Home Invasion Leaves Elderly Woman Brutally Slashed

BigPondNews.Com reports:

Police have laid more charges against a Brisbane man over a savage home invasion last month, in which an elderly woman’s face was slashed open.

The 72-year-old woman disturbed a burglar after he climbed through a window of her Manly home on October 28, police say.

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Back across the big pond, in America, statistics on home invasion have been notoriously hard to nail down. This is due to the fact that disparate police organizations define the crime differently; and, what begins as a simple burglary (with violence not necessarily intended) may quickly become violent as the perpetrator is confronted. Different organizations may classify a story like the one above as a burglary, therefore, and others as an invasion.

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The report continues:

Detective Senior Sergeant Sean Dugger from Wynnum CIB says the woman’s physical injuries are healing but the attack has had a devastating impact.

‘As you can imagine she and her family are quite traumatised,’ he told reporters.

Nothing in the story indicates how long this event took. From the moment the elderly woman was awakened, until the brutal attack was completed, how long was it? A couple of minutes, maybe? Stuff like that can happen pretty fast.

From the internet searches I’ve done, it looks to me like police response times in answer to a 911 call in a large city are generally in the neighborhood of 11 minutes. We’ve all heard the horror stories where it took much longer. A ten minute response time seems to be better than average.

I’m not much of an alarmist, but my own (small) town has seen an increase in drug-related crime that roughly corresponds to the increase in food stamp allocation, and unemployment. A turnaround in these areas does not seem to be on our horizon. A few months ago, I found myself in the unenviable position of having to deal with a meth-head on my property at about 3 a.m. hoping to steal something, and, long story short, I was pretty stupid about it. I let my visceral anger and instinct to protect my family take over and cause me to make some dumb moves. Thankfully, sometimes God looks with pity on my idiocy: I managed to drive the burglar away.

As we’re talking about these things, I think we need to let ourselves be instructed by what has happened over the last year in Greece as well. As Dr. Paul has presciently pointed out, our politicians who are talking about rescuing us from the “fiscal cliff” this December have generally all failed to see that we’ve already plunged over the edge. The fiat money is going to run out, eventually. Romney couldn’t stop Obama, but at some point, simple mathematics will. Ask Greece. In the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money. This is coming to our shores as well. It may be years yet, but it is coming.

You thought a small portion of the 47 Percent might riot if Romney won. What portion might imitate the Greek economic leeches when we, too, are forced into our own version of “austerity measures?”

Without widespread chaos and rioting, it’s eleven minutes from the time you dial 9-1-1 until the police might make it to your place. What might the response time be when feces hit the fan blades?

It is time we all sobered up, took a deep breath, and got serious about taking charge of our own security, as much as it is possible. No one will be as zealous for the protection of your kids as you are. As my humble contribution toward that end, let me commend to you this basic article on home defense, that is largely the outcome of my own experience. ¬†Fifteen pages of information for you to consider, for less than a dime a page on the Kindle, is pretty cheap. I get pennies for each one sold, so it’s not primarily about the money with this title. It’s about our families. Marxists would like to see them all destroyed: we need to defend ours.

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