Hollyweirdos & Others Can’t Be Quiet – Part II

As a reader pointed out in the previous article, Hollyweirdos & Others Can’t Be Quiet!, “With all the names listed I haven’t seen one intelligent person yet.”  The article cited the individuals covered as being “intelligent.”  And, rightly so, it was giving these individuals too much “benefit of the doubt.”  When it comes to the issues these individuals chose to make comments about, their intelligence level plummets to zero or miniscule on the 1-10 scale.  So, in this part 2 of Hollyweirdos & Others Can’t Be Quiet!, these individuals making comments exposed their lack of intelligence on several issues with some being downright hypocritical.  Again, feel free to list your favorites, along with their lack of intellect moments, in the comments section.

Bill Nye

The TV dubbed “Science Guy” and host of “Bill Nye Saves the World” argued that storms like Hurricane Florence are happening because the world’s sea surfaces are one degree Celsius warmer than 30 years ago.  Speaking to MSNBC’s Katy Tur, Nye stated, after Tur made the unsubstantiated claim that “mounting evidence suggests it could be incredibly difficult to deal with this disaster if climate change deniers are on the front lines of emergency response,” “It does make you wonder, how can you adequately prepare for storms, for extreme weather … if you have a bunch of people who don’t believe in climate science running things?”

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You can reference the part I of this series for the debunking of “climate change.”  With the mounting evidence Tur claimed to exist, she never provided one example, meaning that “mounting evidence” was probably invented by Tur.   But, Nye claimed that one cannot adequately prepare for storms or extreme weather if one does not believe in the inconclusive “climate science.”  Is that similar to the premise that the government cannot adequately prepare for a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption if it believes geologists are inaccurate in their volcanic science?   What is meant by “adequately prepare” when dealing with nature and natural disasters?  It’s along the old saying of “the best laid plans of mice and men, ….”  How does one prepare for the earthquake that produced the tsunami that killed over one-quarter of a million people?  Let’s dispel this myth altogether;  one does not have to believe in “climate science” to initiate an emergency response or be on the front lines of emergency response to natural disasters.

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Luckily, there is a voice of reason when it comes to “climate change” causing more severe storms.  Dr. Roy Spencer, former NASA scientist, appeared with Tucker Carlson on Friday to douse the flames of Bill Nye’s claim.

Dr Spencer explains to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: “Well, it has gotten warmer as you said, since the 1950s there has been a warming trend, but what we haven’t seen in terns of any long term weather measurements is whether there’s been any change in severe weather. There hasn’t been any increase in hurricanes. That’s on a global basis in the United States.”

“The frequency of hits of the United States by major hurricanes has gone down by 50 percent since the 1930s and 1940s. There’s been no increase in droughts, no increase in floods. Tornados are down but still weather varies a lot especially hurricanes, year to year, decade to decade.”

“So there is a huge amount of variability, OK, some stall, produce a bunch of rain. Certainly North Carolina is going to have a major flooding disaster, but this is what Mother Nature does naturally, and if there’s a human influence there you wouldn’t know it because there’s so much natural variability,” said Dr. Spencer.

Carlson asked the million dollar question on why people claim global warming is to blame for hurricanes when none of the data supports the claim.  Dr. Spencer answered rather frankly, “I don’t know, why do people like The Washington Post say such stupid things? It’s because the people who are informing us in the media about global warming are people like Al Gore, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, people that don’t know anything about atmospheric science.”  Spencer went on to point out that Nye is not a scientist but some type of engineer and was caught faking an experiment in the YouTube video “Climate 101.”

Bill Nye needs to shut up and retire.

Michael Che

At the 70th annual Emmy Awards, Che and co-host Colin Jost participated in an opening comedy routine where Che made a single joke that managed to disparage Republicans, white people and Christians in one fell swoop.

According to The Daily Caller:

The joke began with Che telling fellow co-host — and “Saturday Night Live” — cast member Colin Jost that his mother wouldn’t be watching the show because “you guys don’t thank Jesus enough.”

