Homemakers: Deconstructing The Marxist Agenda For Families

The ideology of the Marxist agenda, is a desire to break the backs of the family by creating myths of the lack of necessity for family, and claiming that homemakers are a drain on society.  Their entire feminist enshrined agenda sets forth that homemakers are not “active” or contributors to society, and that those who remain home do a disservice to womanhood and the nation at large. The anti-homeschool agenda attacks home educators with falsehoods that homeschooled children do not have adequate preparation for living in the world, and that we are ignorant to the level of involvement that “responsible” people must have.  Yet, many women are compelled by the Bible to be at home, and to educate their children:

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates. Deuteronomy 6:4-9

From the Center for American Progress, the Agenda is clear. It is abundantly clear that the Marxists in power see women at home as worthless, and that career women, single women, homosexual “parents”, etc., are idolized, while archaic homemakers are discarded:

First, women now make up half of all workers in the United States, a threshold never
reached before in the history of our nation. Second, mothers are now primary breadwinners—making as much or more than their spouse or doing it all on their own—in nearly 4 in 10 families. If you add mothers who are co-breadwinners—contributing at least a quarter of the family income—The Shriver Report found that two-thirds of mothers are breadwinners or co-breadwinners in their families. While women of color and lower-income women have always worked in substantial numbers, the last few decades have shown striking increases in women’s work across all racial and income groups.These developments alone are a dramatic shift from the late 1960s, when women were one-third of the workers in the United States, and just over a quarter were breadwinners or co-breadwinners in their families. But not only has our workforce changed. Today, the very makeup of our families is dramatically different than it was in the mid-1970s when women began entering the workforce in larger numbers.

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While most people in society brush off the staying home vs working mom argument as some sort of “mommy war”, it is far deeper than that.  The “mommy war” is a created distraction from the reality of the agenda of dismantling family.

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It has nothing to do with a woman working, and more of a heart for raising home vs feminism.  Rarely is the homemaker on attack, attempting to reshape America!  It is the feminist and the feminist influenced society who barks out that staying home is a drain and a waste.  There is no “mommy war” except the one the Marxists designed.  They are the ones who hate God’s design for families, and thus attack the worthlessness of women being at home, and claim society is less enlightened for each woman remaining at home and not in the work force.

Again, from The Center For American Progress “Our Working Nation”, we see the true purpose for minimizing the impact of women who remain home:  to redefine national policy for a Marxist agenda:

The federal government has not updated its policies to aid families to reflect these new realities in the workplace and in the home. And the laws we do have on the books—the provision of unpaid, job-protected leave offered by the Family and Medical Leave Act and the prohibition against sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act—don’t fully meet the needs of today’s workers, especially lower-income workers.

Nor to any great degree have state and local governments updated their laws to address these problems. Yet this is one of the most significant policy challenges of the 21st century. Policymakers need to re-evaluate the values and assumptions underlying our nation’s work-place policies to ensure that they reflect the actual—not outdated or imagined—ways that families work and care for their loved ones today.

Decades ago, the most common family consisted of a breadwinner husband and a stay-at-home wife (see Figure 2). While even then that did not describe the majority of families—and families of color have long been more likely to have working mothers—now, this is not even the most common type of family. Instead, there is a flowering of a variety of kinds of families. The marriage rate is currently at the lowest point in its recorded history, and divorce remains a steady presence in the lives of many families.

More than one in five families with children is headed by a single parent. There are approximately 770,000 same-sex couples living in the United States, 20 percent of whom are raising children.

This poses challenges for policymakers who must craft policies that meet the needs of all these kinds of families, not only the minority of families that look like “traditional” families. (bolding mine)

Even the green and ecological movement takes it’s pot-shots at homemakers. Since they hold fast to the idea that we are in the midst of an overpopulation crisis, they see nothing more irresponsible than “sitting at home, popping out children and contributing nothing to society.” Since overpopulation has been well-debunked by scientists without one-world Marxist agendas, and in displayed in great films on the topic such as The Demographic Winter, there is no need to waste time to explore that myth here.

From the perspective of the enviro-cultists, the first way to make a community contribution, is to reduce, by any means possible, the amount of children society has. By the process of influence, even those who have chosen to welcome more children than the new “normal” will be chastised and portrayed as “strange”.  The next step would be to ensure that women are in the workforce to “contribute”, no matter what the situation, just make sure you ride your bike, or take public transportation to get there. This is how we are further desensitized to God’s calling for marriage, families and women! We are taught from a very young age in this nation, that if you are “responsible,” you abandon what God has made you uniquely designed for, in order to champion the latest humanistic and atheistic trend, crisis and following.

These ideas assume that a mother at home with children has nothing to contribute to society. While we all know that the entitlement crowd has perfected laziness and living on the taxpayer dime, the feminist and liberal movement coddles and promotes these “women.”  However, it attacks the homemakers.  The women of husbands who together as a life-long couple, raise children and pay taxes and act responsibly in their community are hated and labeled as “lazy” and “less educated”.  It assumes that those at home do so out of “no other choice”; that the only women who remain home are those who are unable to work, or who are forced by some controlling husband to do so.  It assumes there is no reason any woman could choose to be home, and discounts the truth that she may contribute far more to society at home, than in a career.

It assumes she sits on her rump, is ignorant to current events, and is a drain on society, along with any little cling-on children that drain the world of anything productive. Yet still, these ideas come so far out of left field and away from logic, that they have no truth to them at all. Since left wing liberals, progressives, socialists and communists all reject the free enterprise system, and in general have a disdain for the US and everything for which it was founded, they contradict themselves in their own philosophies with their personal persuasions.

