Homeschool Mother & Metal Artist LEAH Takes on Tyranny from Christian Perspective on Latest CD

Many are familiar with Bradlee Dean, a frequent contributor to Freedom Outpost and a good friend of mine. Bradlee uses music as a means to communicate to the culture at large via his band Junkyard Prophet. Recently, he referenced Plato in an article and quoted him saying “let me make the songs of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.” Music is powerful and influences the minds of people, especially the young. With that in mind, let me introduce to you a homeschooling mother of four, wife, published author (Diapers, Dishes & Dominion: How Christian Housewives Can Change the World), who produces Celtic Metal Rock, and is looking to take on tyranny from a Christian perspective on her next CD. Her name is Leah McHenry.

Leah has dual citizenship in both the United States and Canada, primarily living just 20 minutes from the US border in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her unique perspective has allowed her to see both systems of government, and she told Freedom Outpost that they are both “equally corrupt, though Canada is a little further down the road.”

“The problem in Canada is that we are ‘quiet Canadians,'” Leah said. “The most horrible laws pass through and get shoved down our throats, but no one knows or hears about it. It’s barely in the news, and even the few conservatives news outlets are what many of us would call neo-conservative. They still like their programs, just a tad less.”

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Leah continues, “The morality of Canada is declining, like everywhere else. Most Canadians are full-fledged socialists, even most Christians and pastors. Socialized medicine is our sacred cow. You will be tarred and feathered for mentioning alternatives here to the average citizen. The tax rates here are astronomical and have put many Canadian entrepreneurs out of business. It’s absolute economic and moral slavery. I don’t see the US as much better, other than the fact that there is still that ‘all American’ culture of ‘outrage’ when things get bad.”

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So what do these ideas have to do with a new CD by a self-proclaimed “do-it-yourself artist” have to do with the Christian perspective against tyranny? I’m glad you asked.


While songwriting began as hobby for Leah, as her fan base has grown on an internationals scale and she sees the exciting and desperate times we live in, she told us that she is also sensing a “stronger conviction to be more purposeful with my songwriting than I have been in the past.”

“Whereas before it was more about the fun of storytelling and folklore, and still is, my lyrics are a little more aggressive in calling things out, though it is still cloaked in what I call ‘Middle-Earth lingo.'” she said. “Those who know me, and understand my theological background will be able to pick out exactly what I’m talking about. I have many scripture references and concepts within my songs. I’m very excited about the fact that my audience, many who are self-described atheists, will be playing this music into the dark corners of the earth, where dark forces will hear it and be reminded who really sits on the throne. That is extremely exciting to me.”

In fact, Leah told us that some of the songs that will be on the new CD speak directly towards bringing down the centralization of power and breaking free from the spell of blindly following political leaders. “Wrap it up in some Chronicles of Narnia-style imagery and you have an audience that’s actually willing to listen and sing along, instead of tossing it aside as some political band,” Leah says.

Leah told us her political leanings stem from her theology, as it should.

“In the same way that ‘culture is religion externalized,’ I would say art is worldview externalized,” Leah told us. “Whether the form is music, dance, painting or poetry, all art is expression, much like speech. It can be beautiful, ugly or profane. Sometimes art or music may not seem religious at all. However, the person who created it is in essence a religious being by default. So naturally, their art will externalize their belief system in one form or another, or perhaps it is possible for someone to contradict their own belief system through their art. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as neutrality in music or art. It may be subtle, but a message is always there.”

“As a libertarian, I believe all freedom and liberty is found in Christ,” she said. “Apart from Him, there can only be tyranny disguised as freedom. I have several ‘atheist libertarian’ friends who claim liberty comes from one’s self and men as individuals, not from any theistic power. The problem is that in their atheistic and evolutionary worldview, they cannot account for the fact that liberty or freedom is a good thing, or any sort of morality.”

She then points out what I have told many and that is the atheistic strain of libertarianism is nothing more than practical Satanism.

“They want to appeal to an anarchistic and demonic notion that ‘good’ behavior is ‘universally preferable’ (which is a version of “Do what thou wilt.”) so if the majority of people prefer not being murdered, then that is what constitutes as a moral law,” she said. “But of course, all that collapses if an atheist or anarchist is being consistent within their worldview. What if the preference changes? What if the preference is different in different cultures? In radical Islam, it’s preferable to rape and murder women. The problem is that their American preference is not the preference in Islamic culture. And in an atheistic worldview of survival of the fittest, what’s wrong with rape and murder anyway? Who says, and what standard do you hold to? The consensus of today? They are creating their own straw man. Even a seven-year-old child can understand that if there’s no absolute morality, then there’s no morality at all. And if there is absolute morality, it must be accounted for. Every other attempt to account for morality is arbitrary because there is no absolute authority to appeal to.”

Leah’s eschatology (study of last things) is defined as post-millennialism. If you are unfamiliar with post-millennialism, I highly suggest Dr. Kenneth Gentry’s excellent work He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology, or a shortened version Postmillennialism Made Easy, which I formatted for Kindle. While many are sitting and waiting on a rapture believing that he end is near, Leah believes that Christ will overcome and that His Church will prevail.


She says that eschatology plays a role in her songwriting due to the fact that a person’s outlook on life, love, liberty and pursuit of happiness is merely an extension of their eschatological views.

“What happens in the end?” she asks. “Is it all for nothing? Are we just “dust in the wind”? Or is there more to life? Is it worth trying to make the world a better place? And if so – why, in an evolutionary worldview, or if the world is only destined to get worse? All these sorts of questions subconsciously come into play as a person writes. Those who know me know I’m postmillennial in my eschatology, and they will definitely hear that in my upcoming album. Little references, words and images will ring a bell for fellow postmills.”

Currently, Leah sees corruption growing on a global scale and believes that God is testing men, which she refers to as a “shaking,” to see who have true saving faith. “It will probably get very uncomfortable and rough for everyone during this sorting, but as Romans 8 says, the Creation is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed.”

“We need to be able to handle problems– big problems,” she continues. “And we need to be able to present solutions for the world, based on the Word of God. If we can’t even properly define marriage, much less get our own marriages and houses in order, how are we supposed to speak and lead in the gates? How are we supposed to handle big problems like national debt, fiat currency, healthcare, Monsanto, and all the other planks of communism, if we’re still stuck on self-esteem sermons? Something has to change in the Church first before we’ll see peace and prosperity in the world.”

While many in the United States are claiming that Christian beliefs should be kept to one’s self (which is absolutely ridiculous), Leah points out exactly how our beliefs impact culture. “In my view, spirituality is not limited to the spiritual realm. Culture is religion externalized, so that means spiritual matters affect every physical aspect of our lives.”

I couldn’t have said it better. Leah is attempting to get her new CD recorded and out to the market. If you believe in her message and would like to help impact the next generation of leaders, consider contributing to the production of her new CD by clicking here. To purchase her CD Of Earth and Angels or to get a flavor for the style of her music click here, and to get her latest CD Otherworld along with more information from her website. You can also pick up her book Diapers, Dishes & Dominion: How Christian Housewives Can Change the World You can also follow Leah on Facebook.

UPDATE: Leah’s CD is now out, Kings and Queens. Pick it up at Amazon.

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