immigration reform” while deflecting from their own lack of action regarding immigration law.

Enter President Donald Trump.  With a Republican majority House and Senate and a Republican president, Democrats can now go full Monty on the immigration issue, blaming Republicans for “policies” created by Democrats, Hussein Soetoro, and his administration.  Right on cue, Republicans clamor to address the illegal alien invader issue, no matter what the truth is or what the law states, in order to quell dissent, media criticism and the Democrat blame game.  Democrats end up getting exactly what they want by gaming Republicans using the media.

It’s political hype and fodder at its best following the Communist principles of a long game plan instead of the Republican way of short gameplay.

Remember, children were being separated from their parents under the Hussein Soetoro administration when Democrats held a majority in both chambers and when Republicans held the majority as well.  There was no outrage then.  The big issue then was unaccompanied children and the humanity of caring for those illegal minors whose parents had no qualms about sending them along to the US in the first place.

The other issue that gained prominence was Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  Where were the Democrats in passing legislation during the Hussein Soetoro administration’s first term?  Nowhere;  because the issue could be floated until Republicans gained a majority in both chambers in order to use it politically as ammunition during elections.  Can anyone think of any other reason issues that are supposedly so front and center with Democrats did not get addressed when Democrats held a majority in government?  Instead of relying on “pen and phone” unlawful, unconstitutional presidential actions, Democrats could have changed the law, in essence, “fixing” it to their liking.  It didn’t happen.

With the lamestream enemedia clearly dominated by anti-constitutionalists and controlled by the federal government, propaganda is broadcast across the airwaves and cable line 24/7 bashing Republicans and urging a change in the law to basically allow illegal alien invaders to flood the republic jeopardizing the safety of all citizens.  It is insurrection through support of foreign insurgency.  Being the cowards they are, Republicans will capitulate, including Trump despite his campaign platform in support of enforcing immigration law, in order to “secure” the illegal alien invader voting base (and yes, in some States, illegal alien invaders vote) as well as citizens of the same background and race as the illegal alien invaders.  More importantly, Republicans satisfy their big corporate donors with cheap labor at the expense of the citizenry.

Republicans are in on the scam with the Democrats;  but, put up enough of a smoke-screen to keep their voting base.  Republicans are the “controlled” opposition led by Democrats.  This is probably the worst form of corruption there is and citizens continue to allow both parties to game them while clinging to the lamestream enemedia brainwashing tactics through buying the propaganda.

The fix is not an easy one nor is it a fast one.  Citizens should ditch the “left/right paradigm,” “the Party politics of Democrat and Republican,” and the lamestream enemedia propaganda.  Instead, citizens should adopt a stance based on God’s law and the Constitution to end the two-party monopoly that has morphed into “career politician dominated government.”   It’s long past time to end the stranglehold both parties have on government and the citizens, aided and abetted through the propaganda brainwashing by the lamestream enemedia.  If not, citizens can expect more of the same old garbage, just different occupants holding seats in government.

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