For example, the socialist model of society greatly benefits when families are broken, history is forgotten, current events in light of history are ignored, faith is abandoned, and people no longer credit their own abilities to care for themselves. They look for a great rescuer for their financial problems. The government is all-too-happy to step in and “level the playing field,” which in turn, breeds a lack of motivation to do anything for ones own self and family, and begins the wheel of dependence upon government for their basic needs.  An entire generation of women believe they cannot stay home to raise a family, God-given roles are usurped, feminism enters in, and a family breaks down under the stress of trying to make it all fit.

Today we see this attitude in our “me-generation” of children, children of broken homes, living together outside marriage, and angry feminist career women.  Disregarding history, and the impact of feminism on our society, they seek to undermine the “archaic” career of homemaking.  Families now blame the government for their situations of poverty; demanding more hand-outs to make things more “fair” and want more “resources” to make being a career woman easier.  However, they buy into the feminist failing myth of “you can have it all”..while showing they cannot successfully have it all without restructuring the nation.  They also trust the government to save them from their own created nightmares.

In many mega-churches around this nation, people tithe in the millions per year, to sit in pews where social justice, community organizing, Marxism, environmental worship and hate against the true Gospel and ultimate Truth and Justice is preached.  They back legislation that is against the Lord, and promote making speaking the truth in God’s Word “hate speech”.

While disregarding Christ, society laughs at the idea that Sharia law will reign over the feminists, the homosexuals and the family, if we sit ignorantly by.  Families still place their misguided faith in liberal colleges.  They believe they must fund their children’s education at these Marxist training camps, as if they are a guarantee to a high-dollar career.  They send their daughters, vulnerable and unaware out to colleges across the country where Planned Parenthood and the feminist liberal agenda welcome them with open arms.  When they graduate they are all-too-often more educated in alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and Planned Parenthood than they are their major. They are taught that our only way to contribute to a society is through getting an advanced education in one of the schools that teach the very same progressive lies that have broken our nation and families, meaning that a life of non-career is a bitter waste of woman.

Women are taught we are the blessed daughters of Margaret Sanger, Emma Goldman, Karl Marx and the entire socialist and feminist movement. We have “opportunities we never had..opportunities to matter, to contribute…to be a part of something more important than simply wasting our lives away at home with God, husband, home and children”..peddling more narrow minded garbage that will hold back the next generation from being the “best community activists yet.”  I mean, after all, look at MichelleOprahClintonDohrn! and Kagel!

How many young ladies will be left for the young men who seek a wife who desires to be home?  Will he be labeled a misogynist for desiring one at all?  How many young ladies deny their desire to “just be a homemaker” to fulfill societal demands that she must be “educated, in debt and working” in order to be worthy of being called “feminist woman?”

To these indoctrinated socialist liberals, I’d like to offer the greatest solution to the contribution of society-Jesus Christ and the adherence to the teaching of the Holy Bible as the only infallible guide for life. Within this practical application, that is as old as time, never passing away, we see what is being prayerfully knit together in some American homes.  The best strategy to counteract Marxist deconstruction of families is:

  • Husbands and wives staying married forever, built on the solid rock of Christ.
  • Women who wish to be home, staying there, and being happy and joy filled in doing so!  Not allowing feminists to shame them for “only desiring to be a wife and mother,” for it is an honor for the Lord!
  • An understanding and application that through this committed, Christ-centered family, children will be brought up to understand they belong to something greater than their own little demi-god futures the world teaches is paramount..the Kingdom of God, and with that, comes great responsibility.  This is the same reason feminists fight tooth and nail to argue they shouldn’t have to sacrifice self.  It’s God they hate.
  • Prayerfully welcoming children into our families.  With the elderly population now greatly outweighing the newborn population, we are lacking bodies to even contribute to society in any way. What was generally several children, most Christians limit their family size today to one or two.  Most disconcerting is that the group producing the most children who are committed to their cause are the Muslim’s, with their radical, violent and anti-American agenda.
  • Standing up for Homemakers who are committed to raising God-fearing, responsible, loving and moral children, as it is the ultimate follow through of beliefs. From birth until their own adulthood, homemakers see to it on a daily basis that their children are educated, responsible, and selfless. Unacceptable speech, behavior, and selfish treatment is not ignored, or passed onto a non-family member to deal with on their own level of discretion. Homeschoolers are turning out children into adults, that are finely sharpened arrows. They are responsible, intelligent, and contributing to society by being the driving force for the living evangelism Gospel of Jesus Christ, in a world that either rejects it-all or in part.
  • Living out the example of mothers who richly love, train, teach, discipline and care for their children, which contribute in a greater way to community, than any other professional in the world. They are responsible for a child who will then be accountable for their actions with a foundation unlike a child raised by others.
  • Don’t disregard that Christians who stay home to raise families and homeschool typically are more aware of history, politics and current events, than those who are busy leading a lifestyle more like the world. This creates a life of informed decisions, and teaching of children that goes beyond textbooks.
  • Follow the ripple effect of families in history. Taking children to church, the library, fellowship with other like-minded believers, educating on the Constitution and involving them with nature and all of God’s creation, is an immense societal contribution. They will carry this forward to the next generation.
  • Humble ourselves as women.  Supporting a husband and making a rich, happy and loving home provides the foundation for multiple generations to succeed in their endeavors.
  • Remember, being active in the community takes discernment. A Christian is called to be active for the Lord first!  Family and church next.  If this is what takes our time and commitment, then perhaps involvement in socialist activities will have no time on the agenda.  This is what angers socialists.

Raising children in a solid, two parent home, for the purpose of bringing God the Glory, is the greatest societal contribution that can be made. Those ripples in the pond that are made when dropping in the stone of living out Christianity in your own family and community, go much further than a progressive agenda of removing Christ from that pond altogether.

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