Hillary Rodham Clinton, A Radical Worse Than Obama

Discover The Networks it is the only location where one can find a lot of information about people, groups, and more. They include not just their source, but many other sources to illustrate what people, groups, and the like really represent. Included in this article is some important information we found on this website.

In continuing with showing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s background, the “Travelgate” scandal seems like a good place to start, since it close to what is going on with Hillary right now with the email scandal while she was Secretary of State.

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It was May of 1993 when Hillary Rodham Clinton got involved with President Clinton and fired a bunch of people in the White House Travel Office. Keep in mind, though, that many scandals popped up while she was First Lady in Arkansas, too. But here is what is shown in plain sight.

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“In May 1993, Mrs. Clinton became involved in a major controversy when she and President Clinton determined that seven employees of the White House Travel Office should be fired — an unusual occurrence in an office where employees typically remained in their posts for many years. In turn, the Clintons gave the Travel Office business — and the commissions that came with it — to a cousin of President Clinton’s, Catherine Cornelius, who had a travel agency of her own.

Because simply handing over government business to a relative would have been politically untenable, so the Clintons concocted a story suggesting that the Travel Office had been rife with corruption, and that the workers there needed to be fired. While an audit of the Travel Office’s finances found the record-keeping to have been below par, there was no evidence of corruption or embezzlement. Nonetheless, the FBI was pressured to make arrests, and the local U.S. Attorney was charged with prosecuting the employees for corruption.”

Does this sound like what Hillary Rodham Clinton is doing now with her emails? Is she just continuing to practice her lies so as to toss any suspicion away from her? Both of them even came up with the idea that the office was corrupt; this after they placed Bill Clinton’s cousin in as a replacement—wonder if that was corruption? But here, one can see the depth of how Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton can change their story and make it look like someone else did the dirty deed.

Wonder what happened to that scandal? It seems that the Clintons tossed people under the bus, claiming they knew nothing about what was going on; and instead of taking positive action to ensure it did not happen again, they sat back and placed many of their people in other jobs. Both Clintons are exceptional people, as they are very good at placing the blame on others so that they don’t look bad.

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“White House denials of any scheme, and leaks by those involved, led to a firestorm of media criticism.  Most of the Travel Office employees were eventually given other government jobs or retired. A prosecution for corruption of the head of the Travel Office, Billy Dale, ended in an acquittal. Clinton’s cousin was removed as new head of the Travel Office. A later report written by Independent Counsel Robert Ray concluded that, while she did not make any knowingly-false statements under oath, First Lady Hillary Clinton had made a number of inaccurate statements concerning the firings and her role in them.”

This seems to be the Clintons’ mode of operation when they seemingly do something wrong, then, for some unknown reason, it falls on the back of some innocent person. As can be seen by the paragraph above, the head of the Travel Office was acquitted. Here, we can see the beginning of a pattern by the Clintons of how they, “do not make any knowingly-false statements under oath.” But it is shown that they made some “inaccurate” statements concerning Hillary’s role in the firings of the Travel Office personnel. Once again, as with today’s Hillary, she somehow tosses the blame on others or just makes “inaccurate” statements—not lies, just inaccurate statements. 

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The Health Care Task Force Scandal

Also during her early years as First Lady, Mrs. Clinton was put in charge of the 500-member Health Care Task Force which tried, in secret meetings and by stealth, to socialize medical care in the United States, a sector that represented approximately one-seventh of the U.S. economy. This modus operandi was in violation of so-called “sunshine laws,” which forbid such secret meetings from taking place when non-government employees are present. Mrs. Clinton was sued by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for these violations. The trial judge, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, ultimately ruled against her and the Clinton administration. In December 1997 Lamberth issued a 19-page report condemning as “reprehensible” the duplicity exhibited by Mrs. Clinton’s Task Force. “The Executive Branch of the government, working in tandem, was dishonest with this court, and the government must now face the consequences of its misconduct,” said Lamberth. “It is clear,” he added, “that the decisions here were made at the highest levels of government. There were no rogue lawyers here misleading the court.”

The linchpin of Mrs. Clinton’s healthcare plan was a mandate forcing all Americans to purchase insurance, and imposing a penalty on those who failed to comply. In November 2013, MIT professor John Gruber, who was a chief architect of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), said that Hillary Clinton’s 1990s-era plan was “much more interventionist” than Obamacare, “much to the left of Obamacare,” and “would have more radically changed our healthcare system.”

