I Think I Prefer Barack Obama Fundraising out on the Road

I know that I have been one of Obama’s staunchest critics for not being in Washington DC during the recent world  events. However, I see that as long as he is out on the road attending fundraisers, he’s not doing any more damage to America. Let’s face it, when he is in the White house, he’s constantly violating his oath of office, signing some new executive order, or acting on royal decree to “fix” some law that he doesn’t feel like enforcing, or implementing (case in point his own law – Obamacare), or attempting an end-run around congress. No, while he’s out on the road panhandling, he’s out in the open right where we can see him and he’s not doing any more damage to the country.

In fact, I hope he takes a long, “well deserved” vacation when he does get back to Washington DC!  I also hope, he takes his entire family with him, because if Michelle Obama is with him spending taxpayer money on lavish accommodations, meals and assorted souvenirs, it’s better for all of us that way. If Michelle is vacationing, she’s not screwing-up school children’s lunches. I hope they both go to some five star hotel someplace and just kick-it for a couple of months. I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it? 

But if you think about what I said for a minute, it’s perfectly true, it’s better when he’s not in the white House causing more mayhem.

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In World War ll, the allies wanted to find a way to assassinate Adolph Hitler. They came up with quite a few different ways to kill him. But as the war progressed, they found that Hitler alive was worth more to the allied war effort than Hitler dead. Hitler had taken complete control of all executive, major military decisions away from his General staff. Because of his distrust of officers, coupled with his own inflated ego, he actually believed that he was a brilliant military tactician. History proved this correct, because as long as Hitler was completely in-charge of all military decisions, he was helping the allies win the war.

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Do you see where I’m going with this?

As long as Obama is in full campaign mode and out on the road, he’s not doing something stupid to destroy America, or screw the American people.

So I say, let him take as long as he wants; let him attend a thousand fundraising dinners; let him make a thousand speeches. As long as he stays away from the White House, we’re pretty sure he’s not sticking-it to you and me, or embarrassing the United States of America on the world stage. I know, it sounds like I’m picking on our poor president, doesn’t it? However, when he does step in front of a camera, he only emboldens our enemies. Do any of you think that the terror group ISIS is worried? For that matter, is Vladimir Putin sitting in the Kremlin hiding under his desk chewing his fingernails, wetting his pants? Does anyone believe for a second, that Boko Haram is scared stiff about the prospect of any kind of action from America

Hell no!

They’re all laughing their asses off at the United States. They know, without a single doubt, that as long as Barack Obama is president of the United States of America, they have free gratis to do anything they want!

The left-wing and assorted liberals will tell  you that Obama is doing a bang-up job of keeping us safe and not getting us into to situation that we don’t belong in. That’s why these delusional bastards keep writing him checks. I wonder, does Obama really spend all of that money he gets from these idiots, or does he just pocket the excess cash that he doesn’t use? Either way, as long as he’s not in Washington acting like a king, he’s doing us a favor.

I was hoping that he could take John Kerry with him on some of these fundraising trips too because every time Kerry tries to do his job he only makes things worse every time he opens his mouth.

Which would you rather have, Obama in Washington or out on the road?

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