Hitler and Obama – A Tale of Two Demagogues

On April 30th of 1945, a drama of epic proportions was coming to an end in the German capital city of Berlin. With the Soviet forces only a few hundred meters from the Fuehrer bunker, Adolph Hitler finally accepted that all was lost and committed suicide. Germany was beset from both the east and the west; the once mighty Deutsche Wehrmacht (German Army) was a mere shadow of its once proud self. In his delirium and paranoia, Adolph Hitler had assumed complete tactical control of all German forces away from his General staff. He believed that his own superior intelligence knew better than some of the best military minds that the German nation had produced. Hitler was a demagogue who believed in his own ideological myth so much—that it could defeat any who stood in his path. History proved Adolph Hitler wrong. 

Adolph Hitler was a soldier who fought for Germany in World War I. At the wars end, Hitler was in a military hospital recovering from the effects of a mustard gas attack, and when news came that Germany had surrendered, he was emotionally crushed. He blamed everyone from the politicians, to the industrialists, and most of all, he blamed the Jews. This major event in his life, set Hitler on the road to become the leader of his adopted nation, but also, ultimately led to the nation’s complete destruction and his own death. 

Sound familiar? …A power mad dictator who believed in his own divinity, steeped in an ideology that led his nation to ruin? 

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Fast-forward the clock to 2008, and an obscure Junior Senator from Illinois with a shadowy past cloaked in secrecy and steeped in communist ideology, all of the sudden becomes President of the United States of America. And like some other dictator, he, too, had never held a “real job” at any time in his life. 

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The Housing Market crash of 2008 coupled with Americans being tired of the war on terror cemented Obama’s victory and assured his election as president. Obama (like Hitler) was a very good public speaker, and like Hitler, told Americans what they desperately wanted to hear—that he had all the answers to all of their problems. But within a year of his election as president, the mask began to melt, and people began to start seeing what kind of man he really was. It began slowly. The mainstream media was in his hip pocket, but despite their best efforts to run blocker for him, six years and almost 10 trillion dollars later, Americans had realized, that they were sold a bill of goods, that the “Messiah” is nothing more than an empty suit who is woefully inept and is in way over his ideological head. Not only that, but also his true communist ideology is now out in the open.

American liberals will never admit that they made a mistake, and some are still contending that, because of “racism,” he has been blocked at every turn, prevented from bringing his vision for America to fruition.  His own admissions, as well as those of his attorney general and a majority of the members of his political party (and some in the media), still insist that “racism” is the real reason behind this. But there are some in his own party that are seeing the futility of this tactic and are slowly separating themselves from him. We should not let them get away with that.

Obama did not deny that he was raised in the Muslim faith, but (in the very beginning) said he was a Christian, although this has also proved to be another lie he told us. At every conceivable turn, Obama has bent over backwards to give radical Islam a pass. This has put out nation in a very vulnerable position. Since his election, radical Islam has almost marched unopposed across Africa and the Middle East. He placates us by saying that he killed Osama Bin Laden; he further placates us by dropping a few bombs in Syria.  But the reality is, radical Islam is on the march and has struck here at home just a week ago, with the beheading of a helpless woman in Oklahoma. He also has done everything possible to alienate Israel, our only true ally in that region. Yet, he still denies any connection to Islam and is enabling our enemies to grow in strength. He refuses to listen to the intelligence community and has fired some of the best military minds our nation has produced. He is neutering our armed forces and our southern border is completely wide open to any who wish to cross it—still he does nothing.

Like Hitler, ideology trumps all with Obama, and common sense has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The question is: do we simply allow this megalomaniac to drag us all down, or are we, as a free people, going to finally put a stop to this insanity?

The clock is running out, America….the beast will continue his destruction of our nation as long as good men continue to do nothing.

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