So Just How Can You Tell If A Muslim Is Peaceful?

In my last article – Pathetic: 24 Muslims Demonstrate Against Jihad Terrorism in Canada – I talked about the recent rally held in Toronto, Canada in which less than 30 Muslims gathered together to protest the savagery and physical jihad committed by Muslims.

The question always arises regarding the veracity of said Muslims. Are they simply demonstrating for show? Do they really stand for peace and are they opposed to the violent form of Islam that many Muslims participate in?

The problem is serious. I wrote about the two main groups within Islam – the one group that portrays Allah as a vengeful, hating god, who uses human beings to bring his kingdom here through force and savagery and the other group, the one that purports to show that Allah is a god of love. Which is true? Both groups argue that they represent true Islam and the other group is a false group.

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Peter Hammond, who spent years on the mission field, frequently encountered Muslims in various places of Africa. In his book “Slavery, Terrorism & Islam,” he points out many situations in which Muslim tribes would attack other non-Muslim tribes in areas of Ethiopia and elsewhere because it was their goal to rid the land of non-Muslims. This same thing is happening (and not being reported) in Egypt and Syria, as well as other places in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Coptic Christians are being burned to death as they gather for worship in their churches. The churches themselves are being destroyed and/or converted into mosques. The violence meted out by Muslims is clear and obvious. They do so because they are merely imitating their “prophet,” Muhammad, who also lived the life of a warmonger.

We can debate the details of Muhammad’s life until we are blue in the face and we will come across many Muslims who will get in your face about it. They will call you a liar and accuse you of twisting facts all because they do not like what you are saying about Muhammad and Islam. It doesn’t matter what they like. The only thing that matters is what is true and false. They can complain all they want, but they have to prove beyond doubt that Muhammad was not a warmonger or highway robber. They cannot do it because the facts are clear and speak against them.

When we then arrive to an impasse because they are unwilling to accept facts, they usually resort to intimidation. If that doesn’t work, they then may opt to use physical violence to stop you from “slandering” their prophet or Allah.

We know that Islam is opposed to freedom of speech. Certain things should not be stated, as far as they’re concerned. This means that even if things are true, they should not be said if it offends Muslim sensibilities. Just ask people living in the UK now. The laws there are strict. Anything that a Muslim might consider to be spiteful or hateful cannot be said.

Think of it. Muhammad married Aisha when she was six years old. Supposedly, he did not have sexual relations with her until she reached the age of nine (whoopee). However, until that time, he “thighed” her, which means he would place his genitalia between her thighs in order to engage her sexually that way. The plain fact of the matter is that Muhammad was a pedophile, yet we are not supposed to say that, are we? Life was different then, right? This means that taking a six year old girl and “marrying” her was somehow seen as normal. Really? We are talking about a time 600 to 700 years after Christ. We are not talking about thousands of years before Jesus was born and lived in human form!

The same applies today to many Muslims within Islam. They consistently look for young girls to either marry or use as prostitutes. How many times have we read about prostitution rings run by older, Muslim men in the UK or elsewhere? This exists and in essence, these Muslims are acting no differently than Muhammad did, by seeking young girls as wives. This is why they claim they didn’t know when they are hauled into court. The courts then wind up “rewarding” them by giving them reduced sentences.

We see this type of garbage happening in society by people who call themselves Muslims. What do so-called “peaceful” Muslims have to say about that? They claim that these Muslims are not true Muslims because of the way they act, yet as I have already pointed out, they are simply imitating Muhammad. How can Islam fault them for that?

In my article about the demonstration in Canada by so-called peaceful Muslims, I questioned how we can truly know whether a self-described peaceful Muslim is truly peaceful. How is it possible to know for certain? I wasn’t sure in that article, but I believe I am now.

In Peter Hammond’s book, he speaks of the personal experience he went through in Nigeria. It was on September 7, 2001. Here is his account.

…during Friday afternoon prayers, a Muslim mob beat a pregnant Christian woman to death. They claimed she had walked past them while they were bowed in prayer, outside the Mosque. In rage, they got up from their prayer mats and savagely beat her, killing both the woman and her pre-born child.

Not satisfied with this innocent blood, the Muslims then went on the rampage dow the main street in Jos, burning churches, shops and homes. Many hundreds of Christians were beaten, shot, or hacked to death by these Muslim mobs.

The next day, the Christians rallied and stood firm together, resisting the Islamic attacks…More Christians poured in from the surrounding villages, some wearing traditional warrior regalia and brandishing spears, axes and machetes. Vicious hand-to-hand fighting took place on the streets, and many firearms were captured from the Muslims. Some Christians counter-attacked and by the end of the week, over 6,000 people had been killed. The Muslims were completely defeated and many were fleeing north. Throughout this conflict the police and army were unseen – barricaded in their barracks.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the Muslim community had been planning this attack for many months, stockpiling weapons and ammunition. They were looking for a pretext to trigger their assault. The Christian woman walking past the Mosque was seized as an ideal opportunity for them to initiate their attack. What they had not expected was such fierce resistance from the Christians. Many Muslims said that they had never expected the Christians to fight back.

The Christians in Jos related to [Peter Hammond] numerous examples of the Lord’s protection, in answer to prayer. A truck carrying weapons for Muslims crashed outside Jos, spilling and revealing a weapons cache. There have been numerous other Muslim plots which have been exposed.” [1]

Part of the problem we face is that we continue to believe we live in a civilized world. It is being overtaken by people who are not civilized and have no qualms about murdering people in broad daylight for no other reason than they are not Muslim.

In the end, the thing that will prove to me that peaceful Muslims actually exist is when they literally take up weapons against those they accuse of hijacking Islam. When these peaceful Muslims physically resist those Muslims they accuse of not being Muslims, then I will begin to see the peaceful Muslims as living truthfully, even though I will continue to believe that Islam itself is a complete falsehood, built on one lie after another.

Those Muslims who attack do not expect people to resist. They are like the gangs of young black kids in cities like Philadelphia who roam around playing the “Knockout Game.” It’s only called a game in spite of the fact that innocent people have died from their injuries. You would never see one lone black youth trying to take on one lone white person. They roam in small to large gangs because there is bravado in numbers.

For the Muslim, they are not playing a game. They are playing for keeps and even if only one of them attacks, their intent is to kill, not just maim. They have no fear because they believe that if they die while fighting the enemies of Islam, they will be rewarded for it.

The world has changed and inexplicably, too many world leaders are giving Islam a pass. They are catering to an ideology of death for some reason. How should we respond? If you are a Christian, you should be prepared to present the gospel, but you should also be prepared to defend your life and property because force seems to be the only thing Muslims truly understand.

Peaceful Muslims. Do they really exist? When I see them taking up arms because they are willing to actually fight to gain and keep peace, then I will know that they are peaceful Muslims by active definition. Until they do that, they are simply all talk.

[1] Peter Hammond, Slavery, Terrorism & Islam 1982, p. 38-39

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