“My mother is not watching,” said Che. “She says she doesn’t like watching white award shows because you guys don’t thank Jesus enough.”

“That’s true,” he continued. “The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”

Che went back to the theme six awards later, noting that nobody had “thanked Jesus yet” though all six winners were white.

This is the perfect example of Hollyweirdo duality.  These debaucherous, lecherous, imbecilic individuals disparage these same groups of people for praying to God and Jesus in thanks, but turn around and malign them for not thanking Jesus enough.  It’s either one or the other – it can’t be both.  And, the “winners” who were white that didn’t thank Jesus probably are not Christians, much less true Christians, at all.  One can almost bet none were Republicans either since Democrats have removed God from their party altogether.  To add insult to injury, those individuals probably were not “ex” crackheads either.

There are plenty of individuals who are not Republican who pray to God and Jesus;  just as there are plenty of individuals who are Republican that do not.  Not all Christians are Republicans either.  Some are independent, libertarian, constitutionalists, and even Democrats.  But, it is those Christian Democrats that are not affiliated with the Pelosi cult or the extreme fringe anti-constitutionalists that pray.  Many former drug users or “ex-crackheads” don’t pray but there are some that do.  This is a typical tactic of the fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists, out-of-touch, living in fantasy land Hollyweirdo group – stereotypical generalizations.

And, talk about a racist remark, Che claimed his mother made it.  “She says she doesn’t like watching white award shows,” called the Emmy awards “racist.”  Does anyone think the Emmy’s are only for “whites?”  Aren’t the Emmys supposed to be based on “talent” – like there is any in Hollyweird these days?  But, doesn’t this list of previous winners of Emmys who are black debunk the designation “white award show?

His mother should be embarrassed with him repeating her racist remark, if she even said it.  If she didn’t, she should “box his ears” for even hinting at such when attempting a comedy routine.  Either way, Michael Che needs to shut up and get some real talent.

Anne Hathaway

Best known for her portrayal of Mia Thermopoulos in the two Princess Diaries movies, Hathaway opened her mouth and removed all doubt about her lack of intellect.

According to Breitbart News:

The New York Post reports that Anne Hathaway received the “National Equality Award” and during her speech said, “I think I’m probably walking around like most people right now. I’m pretty shell shocked by what I see every day, what I hear everyday. And I really don’t like to admit this, but I get scared.”

The Les Misérables star also ranted against “whiteness” and “straightness.”

Hathaway reportedly said that “with the exception of being a cisgender male, everything about how I was born has put me at the current center of a damaging and widely-accepted myth,” continuing, “that myth is that gayness orbits around straightness, transgender orbits around cisgender, and that all races orbit around whiteness.”

Finally, the 35-year-old actress said that together, they will “destroy” those myths.

“We are not going to just question this myth, we are going to destroy it,” the Oscar-winner said.

She didn’t stop there.  Her rant comes on the heels of the murder of Nia Wilson, a black woman stabbed by a white male.  In a Twitter post, Hathaway wrote, “White people- including me, including you- must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS.  White people DO NOT have equivalence for this fear of violence.”

Does Hathaway’s comments hold water?  Not according to the statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  US News & World Report indicated in September of 2016, that “about 15.8 percent of white victims were killed by blacks last year, and 8.6 percent of black victims were killed by whites.”  And, while Hathaway has grandstanded on the false premise that “white people do not have equivalence for this fear of violence,” statistics have proven her wrong.  And, US News & World Report stated that “the vast majority of homicide victims are killed by people of their own race.”

Hathaway admitted she gets scared.  Scared of what or who exactly?  Isn’t she one of the Hollyweirdo elite who lives in a gated house and community, has armed bodyguards to accompany her everywhere, and spends little time “rubbing elbows” with the unwashed masses?

Anne Hathaway should go back to her fantasyland and shut up.

Leslie Cockburn

As the Democratic candidate for Virginia’s fifth congressional district, Cockburn couldn’t resist spreading false rhetoric while speaking in her home state.

Sean Moran wrote for Breitbart News:

Cockburn said at a speech in the fifth district of Virginia that President Trump has opened “Pandora’s box,” which according to her, has made it acceptable to be racist in American again.

