If Two Lesbians Kill Another Lesbian, Is It A Hate Crime?

We have seen how the left tries to define alleged “hate crimes” and in particular they want to point to the free speech of Christians who decry a deviant lifestyle that is associated with homosexuality. But what happens when two lesbians kill another lesbian? Is that considered a hate crime by the left? In fact, would it even garner national attention?

Well such has occurred in Meadville, PN. Jade N. Olmstead, 18 and her new “lover” Ashley M. Barber brutally beat and strangled Olmstead’s former girlfriend, Brandy M. Stevens, 20, and then buried her alive. This is more than just a killing. It was torture.

Go Erie reports,

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Olmstead greeted Stevens and lured her into the woods near the home that she shared with Barber and Barber’s parents in Wayne Township, to see a crude fort that she and Ashley Barber were building. Barber was hiding there. At the fort, the two women began punching and kicking Stevens and stuffed a “Saw” cap into her mouth to stop her pleading for her life and screaming.

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“They said they were freaking out from her screams,” Mallory said.

Stevens was knocked to the ground by the two women. Barber put a rope around her neck and strangled her while Olmstead alternately hit her in the head with a shovel and helped to choke her, Mallory said.

Barber also repeatedly pounded Stevens’ head against a stump and told police that a bruise on her own forehead came from head-butting Stevens’ besides.

“She was on the victim’s back with her knee in her spine, pulling her head back with the rope … and letting it hit the stump,” Mallory said.

The two women rolled Stevens into a shallow grave that they had prepared for her at the fort. When they saw that she was still breathing, they threw a large rock onto her face and poured water into her mouth and nose.

“She said that her worst fear was being buried alive,” Mallory said of Barber. “She was trying to kill her.”

The results of an autopsy by Erie County forensic pathologist Eric Vey showed that Stevens suffocated on dirt, police Trooper Phillip Shaffer testified.

Now, I ask you, why is Barack Obama not making this national news like he did the Trayvon Martin case? In fact, why is this not covered at all in the major media?

I’ll grant you that it is probably because it does not further an agenda. Now, had a hetero-sexual couple done such a thing to a lesbian or a sodomite, we would no doubt be hearing of this ad infinitum. We already know the media blows things way out of proportion when it is for the agenda. All we have to do is look to the Matthew Shepherd murder as Exhibit A.

But more than that, would the media call this a “hate crime?” I mean this is lesbians savagely murdering another lesbian.

Let me put it simply: All crimes are the result of hate. Murder is not the result of love. Stealing is not the result of love. Slander is not the result of love. Adultery is not the result of love. Lying is not the result of love. The list could go on and on, but you get the point. So why is there a need to define anything like this specifically as a “hate crime?” Truthfully, there is no reason except a political one.

I confess I’m saddened as I read the account of the murder, in fact sickened. My heart goes out to the girl’s family, but it’s also so sad that these girls have thrown their lives away and their depravity is at the very root of their actions. Instead of repenting, they chose how they would live and they did it defiantly and ultimately it cost one girl her life and very well may cost them theirs.

For crimes against another person are definitively hateful, not loving. This is why they are punished, or at least should be punished. Oh, but the agenda. The agenda of the current administration and the current state run media will not touch this story with a ten foot pole and it simply demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of both.

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