How to Make America Great Again

I begin this concept with the idea of very high gasoline prices for gasoline without any Ethanol in it. Has anyone ever wondered why it costs more for gasoline without Ethanol in it? The answer will surprise many, as it is not due to how they process the oil for Non-Ethanol gasoline—this type of pure gasoline is all they make, and the Ethanol is placed in the tanker where the tanker fills up. The reason for the higher price of Non-Ethanol gas is due to the Fines placed upon the refineries for not adding the Ethanol. The fines are then used to subsidies the Ethanol producers because the producers of Ethanol could not make it without the subsidies. If they did not get fined for not adding the Ethanol, gasoline without Ethanol would be cheaper than Ethanol. Just to give a bit of insight to the by-products of Ethanol, burning Ethanol produces low-level ozone that affects people with breathing problems and, during hot days, hangs close to the ground, making it bad for anyone with breathing problems.

I can remember when it was an act of pride to display the flag of the United States; I can remember when it was a day of pride to say you were an American, and if nobody liked that, they were challenged. Today, it seems that the flag of the United States is under total change, but that is what Obama had stated—Obama did say that he was going to transform the United States. This is not the nation I grew up in, where people held high respect for each other and celebrated our rights to do most legal things without restraint. Today, one has to be very careful of what one says, since it may be offensive to some minority they never heard of. In this way, our right to free speech has been slammed shut on us like a huge oak door.

Our nation was seen by the world as a great nation–one feared by all, due to our ability to confront anyone without a single problem. Today, though our enemies laugh at us, they confront us and dare our nation to do anything. With prior Presidents, our nation was feared, not because we were great, but because we were respected. Our nation backed up any statement made by the President. Today, our President, Obama, makes a statement and the world laughs at him and our nation. Our enemies once feared the might of our military, but today, our President is dismantling that military when it should be on guard to protect our interests across the world. But once again, the people failed to see or hear what Obama had stated back in 2008, and today, he has made the statement once again, calling for a “national police force.” If we look back in history, the making of a national police force never had good results because the ones running it destroyed freedom. Prime examples of a national police force like the one Obama is now calling for are the Nazi SS that shot people on site for disagreeing with any authority. We hope this is not what is beginning to happen with Baltimore and other cities where the police have been attacked by the very government that is supposed to protect them.

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Obama’s calls for a private standing army was made at a 2008 appearance in Colorado Springs.

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“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set,” Obama said at the time. “We’ve got have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

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Our nation was a nation to be respected prior to 2009. Since 2009, it has become the laughing stock of the world. With our President drawing lines in the sand and daring anyone to cross them but running like a scarred chicken when someone actually does, one has to wonder where the pride and strength of our nation have gone. There was a time in recent history where our friends would help us out of any situation gladly; but today, they sit back and ask what is going on. They do not wish to help us because they fear being thrown under the proverbial bus after the fact.

Today, over 300 top military leaders have been replaced with what many call puppets of the President–people who are not leaders, but who ask the Traitor that is President what to do. Our military has to stand down when shot upon, with the military leaders telling the foot soldiers not to shoot if the enemy has dropped their weapon. There have been reports where our enemy has shot at our troops, and instead of being shot dead for doing so, they know the orders from the top instruct the foot soldiers not to shoot if the weapon is dropped, so they shoot drop their weapons and laugh at our troops for not killing them.

We see the deal with Iran going back and forth, with John Kerry all but giving Iran New York City to get the deal Obama wants. Here, Iran is laughing up a storm–a storm that will come back to bite our nation in the back so badly that we may never recover. The leadership needed with Iran is not there, and Iran knows this very well. They know that they can get anything they want because the alleged leaders are nothing more than a bunch of want-to-be kings. Iran goes home and begins chanting death to America, and instead of cutting all talks and backing away from the table, the leaders cow down to the feet of Iran’s leaders, asking what they need to do to make the deal work.

Our nation is a very great nation, and, at one time, we produced the shoes we wore, the shirts we wore, the locks we use, the televisions we bought–so many things that were once made here in the United States with such pride are now made in places like China, where the top pay of $0.80 an hour is paid to workers that are forced to live above the factory. All those jobs have been moved offshore for the companies to make even larger profits on the back of very cheap labor. We are told that we have to compete with the world market, but how can we compete with the world unless we give up our way of life and go into poverty to do so? But that is their plan—make everyone earn the same with no difference of pay or jobs. That is the Socialist/Communist way, not the way of our United States.

Our nation once was the largest producer of steel and iron; now we buy cheap iron and steel from China due to the environmental impact our closed steel mills. Those who worked in steel factories making very good wages were tossed out so that we could all breathe a bit better, but no one took into consideration what those workers or future workers would do. Our nation took pride in making very good quality products that today are made outside of our nation by a bunch of people that are told what to do and where to live.

I get so very frustrated by the way our nation is going today. I fear that my grandchildren will be led down the path of Socialism and Communism without even knowing what is going on. Their school books are being changed to depict our nation as being a world bully that has taken advantage of other nations and forced them to abide by our will. Our children are being shown that the United States could never have achieved such greatness without destroying other nations to do so. They are being told that the United States is a danger to the world and our nation has to conform to the world so it fits into the world ideology. This is the most frightening part, since our nation should not fold down into the world ideology. Our nation is still very great, it is just that we have to regain that pride; we have to regain that attitude that we are the best. In some locations, they play football, not to win, but just to play because if one team becomes great, it is frowned upon, as it makes the other team feel bad. This is not what our nation is. The best team wins because they are good. I coached a little league football team, and our team was considered below another team, but when our team took the field, they showed that coach and team it was not so. We played to a tie game with a team that did not lose to anyone. That is what the United States is about—the little guy standing tall against all odds to show he can do what others say he cannot.

We did not get here without problems, but when an outsider comes in and tries to change our great nation, we all forget about our differences and band together to stop those who wish to destroy our way of life. In closing, I would hope that this pride comes back and takes our nation out of the slump it is in and brings back the jobs so people can work again instead of sitting on their butts collecting something for nothing. Having jobs, items made here in the USA again, will stop any kind of uprising, but those in power now do not wish to see our nation be this great; they wish to move our nation into the Socialistic/Communistic ideology and that is not good for a nation that loves FREEDOM!

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