“It’s a matter of race. This is an African-American community, and it brings up all of the questions of what has happened since Trump has opened his pandora’s box and made it acceptable to be a racist again,” Cockburn said.

“This is something that we are fighting, and I believe that, in Congress, is a great way to really attack the institutional racism we see all around us and I shall be doing that, believe me,” Cockburn said, to which the crowd erupted in thunderous applause.

Where do these brainwashed unintelligent individuals come from that enter races to represent the people?  If anyone opened a Pandora’s box to make it acceptable to be racist, it has been Democrats, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, and the lamestream entertainment enemedia.  Her statements are nothing but projection and deflection.  Unfortunately, the brainwashed masses follow along without ever stopping to think about race relations before Hussein Soetoro, aka Barry Soetoro, entered the office of president.  With the black population comprising only 13 percent of the population, who do they think put the ineligible, unconstitutional, illegal, criminal in the White House?  It was non-Black individuals wanting to prove to the rest of the republic and the world racism no longer exists in the united States.  Too bad those individuals elected a racist for two terms who turned back the clock on race relations almost 100 years.

Cockburn accused her Republican opponent, Denver Riggleman, of associating with a white supremacist.  Riggleman is the running mate of Corey Stewart.  Riggleman denied the claims while avowing to join the conservative House Freedom Caucus and stated about Cockburn, “She’s from Hollywood;  she’s used to making things up.”

Riggleman didn’t stop there.  He fired back at Cockburn claiming she was pandering the association with white supremacists angle to detract from her controversial opinions.

In the early 1990s, Cockburn co-authored Dangerous Liaison, which alleges that Jewish power brokers lobby American and global institutions for the benefit of Israel.

Jay Ipsen, a co-founder of the Virginia Holocaust Museum, condemned Cockburn in a statement in May.

“I don’t know to which hate group she was trying to cater with her book, but her [Cockburn’s] claims are wildly inaccurate,” Ipsen, a Holocaust survivor, charged.

Virginians, send Cockburn a message to go away and shut up.

Joe Biden

Touchy, feely, creepy “Uncle Joe” rode on Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” coattails during a Saturday evening speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington, DC.

Breitbart News reported:

“Despite losing in the courts, and in the court of opinion, these forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you all have made,” Biden told dinner attendees Saturday evening.

“This time they—not you—have an ally in the White House. This time they have an ally. They’re a small percentage of the American people—virulent people, some of them the dregs of society,” Biden continued.

Biden then urged the crowd to do what they could to oppose Trump and his administration for promoting “prejudice” under the guise of culture.

But, as Senior Editor-At-Large for Breitbart News Peter Schweizer pointed out in his book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, Biden may have helped his son, Hunter, secure “the $1.5 billion deal with a China-based investment firm that had ties to a Chinese atomic energy company indicted for ‘nuclear power conspiracy against the United States’.”

“‘The FBI arrests and charges senior officials in this company with stealing nuclear secrets in the United States. Specifically, they’re trying to get access to something called the AP-1000 nuclear reactor that is very similar to the ones that we put on U.S. submarines,’ Schweizer wrote.”

“‘So again, you have the son of the vice president, a close aide to the secretary of state who are investing in a company that is trying to steal nuclear secrets in the United States. It’s a stunning story, and here’s the thing: none of this is required to be disclosed because they’ve figured out a way to get around these disclosure laws,’ Schweizer continued.”

Biden needs to go away, retire from politics, and shut the fetch up.  Better yet, a criminal investigation should commence on the involvement with this Chinese atomic energy company in hopes of putting him, his son, and Hillary Clinton behind bars, which would shut them up for a bit.

Hillary Clinton

Crooked Hillary Clinton decided it is time to repeal the part of the Constitution for the united States of America that established the Electoral College to select the president of the united States.  Why does Hillary Clinton want to abolish the Electoral College, the instrument the founding fathers created to strike a balance between mob rule (democracy) and rule by aristocracy (monarchical oligarchy)?

