Homosexual Agenda And Crushing The Oppostion

The homosexual agenda is not about coexisting with Christians and others who do not support the “lifestyle.” It’s about destruction, conquering, and crushing the opposition. Forget freedom of speech. There is no choice for those who oppose the agenda.

The battle is heating up. But it’s not one where a truce can be called. This would be more along the lines of the Roman Gladiator games, where the slaves fought to the death against wild beasts.

SwastikaGay1In this case, those who oppose the homosexual agenda find themselves in an enclosed arena fighting wild animals, who aim to tear them limb from limb. And they will if they get their way. They’re wild savages and they mean to kill.

This past Thursday, a a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously to uphold California’s ban on counseling minors who desire to work past their homosexual desires. In the court’s ruling, it doesn’t matter if the minor wants the counseling or not. It will not be allowed. The state doesn’t want it. Parents will have no input into their children’s rights to counseling for this issue.

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In essence, this is the state telling teenagers that if they have homosexual yearnings, they are homosexual. And that this is normal. No one can tell them otherwise. If they’re conflicted about it, no one can help them work through it. And there isn’t a reason to work through it. To try to work through these feelings is wrong.

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Now under this particular law and this ruling, that counsel will have to come to an end. This is devastating to them. This is a very dangerous decision because for the first time we have the government telling a counselor what kind of counsel he or she may give to a client who needs it, instead of leaving it up to the counselor’s professional judgment and to the clients who have a right of self-determination to set their own counseling objectives.”

Ginsberg1378063871_image_982wThis is totalitarianism at work. Also, this weekend, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiated a same-sex wedding. Why does this matter? Because she’s a presiding member of an activist court. A court that knowingly changed the law of God and man when overturning DOMA and Prop 8.

The Supreme Court is playing God. And while they’re busy enacting an agenda, or for some a vendetta, the culture is rotting from the evil that they brought forth. To redefine marriage is to redefine society. And this is exactly what they are trying to do.

What we’re seeing is the zero-sum game that I talked about a long time ago that’s coming and now is here. The homosexual agenda is a zero-sum. There’s a winner and a loser. There’s no compromise. There is no tolerance. It is a dominating agenda that no only wants to crush every other worldview or every other contrary opinion, but force every other contrary opinion to fall in line and affirm homosexuality as normative. That’s the clash that’s here.”

If “tolerance” is synonymous with a “bloodbath” than everyone is on the same page. In New Mexico, the brutal Nazi like pathology that is the homosexual agenda is rearing it’s ugly head. A Christian photographer who refused to photograph a same sex couple was denied her First Amendment rights to freedom of religion and speech by the New Mexico State Supreme Court. They in essence told her that she MUST photograph same-sex couples or get out of the business. She has no rights, she cannot opt out. It’s comply or quit.

Where is the media on this? Rights are being taken away at the hands of vengeful activists intent on brutalizing their opponents. What is the next step? Surely suing churches for not officiating homosexual “weddings” will be the next step. And if it continues this way, churches will be forced to comply or close. This is our future. This is the new breed of Nazi. Tolerance is the joke. And sadly, the people bought the lie before they were slaughtered.

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