Is Hollywood All About the Money with No Place for Good Morality?

I know that this is old news, but it needs to be said out-loud again until it sinks in. As you all know, I am a father of three boys. I’d like to think I brought them up well and taught them how to act properly and also told them what was and what was not acceptable. I think that Billy Ray Cyrus never had that “talk” with his daughter Miley. Billy Ray has made a living being a “good old country boy,” but as far as being a good father, he missed out teaching his little girl some important lessons. Maybe you and I could help him in that regard.

Pardon me for telling another parent how to teach his own children, but there are some things that seem to be wrong here. As all of you know, Miley Cyrus recently made headlines world-wide with her scandalous (I won’t say what I really want to call it) performance on the MTV Awards. I briefly saw part of the performance and, needless to say, I was floored!

I have made it no secret what my opinion of Hollywood is. I personally believe that the majority of today’s entertainers are the lowest form of human life. Of course, when you sell your soul to the devil, you give up the part that makes you a decent human being. Now I love being entertained as much as the next guy, but I wouldn’t want ANY of these celebrities to step foot in my house. Now some of you might say “What’s the big deal?” But think about this for just a moment; how many of you, would have let your daughter do what Ms. Cyrus did? I don’t think there is a single man or woman that would willingly give the green light to something like that.

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The American people have been mesmerized by Hollywood for almost a hundred years. Ever since motion pictures became the main source of entertainment, we have flocked to movie theaters and willingly plunked down our hard earned money to escape from reality for 90 minutes. My father told me about growing up during the great depression, he said people were struggling to simply put food on the table, but they also had an intense desire to be entertained and escape from their dreary lives and would gladly spend whatever little money they had to do so.

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During the heyday of Hollywood, the studios had what were called a “stable” of actors. Each major studio had their own stable, and it was the studio heads that kept the actors in line. They spent vast sums of money on lawyers to protect the actors from themselves and their own foolishness. But even back then some actors did things so foolish or bad, even the vast power of the major studios was not enough to shield the actors from their own folly. When actors were arrested on certain charges, the District Attorney of Los Angeles was more than happy to prosecute them. One case in point concerns one of my favorite stars from that era, Errol Flynn.

Now the power of the studios has dissolved, and the actors are in charge of themselves and are their own keepers. And we have all seen just how well they are doing without any restraint. It is no secret that the entertainment industry has a enormous influence on our lives today, especially that of our children. It is up to us to keep them in line since they obviously are not willing to do it themselves.

Which brings me back to Miley Cyrus. It seems today that young women in movies and the music industry make a very big name for themselves by acting like complete sluts and in Ms. Cyrus’s case, it seems abundantly clear that she has done exactly this. I hope her father might read this article and maybe then, he would have a moment of clarity and put his daughter over his knee and give her a well-deserved spanking for acting like a little trollop.

It is time to send Hollywood a message: If you act like idiots with no morals …it will cost you! Money is what today’s celebrities understand so we as the public, it seems, have the power to help them act like decent human beings. I wonder what would happen if, for just one month, nobody bought any albums, or didn’t go to any movies? That would make a significant dent in the pocketbooks, as well as their attitudes, wouldn’t it?

You and I, ladies and gentlemen, have more power to shape our world than we realize and we can send a clear message to the Madonnas, Lady Gagas and Miley Cyruses of the world. If we are to make America great again, it starts with morality.

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