I Don’t Celebrate Diversity – I Celebrate Sameness

In the 1953 film War of the Worlds, mankind must unite against a common enemy, Mars. In key scenes, we witness men of different backgrounds and walks coming together. What brings these men together is the Martians’ hostility to every living thing on Earth. In these moments, the differences between men become miniscule in relation. But men banding together is not how the Martians are stopped. A common enemy does not provide the people of Earth the victory.

Instead, the Martians are killed by Earth’s germs, one-celled creatures put here by God. The moral of this 1953 classic is that God, not humanism, will be the salvation of mankind.

We hear quite a lot these days that we ought to “celebrate diversity” or “celebrate our differences.” These catchphrases seek to define how America became a great nation. But watching War of the Worlds, I realized something.

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The Americans in that film were not different but quite the same. I noticed no great diversity but sameness. Not just sameness of purpose against Martians, but also sameness as Americans. Though everyone had their own ideas and motivations, everyone acted “American.” And I realized that it is not diversity which makes America great, but sameness. And I wondered to myself, how can America be unified if we are too diverse? What if the differences between us have become too great?

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What is an American? What are the unifying factors? I think there are two.

One major reason people immigrate to, and stay put in, America is for liberty. Liberty in America is supposed to mean that government has limited access to the individual. We have rights of free speech, religion, assembly, privacy, judicial procedure, and so forth. These rights are mainly rooted in America from English common law. These rights are institutionalized in our Constitution. But also, these rights originate from the Bible, specifically from Torah, God’s Law. So, a common goal of all who come to, and remain in, America is to enjoy Torah rights. This is a fact, for no one comes to, or stays in, America in order to destroy Torah rights. Or do they?

What about sharia? Those who desire sharia law compete with American jurisprudence and rights. Those who desire sharia law compete with the Judeo-Christian concept of God’s Law. Those who desire sharia law cannot be called Americans. They do not fit into America, neither the premise nor the melting pot. To them, America is a place which must change, not remain established.

Another like this is the homosexual community. Homosexuals are not interested in exiting America, the safest place in the world for them. But neither are they content living in Judeo-Christian America, which views them as sinners.

Therefore, they seek to change the way American religion functions in public and private. Little do they realize that, if they succeed, the result will be a religious power vacuum? This will be filled by a strong religious presence, possibly sharia. Good luck.

Another is the illegal immigrant community. They seek the rights of citizens, but do not participate. They send their paychecks to Mexico, and our economy suffers for it. They desire governmental protection and aid, but pay not the taxes to merit it. This means one class of citizen follows procedure, protocol, and law, and the other doesn’t. Such a competition of entirely opposite ideas cannot remain stable for long.

The black community also has issues with the definition of equal rights. For a great many have become accustomed to receiving special privileges and handouts. Concerning diversity, their inability to integrate is widespread. For the sins of the past, blacks have not as a whole found a forgiving heart towards whites. In general, they also have problems with Hispanics, Koreans, Jews, and other blacks. For whoever is black but does not agree with modern black culture is instantly “Uncle Tom.”

Another major reason people immigrate to America is opportunity. This opportunity was conceived through European interests. The Industrial Age was invented by these interests. Private property rights evolved through a mix of this industry and the Bible. Yes, conquest of the land and its peoples precipitated such opportunity, expansion, and industry. However, this foundation has never stopped the flow of hopeful people immigrating here. America, even of manifest destiny and genocide, has always been the destination of the oppressed.

But, again, we find competing ideas which destroy opportunity in America.

Communists seek to change the entire structure of our economy. Their ideas on (no) private property, (no) religion, and (no) family are far from diverse. It’s their way or the gulag.

Environmentalists have no interest in utilizing American resources. As far as they are concerned, our energy fields are to be sealed up forever. As far as they are concerned, our forests are to take over our cities. As far as they are concerned, American industry should stay dead. Naturally, these are tools of the communists, useful idiots. But they are young, many, organized, and growing. In other words, we are raising our own demise.

Crony capitalism also has destroyed our way of life. Hand in hand with government, corporations rape America. They set up factories overseas, use slave labor, cut corners on quality, and feed us poison. And when we complain that there are no good jobs, they tell us to shut up and enjoy. Enjoy the bounty of cheap goods from China.

So it is that too much diversity is actually the cause of great destructiveness. Attempting to integrate too many cultures, religions, and ideologies is unwise after all. Clearly, there is no “Coexist.”

Is there anyone who truly believes that America can coexist with communism? Is there anyone who believes America can coexist with environmentalism? Or with crony capitalism? Or with sharia law? Or with homosexual fascism in our media, schoolroom, and workplaces? Or with huge influxes of illegal immigrants?

We will not coexist. We will not even exist.

The glue which binds America, rights and opportunity, are vanishing. They are being kidnapped, beaten, raped, and murdered. They are being melted down and replaced with obvious fakes.

The new America is populated by terrorist cells, hedonistic perverts, and lawbreakers. The new America is ruled by those who despise private property rights and upward mobility.

And these people do not “celebrate diversity.” In general, they cannot stand to be in the same room with each other. If militants, they cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. They lobby to enact laws to keep anyone from speaking out against them. They want special rights, to be treated with favor, even as kings of society.

America was not built upon a rock of diversity. Rather, it was built upon a sameness of purpose that used diverse populations for growth. But such growth, and the methods used on diverse populations, comes with a price tag. It breeds generational hatred. Such hatred is used by manipulators to wield power over factions. These manipulators see America as the Roman Empire, weakened by its own diversity. Ripe for the picking. Ripe for conquest. At the end, they desire to control the resources, the weapons, and the population.

If the course remains unchanged, this ends badly. Certain factions must and will clash. There will be no celebration of differences. Instead, it will be like gang warfare. Judeo-Christianity. Sharia. Communism. Atheism. Ethnic conflicts.

Race conflicts.

So, who is actually celebrating diversity? White people. Liberal whites who believe that our Judeo-Christian nation is oppressive. Liberal whites who believe the Constitution is their playground for equalizing society. Crushingly, however, response to their liberality has not been positive. Those who liberals assist are rarely grateful and actually become less self-sufficient. In fact, liberals are mainly held in contempt by those they try to help. They view liberals as weak patsies who serve a purpose.

I do not celebrate diversity. Instead, I celebrate sameness. I celebrate the sameness of Torah which permits every man to behave morally. I celebrate the sameness of rights which do not give a leg up to an “oppressed” minority. I celebrate the sameness of laws which do not favor the rich or the poor. I celebrate America.


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