Hillary in a Race Against Time to Keep Bill's Having AIDS a Secret

Most of you have probably noticed during the Hillary Clinton campaign that Bill Clinton looks like some zombie or mummified corpse from some science fiction movie. He is clearly very ill and showing it.

The truth is, Bill Clinton exhibits all the physical symptoms and actions of a person who has advanced AIDS. His drastic weight loss, trembling hands at times, red blotches on his face, and inflamed nodules on his nose are sure signs of advanced AIDS.

In noticing these same symptoms in actor Charlie Sheen, I wrote an article stating that Sheen had AIDS and would announce it soon. The article was published some 3 weeks before Sheen publicly announced he had AIDS.

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Like Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton has led a sexually promiscuous life for most of his existence, and his chances of contracting HIV from one of his sex partners is very high.

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Both Hillary and Bill have had their medical records sealed, and aside from some obvious health issues with Hillary and her coughing fits, the primary reason for keeping much of their medical records secret is because it would show Bill as having AIDS.

Anyone can compare men approximately the same age as Bill Clinton, such as George W. Bush and Donald Trump, and find Bush and Trump looking healthy, vigorous, and very active. Yet, in Bill's case, he looks like Frankenstein's corpse who was resurrected from the dead.

The fact is, anyone as clearly ill as Bill will in no way make it through the first two years of the next Administration, and the demands of the job as President that Hillary will be under will drastically shorten his time from two years.

Hillary will do anything to keep this secret, at least until after the election, in fear that such an admission of her husband having AIDS would ruin what little chances she has of becoming the next POTUS.

As the demands of the campaign drastically increase the closer we get to the general election in November, it would not be a surprise to see Bill Clinton collapse during some public function, or disappear from Hillary's campaign trail altogether.

Bill Clinton is a gravely ill man who, more than likely, will have to admit to having AIDS in the very near future. It is a race against time now for Hillary Clinton's campaign, where she hopes her husband can hold it together, at least until after the Presidential Election. With the stress Bill is under during his wife's campaign, it is highly doubtful he can keep this a secret for much longer.

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