In her essay for The Atlantic, her rationale centered on bashing Donald Trump on the issues prevalent in the Hussein Soetoro administration.  But most important in her “sore loser” rant, was the fact she wanted to abolish the Electoral College, which would mean that large population centers, cities, could control who would be president.  A good example of this has occurred in California, where the large population centers have controlled the pick for governor for quite some time.  But, I digress.

In fact, Hillary Clinton declared that she carried the votes of the highest GDP areas of the country, as though that should make a difference.  It would if the Electoral College was abolished and new rules were written on “popular vote.”  Other organizations have joined Clinton in moving to abolish the Electoral College.  However, the people, trusted to elect those who directly represent them in the House per the Constitution, cannot be trusted to elect an individual for the highest office in the land.

It was Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 68 that argued, “while the people should have considerable power to choose the president, it’s ‘desirable’ that ‘the immediate election should be made by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice’.”

Most people in this republic today do not possess the critical thinking skills or impartiality to be trusted not to elect a “Hitler” to office.

After the failed attempts at a presidential bid, Hillary Clinton should take the hint:  go and be a grandmother, stay out of the political arena and shut up!

Maxine Waters

Ahh, our favorite intelligence missing, loud-mouthed, incendiary statement, and criminal speechmaker congressional representative from California never fails to let her zero intellect show.  In what can only be called as a call for someone to assassinate Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Waters should be under investigation by the FBI.

Paul Joseph Watson reporting for Infowars.com wrote:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is under fire for spouting more incendiary rhetoric after she gave a speech in which she called for leftists and Democrats to “knock off” President Trump.

“There are those who say, ‘What if we get rid of him? Then we’ve got that Vice President and he’ll be worse.’ I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one,’” said Waters.

The comments were made during an event in Washington DC on Friday night where Waters received a “diversity” award.

Oh, the irony – receiving a diversity award when she is the epitome of racism and hate.  But, according to Democrats and Waters, it is Trump who is racist, divisive, and hateful.  Who doesn’t think the term “knock off” refers to assassination or murder?  Yeah, me either.

“Mad Max”ine should be under federal investigation for incitement to violence and calling for the murder of the president and vice-president.  It is guaranteed statements, like she made, would have a regular citizen having the FBI in their lives for as long as they live.  Just because “Mad Max” is a member of Congress, it does not give her impunity from criminal punishment.

It’s time for “Mad Max”ine to retire, slink away to California, do some gardening and shut the fetch up!

Nancy Pelosi

In the tradition of saving the best for last, it is Nancy Pelosi who has committed probably one of the worst “gaffes” ever.  According to CNSnews.com, Pelosi praised former President Bill Clinton for “protecting women” by signing the Violence Against Women Act 24 years ago and “ushered in transformative progress to protect women from violence and abuse.”  Oh, the irony!  “Slick Willy” signed a bill to protect women against violence after he himself abused and perpetrated violence against numerous women and Pelosi has praised him.  Her full statement can be read here.

Pelosi, nor any other Democrat, or Republican for that matter has cared one iota about the destroyed lives of women that Bill Clinton left in his sexual abuse wake that his wife, Hillary Clinton, helped cover and then humiliate, intimidate and almost threaten these women who tried to expose his crimes.  Her hypocrisy was revealed when she stated, “All women deserve to be safe from violence whether at home, work, school or anywhere in our society.”  She actually meant all women except those harmed by Bill and Hillary Clinton, other Democrats, those in Congress, the wealthy, and the Hollyweirdos.

While she chastised the Republicans who did not cast a vote for the legislation, there was never any mention of what else might have been in that VAWA those Republicans could not support.  As we all know, there is not a clean bill that ever goes through both chambers of Congress.  Every piece of legislation has some pork and riders that get attached causing some members not to support the main portion of the bill, as well they should not.

Of course, Pelosi has totally lost it and should just shut up.  If she doesn’t voluntarily retire, her district should put her out to pasture.

The question remains, “who are all these people to lecture the rest of us American citizens when they exhibit the lowest common denominator of intelligence ever witnessed in history?”

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