House Republicans Fund Openly Homosexual Congressional Candidate

The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of family values and the traditional heritage of our country. So why are members of the Republican Congress throwing their support behind an openly homosexual congressional candidate named Richard Tisei? Politics plain and simple.

The Hill Reports,

“Overall, I consider myself a ‘live and let live Republican’ — the government should get out of your bedroom, off your back and out of your wallet,” he told The Hill when asked about the historic nature of his campaign. “That’s a pretty traditional Northeastern Republican philosophy. We’ve always had a pretty strong libertarian flavor in our politics up here.”

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Tisei said that in his home district, being gay is a “non-issue,” but noted his profile as a pro-gay-marriage, pro-abortion-rights Republican could help him knock off eight-term Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), whose campaign has been tarnished by his in-laws’ legal troubles.

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Right here in this statement of his is the real problem. He claims that government should be out of your bedroom, which I agree completely with, but then turns right around and is a proponent of sodomite ‘marriage.’ My friends there is nothing in the Republican platform that hints at such a thing. I know there is nothing traditionally conservative about it. In fact, traditional conservatives have opposed homosexuality, not just homosexual “marriages.”

But it’s not the fact that Mr. Tisei is running for office that is an issue. He most certainly has the right to do that. It’s the backing he is receiving that should cause conservatives to wake up.

The Hill went on to report, “Tisei has raised just shy of $50,000 from House Republicans, including donations from Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). Boehner also hosted a fundraiser for Tisei and New Hampshire’s two Republican representatives about a month ago.”

The GOP leadership is funding his campaign. These guys claim to be conservative but they are not bringing conservatism to the Congress.

While Tisei claims that he would “work really well with (GOP) leadership,” he also promised to break them on social issues. He called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) “unconstitutional” and said there would never be “true equality” as long as that law is in place.

The problem is his definition of marriage and his definition of true equality. Two men or two women engaging in a “marriage” will never be equal to what marriage actually is and it doesn’t matter what laws men write. It will never make them equal. People like Robert Tisei already have equality, it’s called traditional marriage. He may marry any woman who wishes to marry him, just like I did. He may not marry any man he chooses. As soon as you start down this road, you can no longer say that that anyone else cannot marry whatever or whomever they choose, because you have left the standard.

He also said he saw “no problem” in government funding Planned Parenthood.

My friends those are big issues and Mr. Tisei’s views on these issues are as liberal as Barack Obama’s. While he claims to be economically conservative that actually seems in contradiction to the above claims.

The issue of homosexuality, homosexual ‘marriage’, abortion, and funding abortion with tax payer dollars is the farthest thing from being a conservative.

To add to Tisei’s views, he also defended the healthcare reform law he helped pass in Massachusetts under Mitt Romney. Anyone paying attention here?

“Gov. Romney is basically right — the goal in our country should be to get everyone insured and the role of the federal government, rather than push a ‘one size fits all’ solution, should be to provide incentives for every state to innovate,” he said. Though he believed in repealing much of Obamacare, he wanted to leave several things intact, specifically requiring coverage of pre-existing conditions and children being allowed to be on parent’s coverage until age 26.

Folks that is not conservative either. The goal in our country is not to insure everyone. It certainly should not be the goal of conservatives.

We need to be aware that many people infiltrating the Republican Party are not conservatives at all. They are left leaning liberals who will not lead the country in the direction that those of us who are true conservatives want it to go. The question is, are conservatives going to vote for more RINOs just to win an election rather than demand Republicans back true conservatives? This election has already begun to tell the story that many are willing to do the former and not the latter. God help us.

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