Homosexual Lobby Admits Defeat in Illinois

What we are starting to see are more people starting to break free from politically correct circles. People are simply starting to say “NO” resoundingly. Maybe the PC mentality has begun to wear out its welcome. Maybe folks are starting to see it for what it is and are no longer afraid of being called racists or bigots if they don’t fall in line with it. Maybe the overuse of the race card since Obama was elected has made the race card nearly obsolete.

In a defeat that spells trouble for the homosexual community, passage of a gay marriage bill was stopped in its tracks in, of all places, Illinois. What is interesting about the make-up of politics in Illinois is that there is a large Democrat majority. They hold 71 seats of the 120 in the House and only needed 60 votes in favor of the bill to pass it. They couldn’t do that.

According to MassResistance, “the homosexual lobby spent a million dollars on lobbyists to get this bill through. They had approximately 40 lobbyists working on House members — compared to about 4 paid lobbyists for [the other] side.” That tells you something. It tells you that people are getting sick and tired of this issue and want it gone. Does this mean it’s the end? Certainly not. We can be sure that the homosexual community will not give up. They will continue to push ahead with their agenda.

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But what is their agenda? As quoted in an article on The Blaze, lesbian Masha Gessen stated,

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“The push for gay marriage has less to do with the right to marry – it is about diminishing and eventually destroying the institution of marriage and redefining the ‘traditional family’.”

Gessen went further in sharing her viewpoint.  She basically stated, “Gay marriage is a lie.” She followed that up with, “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.” Finally, she said, “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.”

It’s nice when people are honest, isn’t it? It helps us understand just exactly where they are coming from and because of that, we don’t wind up arguing over the wrong thing. I’m sure there are gay people who would actually enjoy being married to their same-sex partner and settling down as those heterosexuals have done for generations. Yet, we cannot dismiss Gessen’s words because we may think she’s giving away too much by being that honest. Gessen is likely not the only gay person or gay activist who believes as she does either.

It appears that what Gessen has shared is the truth. When I lived in California, long before Prop 8 came up for a vote, gay activists simply said they wanted civil unions and they would be happy. Just give them that and they would stop making demands. They got that, but like Palestinians who demand Israel turn over land rightfully won in the Six-Day War with the promise that they will stop shelling Israel (but don’t), gays did not keep their promises. They wanted more. Can you believe that?

They wanted to be official married to their partner in the eyes of the law. The battle began and it was voted on twice in California. Even though defeated both times, gays did not give up the fight. In fact, they played dirty to get what they want and as we know, they eventually won in that state once the will of the people was overturned by an activist judge.

Don’t forget that the gay community kept their eyes on places like Canada, copying what they did there for America. They took the battle to the courts, got the ears of politicians, including Obama, and have not yet backed down. It seems as though one state after another gave way to the gay machine, forcing politicians to vote in favor of gay marriage…or else.

But then there’s Illinois and defeat. What happened? Despite the fact that too many RINOs (Republican in Name Only) were for it, the media fought hard for gay lobbyists, and even Obama visited to reinforce his position on gay marriage, the bill failed. Why? Because of pro-family groups. African-American pastors stood strong against what they considered to be the onslaught against the nuclear family. The Catholic Conference of Illinois also stood against the bill. Protestant churches joined the fray hoping to defeat immorality.

Ultimately, gay activists could not muster enough support in a state that is known for its corrupt politics. The sad part? It’s not over. The fight will continue. These folks seem to be satanically inspired with strength from hell. Yet, God chooses to remind them who is the real boss every once in a while.

As MassResistance points out, the gay movement is not “invincible” and can be defeated even in blue states. It’s also good to remember that 31 states have banned gay marriage. The fight isn’t over. It may get tiring, but it’s not over.

It seems to me that many things are starting to fall apart for those on the left. There are so many scandals connected to the Obama administration that it is difficult to keep tabs on all of them. New ones appear ready to vomit their contents onto the scene at any moment. We have likely not heard the last of the IRS scandal. Remember those “two” rogue agents? Apparently, that number is now in the 80s. We’re also learning that to avoid disclosure, the Obama administration resorted to illegally using secret email accounts to conduct business. How corrupt will this administration turn out to be before everything is said and done? At this point, only God knows.

We need to continue the good fight, standing up for God’s absolutes. This is what will make the difference between us and the others. Taking it one step at a time and one day at a time, there’s another fight just up the road. Are you ready for it?

Remember being a kid? You watched cartoons, went to school, played with your friends and generally, had fun, right? Now here we are as adults and life can be tough. We’re dealing with things that seem at times to be way beyond our control. We can’t take it personally. We must simply continue on the straight and narrow, asking God for His help and strength to do what is right.

I’ve just started another book. Don’t have a title for it yet, but I will be pulling example after example from God’s Word showing how people – against all odds – stayed the course and continued walking down the correct path. They were not sure if they would live or die, but they knew they had to do what was right, according to God, not according to politically correct thinking.

Let’s stay on that road together and see what good can be done because of it!

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