Here, we see that Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to have “secret” meetings, which was against the law. But law does not matter to Hillary Rodham Clinton, and neither does lying. Hillary Rodham Clinton had people sue her while she was First Lady of the United States because she violated the law; but, once again, as with Travelgate, there was no real injury to her or to Bill Clinton. Does this sound familiar to what Hillary is doing today?

But read what the Judge in this case stated.

“The trial judge, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, ultimately ruled against her and the Clinton administration. In December 1997 Lamberth issued a 19-page report condemning as “reprehensible” the duplicity exhibited by Mrs. Clinton’s Task Force. “The Executive Branch of the government, working in tandem, was dishonest with this court, and the government must now face the consequences of its misconduct,” said Lamberth. “It is clear,” he added, “that the decisions here were made at the highest levels of government. There were no rogue lawyers here misleading the court.”

How could Hillary Rodham Clinton not be a part of this? Or how could she just walk away from this without any type of fines or other actions for violating the rule of Law? It is so very strange that Hillary Rodham Clinton could violate the law at will and walk away from it without a single action taken against her. This is due to the fact that Hillary has others do her bidding for her, and they take the heat of her actions and violations of law, leaving her laughing and free to do more law breaking.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is also much like Obama—or maybe Obama is like her, since their backgrounds are much alike in dealing with radicals who do not like the United States the way it is.

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Hillary and Radical Clerics

During the 1990s, Mrs. Clinton spent eight years faithfully attending Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C., which was then pastored by the Rev. Dr. J. Philip Wogaman. Wogaman had made his political worldview clear in his many writings and sermons over the years. For instance, in 1990, a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he wrote that “Christian socialism’s critique of the excesses and brutalities and idolatries of the free market still need to be heard.” On an earlier occasion, he had lauded the “modest but real economic success” of Communist Cuba and China. As long ago as 1967, Wogaman had written: “The USSR is characteristic of the more tolerant Communist arrangements for religion. In Russia there are specific constitutional guarantees of freedom of worship, and some provision has even been made for the upkeep of churches and theological seminaries.”

By no means was Wogaman the only radical cleric to be admired by Mrs. Clinton. In her 2004 memoir, Living History, Mrs. Clinton praised Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr., who had served as Yale’s chaplain during Hillary’s years at the law school, for his “articulate moral critique of American involvement” in Vietnam. That critique involved his traveling to Hanoi in 1972. Seven years later, he would make a friendly trip to Tehran, capital of the first modern Islamic theocratic state which had just stormed a U.S. embassy and kidnapped dozens of his fellow countrymen.

Much like Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton attended very radical churches, some of which had they been around in the 1950’s and they would have been questioned over their love of Communism—these churches wanted the United States to be changes into a socialist state. It is clear that Hillary Rodham Clinton is involved with very questionable people who do not like the United States.

Then came the Lewinsky scandal, which Hillary Rodham Clinton said was a vast, right-wing conspiracy. Once again, we go to our source, which has links to the many varied places that show an even more problematic background of Hillary Rodham Clinton and how she keeps seemingly walking away from any criminal activity by herself or her husband.

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The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

A few days after rumors of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky first made headlines in January 1998, Mrs. Clinton made a January 27 appearance on NBC’s Today Show, where she told interviewer Matt Lauer that the allegations had been fabricated by “this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced [that he would run] for President.” Mrs. Clinton would echo this theme many times thereafter. In a June 8, 2003 interview with Barbara Walters, for instance, she characterized the Republicans who had led the 1998 impeachment of her husband as “a right-wing network” that “was after his presidency” and had resorted to “perverting the Constitution.”

Here, she says that what happened to Bill was a vast, right-wing conspiracy. Of course, we all know that this went much further and that Bill got brought up on impeachment because he was lying to Congress and to the world. Does this seem to show a pattern of lies by the Clintons where they continually get away with what some call murder, going back to their time in Arkansas where people who spoke against the Clintons died in strange circumstances.

The next article will delve into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s time running for Senator of New York where she worked with some people who were directly linked to Communists and Socialists to win her seat for the Senate. Stay tuned as we show the real Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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